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Volibear Build Guide by Rap1dF1re

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rap1dF1re

(S4) Green Build Volibear

Rap1dF1re Last updated on November 21, 2013
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Green Builds!

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Not Updated For Current Season

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Seriously. -.-
Also, Items = Easy to get if you get atleast 1 kill and 2 assists every 5 minutes. Which isn't hard in Normal Games.

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First off...

I would like to start off by saying that this is my first guide ever on Mobafire, or actually, ever. Please, comment and critique but do not blow this build off before even trying it. Also, The Rune page and Mastery page I use are to my preference.. I play with a support Runepage and a tanky mastery page because I main supports, but for other people, they may run different Runes/masteries, so I don't want people to buy the runes I use, or play the masteries I play, if it doesn't fit their play style.

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About me...

I am currently a Silver 4 ranked solo queue player, but please, do not let that drive you away from this guide. I have been slowly climbing the Ladder from Bronze 4, as a support. Almost every game (all games besides 4), I've played as a support (the others were as a top lane garen, mid lane brand x2, mid lane Cassiopeia). My summoner name is Rap1dF1re and I play mostly Leona, Sona, Lulu, and Brand. I first started playing (and liking) the support role as a Volibear. So I see it fitting that I would in fact write a guide for Volibear, sooner rather than later.

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The games I've played...

Out of all the games I've played as Volibear, I've always done the standard. To be honest, I got bored of the same old build. I've played atleast 100 games as Volibear, but only in the past 20 or so, have i been trying Green Build Volibear; And so far, have been pretty successful. Because with all builds and skill levels, there is always the chance that you might not do so well in a game.

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How I thought up Green build Volibear

You know when something is really catchy and you cant get it out of your head its so catchy? That's how i felt about Blue Build Ezreal. I mean, honestly, that's a fun build name, easy to remember, easy to build. So then I started thinking, "why no green build?" And that answer came to me as I browsed all the in-game items... There are almost no Green Items. So then I thought, "who would go well with all these items.. Needs to be somebody tanky.. somebody who can get in, get out, get ahead.. Who can benefit from Spirit Visage.." and then it hit me like a ton of bricks, "VOLIBEAR!"

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Description of how it should work...

So, Green Build Volibear Works by being everything that Volibear should be, and more. He is tanky (warmogs/Spirit Visage), he can get through stuns/roots/silences, to get to the enemy (Mercurial Scimitar/Zephyr), he can even chase people down (Hextech Gunblade/Boots of Swiftness w/ Alacrity) or run away. Basically, Max your W first, because it is your main source of damage. If you're playing support Volibear, a kill is a kill, but don't save your W to take the kill away from the ADC. Sure a fed Volibear is scary, but what if both the ADC and support got fed *cough* Blue build Ez + Green build Volibear *cough*. Anywho.. Be it top lane, or bot lane, or any other lane that you end up with as Volibear, remember, Play smart, that is the biggest peice of information anybody can give you.

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Volibear is one of those great champs who can be played in a multitude of positions. He can be a support, a top laner, and a jungler. I usually play him as a support/top. I think he excels mostly in those position, because he can, A) Tank the turret for those 2 hits while his ADC makes the enemy adc/ support wish they hadnt engaged. B) Flip junglers away, and C) always freaking live.

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Who he's good against/ who counters Volibear...

Ok, so I know a lot of people look to a part of the guide of "who counters what" and the likes of that. But to be honest, if you play smart, you can counter anybody. This goes for all champions, Play smart, buy wards. Buy a ward, save a life, support the cause please! Let the enemy make the mistake of getting in too close. If you're supporting, communicate with your ADC, with when to go in. Because if you're in lane against a Thresh/Ashe, its a bad idea to rush in without a plan. Make sure you play smart, and dont get angry/ feel bad if you die and dont get an assist, or dont get a kill. It's a game, have fun, relax, joke with people, just dont get angry or upset at rage quitters or feeders, because i can almost Garen-tee (LoL puns) that you have/will at one point feed.