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Ahri Build Guide by JohnCreek

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League of Legends Build Guide Author JohnCreek

[S3] Spellvamp Monster [The Guide is under construction]

JohnCreek Last updated on May 6, 2013
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Dear Summoners,

first of all I have to excuse myself for the bad start here in Mobafire :/
But now I am going to show you how to have fun in Ranked Game with an Effective and Challenging Guide.

The Positioning and Farming will need lots of Practice but you will see that the build grows in effectivness the better you are performing!

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Pros / Cons

- Ahri has got a great Late Game
-You can carry games !
-You will be the biggest bully to the enemy team
-You have a Taunt
-You have great Mobility
-You deal some True DMG
-You have a low CD DMG Ability Fox-Fire
-You can Kite and Hunt the enemy all Mana Bar long

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Items - And Purchase Order

First Item: Doran's Ring is my choice because of the great mana reward you gain from farming properly. Doran's Ring makes you less squishy especially when enemies come ganking, but on the other side you are even more vulnerable to you Opponents Harrassing!
Dont go for Doran's Ring if you cant position yourself safe enough to be not harrassed.
(Even Lux or Xerath for example do not have infinite Range... It is all about Positioning)

You shouldnt go back before having at least 1350 gold. Hextech Revolver and a few Sight ward and Health Potion
-> With a decent positioning you wont need the Boots of Speed and for ganking other lanes and grabbing kills you can use your Teleport/ Flash/ Spirit Rush

After the second back you should have at least Boots of Speed, Hextech Revolver, kage's Lucky pick and again multiple Sight ward! (ca. another 1200 Gold)
If you got a kill -> pretty normal to have a kill or assist at this time, you should be able to Upgrade your Hextech Revolver to the Spirit of the Spectral Wraith -> For this u need to have 2000 to go b

After the third back -> therefore you need 2275 Gold (2nd Hextech Revolver, Giant's Belt, Sight ward)
Laning Phase for you is nearly over ->get the lane pushed and try to gank/help other Lanes.
You can do Dragon ! Remember that you should tank as long as you have blue Buff! -> you will regain Health faster than its going away by the Dragon !

At this Point you should try to get Sorcerer's Shoes and Rylai's Crystal Scepternext then finish Will of the Ancients and go for your Rabadon's Deathcap. In the late game as you have money you should sell Doran's Ring and go for Liandry's Torment.
(Upgrade the boots with Enchantment: Alacricity as early as possible without loosing any Important Items-> Movement Speed Decides Games !)

Ok Now everything is clear about the build ORDER now i am gonna explain why to choose Those Items.
Sorcerer's Shoes= Magic Penetration+Movement Speed

Will of the Ancients=Gold Item+Spellvamp+80AP+Nice Aura for allied AD/AP Casters like Riven ->20% Spellvamp :D

Rylai's Crystal Scepter=The Slow and Sustain amount you need to survive/Catch up with enemies

Rabadon's Deathcap= AP !!!!

Liandry's Torment= Since Ahri doesnt Scale soooooo well I personally prefer the burn dmg and Magic Penetration combined with the extra HP of Liandry's Torment

Spirit of the Spectral Wraith=SPELLVAMP+50AP+Manaregen+Increased Monster DMG+10% CDR !!

So why take this jungle item? For perfect kting and regaining Health like a boss you need to have 40% Spellvamp-> Increased DMG to Minions/Monsters Means as well that your Spellvamp gets more effective as well MoreDMG=MoreHeal.The Cooldown Reduction is actually not very much used on Ahri. Many people do not take any items with CDR!

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Summary and How to act in Team Fights

So maybe i should sum up the advantages of this Build.

First of all your Charm makes you usefull in every Stage of the game!

Your Spellvamp+ Essence Theft opens so much more ways to act inside of a fight !
(It´s all about kiting and baiting.)

Try to get the enemies Attention (You have to know how much dmg you can take!)
After taking some DMG you should use your Spirit Rush to change your Position

-> be aware that you dont have to use all 3 Stacks of Spirit Rush at once, you should at least throw some abilities after each stack.
Sometimes you are low health and/or in a bad Position then you should try to get out by Spirit Rush Immediately

In every Teamfight you will be dealing Tons-Of-Damage!

But Remember that you are able to save your ADC or any other Mate by Taunting the enemy.

Do NOT save up your taunt to hit a carry. Just use it on someone who is actually dealing dmg to your team!

It doesnt Matter who, though its better to try to hit carries(Just use your Cooldowns).

Spam your Fox-Fire as often as you can but try to get close to the enemy AD/AP Carry by using your ultimate to apply the DMG on him/her.
(Combine like That: R-W-R-E-Q-W-R ) With the last Ult stack you should try to get rid of eventually follwing Enemy Champions.
(Dash over walls, run back to your team)

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Skill Sequence and Ability Scaling

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

You start with your Charm to have the great taunt for Invading/running. On Lane you wont use it unless you get a gank or the enemy exposes in front of his Minions.

The Skill Sequence is pretty easy. Ahri is a Skillshot Champion in Early and Midgame the Orb of Deception is your Main DMG Source. In Late Game your Fox-Fire will do tons of damage as well especially because of its low CD.
Dont forget, even your Charm does DMG though it scales with 35% of your AP.

The Fox-Fire has the best Scaling, if all three Stacks hit your enemy they will deal 280 (+80% AP) . In the late game this should be around +600DMG this means activating Fox-Fire on a lonely ADC will Deal about 600 (ADC´s shouldnt have any Magic Resist against your penetration)DMG.

Lets compare it to your Orb of Deception since its a skillshot you have to hit it -> The Fox-Fire is Auto Focusing the closest champion to you. The Orb of Deception scales with poor +33% of your AP.

Lets Calculate the DMG (400AP):
- Orb of Deception - Way forth=140+132 Way Back=140+132 At all=544 mixed DMG
- Fox-Fire -All three Fires Hit=280+320 At all=600 magic DMG
- Charm -At all=180+140=320 magic DMG

->By Taking Executioner we can add another 5% DMG

Now we have a look at the Cooldowns: ->Remember we got 10%CDR from Spirit of the Spectral Wraith+4% CDR from Sorcery The third Column shows the CDR with Elixir of Brilliance
- Orb of Deception - 7-0,98sec = 6.02sec - 7-1,68sec = 5,32sec
- Fox-Fire - 5-0,7sec = 4,3sec - 5-1,2sec = 3,8sec
- Charm - 12-1,68sec = 10,32sec - 12-2,88sec = 9,12sec

That table shows up how Important your Fox-Fire is going to be in the late game.
With the Blue Buff the Cooldowns decrease even more !
With 3seconds Cooldown on Fox-Fire you are able to outdamage almost every other champ!
->Thats why kiting is so Important Many Champions are able to burst you but only the ADC may face you in a DPS battle

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I am actually doing Videos due to explain why i recommend the SPellvamp build.

PS: If anyone wants to help me doing the Videos You can contact me ingame JohnCreek)

Before I am going to Upload the Videos I just thought about comparing the DMG Output and healing back between my Build and the most popular Ahri Guide by LaCorpse(Ahri (아리) - The Fox in the Middle (still testing for S3)):

My Build/LaCorpse´s Build:
    Magic Resist:
    Magic Resist Minus the Penetration:
    Damage per second without True DMG:
    True DMG per second:

-> Now i do the Resistance-Penetration Calculation to get the real DPS against each other out of both builds

My Build-HisPen=MyRes/His Build-My Pen=HisRes


It shows that his Penetration leaves me with 8 Magic Resistance-> Means i get 92,593% of his Magic DMG+100% of True DMG.

My Penetration is high enough to Penetrate all his MR -> i will deal 100% of my DMG
This is just the comparison between the Damage which is dealt per second.

The Differences between our build are especially in the Penetration, his Penetration (43%+22,83) is perfect for hitting High resistance Aims.
My Build is more effective against Low resistance targets (8%+37,83).
This causes from the following rule-> The more Resistance the more effectice of % Penetration.

Now I´ll show you the DPS in a 1vs1 Situation:
1: My Health vs his DMG
2: His Health vs my DMG

1. 2620-(59/s+284/s)

2. 2320-315/s

We see from this example in a 1vs1 Situation his build got a slightly better DPS, Difference is at 28 damage per second.

For Completing the 1vs1 theorie Batlle I am going to do the comparison between the health per second both builds gain from their Spellvamp based on the Damage Table above:

HP/s: 126/58,6

Now i am Putting the two calculations together:


Now i am going to shorten the calc:
1:My health vs his DMG

2:His Health vs my DMG

1. 2620-217/s

2. 2320-246,4/s

So as you see my build is not dealing more DMG in a 1vs1 but I regain so much more Health, and my base Health is higher, that at the overall Calculation My build is supposed to win (You may have recognized that i didnt use Auto Attacks/Summoner Spells/Taunt Duration/Or Item Effects, that would be too much complication).

This is another comparable Data of two more champs and their Damage per Second:

313 DPS (every Illumination is applied and added to the DPS)

434 DPS (Ultimate is activated all the time)
478 DPS (If the increased DMG effect is added caused by Swain´s Torment)

-> Swain is hard to compare since his Ravenous Flock is an on/off ability

So as you see Ahri doesnt have a lack of dmg caused by this Guide!
If you want me to calculate any other Champion Build´s DPS comment pls!

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I think the mastery Tree is Pretty much self Explaining, if anyone wants me to go in Depth with the mastries please leave a comment!

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Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power
Mark: Magic Penetration is still Important on Ahri!

Seal: Without Armor you would die to any AD Caster/Carry Immediately

Glyph: I prefer Scaling Magic resist because Ahri is really Strong Later on so she is a great Champ for Scaling Runes

Quintessence: I take the flat AP because of the nice Amount of Bonus AP it gives to you in the early game

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Lets Talk about Farming. Of course as on every Champion/Championesse you need to farm a lot!

In the early game you should try to get the Farm just with AA. If you see you´re gonna loose farm without using your Abilities you should use Orb of Deceptionto get the minions. If you use it, try to hit 3 minions to gather your Essence Theft stacks. If the enemy is Harrassing hard you can throw your Orb of Deception into the Wraiths as well to gain Essence Theft/HP.

->If you have the Blue Buff and/or Spirit of the Spectral Wraithyou should try to push your lane!
->When the Lane is Pushed you should take the Wraiths, without loosing HP/Mana

The Rule is when you use your Orb of Deception make full use of it by positioning yourself. A usefull Orb of Deception would be hitting 3 Minions (You dont want to push harder than necessary) And a hit on the enemy Champion applying both DMG ways of your Orb of Deception.

-> Doran's Ring is actually good for people who can last hit very well. Mana per Lasthit is a great thing.

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Consturction site

Next thing for me to do is to get the lists of pro´s and cons :P and then sorting the tables again cuz they look a bit ****py^^ then i am going to start with the counterpicks so hf reading so far and maybe leave a comment below :D