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Lee Sin Build Guide by Mecs

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mecs

S4 Lee: Kick the Carry

Mecs Last updated on February 27, 2014
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 9


Utility: 0

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Hello! I'm Mecs, a Wood V Lee Sin player. Just Kidding. This is my first attempt at making a guide on MOBAfire. I love Lee Sin because he has so much potential to make plays and snowball lanes early on. A lot of people say that he falls of late game, but I think he can still be a threat - especially if you are using this build. Building him like an assassin means that your damage will not fall off and you will be able to do more than enough in teamfights as long as you know his mechanics. Lee Sin has natural tankiness, and if you build some defence on him, you won't get bursted down too quickly. Keep in mind that damage Lee Sin requires more practice and skill to play than tank Lee since there is far less room for error.

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Pros / Cons


    - Amazing early ganking, damage and dueling potential.
    - Has magic damage as well as physical damage in his kit.
    - VERY high mobility and ability to stick to champions.
    - One of the strongest ultimates in the game when you master it.
    - No mana.
    - Kick people in the face!


    - Takes time to master.
    - Falls off late game if built mostly tanky.
    - Can save enemies with ultimate if used incorrectly.
    - Received many nerfs.

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Flat Armor Seals - pretty standard for most champs. Essential for junglers to not die while clearing.
Scaling MR Glyphs - good for resisting late game AP burst when assassinating targets.
Flat AD Marks - good for early clearing and gank damage.
Movespeed Quints - Lee Sin is a very mobile jungler, and since I don't buy mobility boots, extra movespeed is always welcome.

Seals should pretty much always stay the same.
Flat MR glyphs are a viable choice if you don't care much about late game.
Marks can be changed to attack speed for clearing or armor penetration for late game damage.
Quints can be changed to lifesteal for better sustain or flat AD for more damage.

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Standard 21/9/0 masteries. Variations could include adding points to utility for extra movespeed and points in defence if you need to be the tank on your team. This mastery set balances Lee's early dueling and gank damage potential while keeping some tankiness.

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Q Resonating Strike (max first)

In season 4, champions with high single-target clear ability really shine. This is one of the reasons I max his Resonating Strike first. Maxing this ability also helps hugely in ganks and duels. It is pretty much Lee Sin's best burst ability other than his ultimate. You can also use this ability to dash through walls to creep camps and get around the jungle faster. Since this reveals the enemy hit, you can use it as a facecheck ability as well.

Tips: you don't have to use the second part of Resonating Strike right away once you've hit an enemy. It can be useful to land it on someone, walk up to them, start attacking them, and use the dash once they begin to retreat or use flash. You can pull off a nice, easy combo by landing your Resonating Strike on an enemy, kicking them away with your ultimate, then using the second activation to dash right back to them.

W Safeguard (max last)

I use this skill for utility and ward-hopping, so I max it last. Remember these are all a matter of personal preference.

Tips: use this to get to allies when retreating or chasing enemies. Also, remember to shield dying allies whenever you can. Using the second activation of this ability before your E and Q can be useful to get the benefit of the spellvamp and lifesteal.

E Tempest (max second)

This is Lee Sin's soft CC and AOE damage. Since I don't max this first, I rush a Ravenous Hydra for faster AOE clear. This also does magic damage, so it can get around enemy armor.

Tips: use this in ganks after you've dashed to an enemy for your allies and yourself to continue the pursuit while the enemy is slowed. This ability also reduces attack speed. You can use the time when they are slowed to ward-hop or walk around them and kick them into your team with your ultimate.

R Dragon's Rage (put in points whenever available)

This is Lee Sin's great teamfight and burst ability. Use it to duel enemies, kick enemies into your team or into each other to deal damage and knock up enemies hit by their flying allies.

Tips: don't hesitate to use this whenever you need to, since its cooldown is relatively short. Remember to only kick someone away from you or your team if you know for sure that the kick damage will kill them, since you can easily save enemies lives if it doesn't.

Passive Flurry

This allows Lee Sin to fit many autoattacks in between his ability activations. It provides huge dueling potential and more red buff procs when ganking lanes.

Tips: rather than using all of your abilities at once when clearing or dueling, try to wait between activations when you can to get the full benefit of the bonus attack speed and energy restoration.

Remember, lee is one of the most versatile champs in the game, so you can max abilities situationally.

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Summoner Spells


The best possible summoner spell for Lee Sin. Use it for positioning in teamfights, escaping, and getting behind the enemy team to kick carries.


Standard jungling spell. Use it to secure Baron Nashor , Dragon and buffs. It is also very useful for counterjungling and smite-stealing the enemy buffs.

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A few champs can give Lee Sin a hard time in the jungle. Doing well against these opponents will require more skill and playmaking than others. Similarly, there are certain junglers that Lee Sin can very easily shut down and counterjungle. Here are a few examples:

Lee Sin is Strong Against:



Jarvan IV


Lee Sin is weak Against:



Xin Zhao


Remember, these are all skill-based matchups, so it ultimately depends on whoever is a better player.

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Ganking, Farming, Counterjungling and Taxing.

Lee Sin is great at having map presence, but make sure to farm and clear camps whenever you can. Getting farm is essential with Lee, and he doesn't have the world's fastest clear time. This is why I buy a Ravenous Hydra early on. This will let you clear camps like a god.

Early on, get a leash from your team on either buff. Generally, it is good to start whichever buff your botlane is at, since you will get a better leash. If you and your team decide to do so, Lee Sin is great at invading enemy buffs as well.

If you've cleared your jungle and your lanes are pushing, you should be counterjungling. Whenever you are not making plays or farming, you should be counterjungling. Remember that certain champions can beat Lee Sin in a straight-up 1v1, but if you are a good Lee player, you can outplay most enemy junglers and ultimately win the fight.

Whenever you can, you should gank lanes when playing Lee Sin. He has one of the strongest lv. 3 ganks in the game with blue buff and red buff. If you position yourself well and your team follows up, you will almost always end up with a kill, assist, or burned enemy summoner spell. Take your time with your Q, since if you miss it, your gank will likely fail. Use Safeguard to dash to allies who have engaged fights. After level 6, try to approach enemies from behind to kick them into your allies and secure a kill. Don't be afraid to take kills as well, since if you snowball, your entire team should benefit.

If you are always roaming, you will often miss out on farm, so if you get off a successful gank, don't be afraid to tax your laner a bit. This doesn't mean you should camp at their lane and take all of their CS for 10 minutes, but one or two waves if fine. Just make sure not to overpush your laner's lane if they don't want you to.

Buying wards or even a sightstone is always a good idea with Lee. You can have an escape ready with Safeguard and keep an eye on objectives. Whenever the enemy botlane is dead or back at base, take the opportunity to secure dragon with a few allies.

Remember that gold wins games. Having no CS and a couple of kills is not good. Balance roaming with farming and go back to base whenever have money to buy items. That being said, if your team has a Lee Sin, you should always be pressuring. Push down towers, contest objectives, hunt for opportunities to gank, get kills and make plays. Early to mid game is when Lee Sin is the strongest, so take advantage of your power and try to end the game as early as possible - without being too ballsy and feeding.

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Lee Sin is great for carrying games, but you need your team to back you up whenever they can. With this build, you will be somewhat squishy, so you shouldn't be the first person to engage. Your beefy tank should always be the first to start a fight. Lee works well as a secondary initiator (immediate follow-up to your tank's engage).

Lee Sin is still a man, not a god.

Try to kick enemies into your team and ideally into each other along the way. Displacing the enemy carry or carries is always a good idea, since they can then be focused down by you and your team. Try to constantly be dashing around, since you are squishy and will die somewhat quickly when focused. Always peel for your squishies and get your team to peel for you whenever they can.

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Learn More about Lee

Check out these videos to learn more about Lee Sin's mechanics and how pros do so well with him.

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Lee Sin is a very versatile champion with tons of early game, mid game, and even late game potential. I have had lots of success with this build, so go ahead and try it out. You'll be satisfied. Don't get discouraged if you don't do well the first few games! Practice makes perfect, especially with this squishy build.

Thank you for taking the time to read my Lee Sin guide. I worked hard to make it, so go ahead give it an upvote if you liked it. Have a great day and good luck on the fields of justice!