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Warwick Build Guide by BaronMuncher

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BaronMuncher

[S4] [LaneWick] The Hunter's Calling

BaronMuncher Last updated on January 28, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hey guys, I'm BaronMuncher and this is my Warwick guide.
I think Warwick is a very underestimated champion in solo queue, which also makes him underplayed. The fact that he's underplayed also, in turn, means not many people see him played to his full potential at all. Leading to no one realizing how underestimated he is.

In reality, a well played Warwick is more than capable of stomping solo queue, even at high elo. I am not personally a high Elo player myself, but in Season 3 I did not play Warwick as much as I should have but if I did, I believe I would have been Gold or Platinum.

Here are my Stats for Season 3:
My stats so far for Season 4:

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I put 9 points in utlity because utility is broken atm. Alchemist increases the healing of HP pots by 10%, which makes them heal you for 15 extra HP. Culinary Master then also makes them give you 20 extra HP. In total, HP pots with utility now give 35 more HP than they did in season 3. Not just that, but Long Sword had its price reduced to 360 gold, so now you can buy 3 Health Potion with it, giving you nice sustain along with 10 AD as your start. 3 HP pots means you get the extra 35 healing three times, giving you 105 extra HP healed from them. In season 3, 3 HP pots healed you for 450 HP. Now they heal you for 555.

On to Offense:

Double-Edged Sword isn't all that on ranged champions IMO, but on melees it can be pretty nice.

Fury got slightly buffed, and I take this over Sorcery. 5% CDR is nice, but I prefer attack speed. It depends on your preference.

Brute Force is pretty bad in my opinion, but you need it to get to Martial Mastery .

Expose Weakness , Spell Weaving and Blade Weaving all seem too weak to me, I'm not using any of them at the moment.

Butcher helps with last-hitting. Feast may not seem like much, but every minion wave assuming you don't miss CS gives you 12 HP, and if you survive for 3 waves you've gained 36 HP. That's a whole Veteran's Scars. It's deceptively strong, but not amazing.

Executioner helps with last-hitting and I guess it increases your damage a lil' bit. Not too sure if it's worth putting 3 mastery points into at the moment, but we'll see.

Dangerous Game is bad, in my opinion. Helping you AFTER killing someone rather than helping you kill them defeats the purpose of masteries.

Warlord is a pretty awesome mastery, I'm glad AD gets a % increase in masteries to now.

Devastating Strikes is a must-have, 6% armor penetration is pretty damn good, and the 6% magic penetration is pretty good on Warwick because his ult is magic damage, and his Hungering Strike as well.

Havoc is better than last season's version of Executioner as it applies all the time, despite being a lower damage increase. If you're gonna go deep into offense, you should always take this. I've seen people proposing 20/0/10 and after trying it, it's not that good. 21/0/9 all the way.
Also Viable:

What is also viable is 0/21/9

I prefer 21/9 for the damage.

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Marks: You do Autoattacks(physical) and Q(Magic). These marks give you the best early game.

Seals: Armor, Nuff said. Seriously though, extra armor is never bad.

Glyphs:MR. Usually you are against AP mid(if you are going mid), and like armor, any resistance is never bad to have.

Quints: Attack damage, because it scales so well with new Warlord .

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Skill Order

Why I start W? So I can gve a W leash to the jungler who then doesnt need your help.

E is extremely powerful mid game, the MS buff is HUGE! That's why i max that over W.

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LOL, noob your build is ****

Ok you might be thinking: Ravenous Hydra??? Blade of the Ruined King???

Let me explain. Both of these items have on hit procs. Warwick's ultimate does 5 attacks, all of which proc on hit effects. With these items, your ult + cleave + BOTRK active + 1 or 2 AA can pretty much take out 80% of an adc's hp after armor and MR.

Let's do the math:

Infinite Duress with 220 AD does: 860 damage
5 procs of Ravenous Hydra : 135
5 procs of Blade of the Ruined King against an adc with 2000 hp : 100
cleave : 220
BOTRK Active: 300
2 AA: 440
All together: 2055 damage

Ok tell me: Is a tank doing 2055 damage weak?

That's not all! You also have your Q which would do 16% of their max hp or approximately 320 damage.

All together, with Whole combo and Q you do 2375 damage in approximately 3.5 seconds.

And, ADCs(Your main target) usually do not build much armor OR MR so You have your hybrid penetration marks which do a LOT of damage to them.

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Why this guide/build is better than other ones.

Why this guide is better than other ones: Specifically:

Vapora Darks

Wanderlust WW


None of them pack a ult with so much damage, it can practically one shot adcs.

Now this build that I use is controversial, but that's it. Just controversial, not bad.
These items make Warwick so powerful.

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Early Game(Laning Phase)

Focus on farming, don't use your Q to harass until is is about rank 3.

At level 1 vs ranged:
Start Q
Farm. Take minimal harass

Level 2-6 vs ranged:
Occasionally harass with Q
Get them to at least 50% hp by lvl 6

At lvl 6: if they are around half health, ult that MF!

Level 1-6 vs Melee:

If they are tanky, occasionally harass with q
If they are squishy, AA that ***** everytime they try to cs near you! Show them who's the boss!

Get them to half health before you are level 6:

They are less than 50% hp: ULT THAT MF and kill them

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Mid Game

This is where Warwick is getting strong. By now, if you've been doing relatively well, you would have Ravenous Hydra, Sunfire Cape, and Spirit Visage. Any time you go by bot lane even if they warded, once your E makes them light up they will back the **** off. If they don't, proceed to ult and they will die with your godlike combo.

If you are behind, just focus on farming. Once you get the above items, plus maybe BOTRK you will be caught up, and be able to at least take out an adc during a early teamfight. By take out I mean make them run away, because if you are behind, you can't probably kill them.

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Late Game

You are farmed. You are fed. Every enemy runs away with their tail in their *** when they see you. BUT, you die too fast, and they focus you when you do perfect engages with your ult. They save cc for you. That's why YOU dont engage. You other tank does.

Now I am going to tell you guys about a cool tactic I read about. Its late game. The enemy bot lane has your mega creep wave pushing up to their turret. Their enemy adc comes up to take the farm, unknowing of you STANDING IN THE BUSH NEAR THEM. You ult... Full combo, take 1 or 2 turret hits no big deal... and you kill the enemy adc. You then go to their team, hopefully grouped, and proceed to demolish them because they dont have adc.