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Lee Sin Build Guide by The Tiger

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author The Tiger

[S4] Mastering the Jungle

The Tiger Last updated on March 14, 2014
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Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 9


Utility: 0

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Hi, I'm The Tiger, currently in Platinum IV solo queue striving to reach Diamond I. I've been playing since season 2 but I started playing competitively in mid season 3. Before in early season 3, you may call me one of those ragers*. Yes, I was terrible even though I blamed my team for my own mistakes. I learned my lesson and I was finally able to climb the elo ladder with much ease. I was Silver 1 in the end of season 3 and climbed to Platinum IV so far in season 4. I started playing Lee-Sin because I saw how amazing his outplaying potential is. Ever since I started playing Lee-Sin, I progressively got better as a player and as a Lee-Sin.

Here are my current stats for Lee-Sin:

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Pros / Cons


+ Extremely Mobile
+ Huge damage output level 2
+ Great counter jungler
+ Team Assassin
+ Two gap closers
+ Uses Energy


+ High Skill Cap
+ Hard to come back if behind
+ Lots of trial and error
+ Slow Reflex= Death

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So why did I swap out 9x magic resistance glyphs for 9x attack speed glyphs you might ask? It's simple, a faster clear means you're able to be much faster than the opposing jungler. These set of runes will also be connected with the masteries you will use as well. I also chose AD quints because you want the most amount of damage you can possibly have at level 2/3. Counter jungling and killing the enemy jungler is one of Lee-Sin's specialties. I will explain why this is extremely beneficial later in this guide, including the specific masteries you must use.

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I go 21 on offense because they help me clear the red buff/blue buff, and wraiths very quickly without having to lose your passive . This is very important because clearing time is very crucial if you want to counter the opposing enemy's buffs or just kill them.
I go 9 on defense because it's standard. You want defense masteries since you're still a tank.
Having these masteries addition to the correct runes and using your passive, you will most likely clear each jungle camp faster than the enemy jungler.

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+ 5x+

This is the standard start for most junglers. No need to explain why Lee-Sin needs a

Early Game

+ + +

These items are extremely cheap for Lee-sin and are very useful. The Wriggle's Lantern will be your key item in clearing jungle camps fast. Also the active of The Wriggle's Lantern is beneficial to Lee-sin as well because if you're in a really tight situation, you can just onto your . This can also be used to initiate a gank. The reason I don't get a is because I don't feel like it's that necessary to need that many wards when you have your and your . A You should only use these to secure a kill or escape from enemies. Also buying a may slow down your build for a which is part of your burst damage

Mid Game

+ +

So now that you finally have your milk and butter, you can use them to the fullest potential by ganking whichever lane you want. Also remember to counter jungle your enemy jungler if possible at the second buff since denying buffs is extremely helpful for your team.

Late Game

+ + + + +

Now that you have your final build, it's time to strategize on how to win the game. I've heard a lot of people saying how Lee-Sin falls off late game, but I beg a differ. Lee-Sin is a high mechanic, fast reflex jungler, that depends on the player's skill. Lee-Sin's can either be used poorly or effectively in a team fight. When initiating a team fight, you want to aim for the carries, but you don't want to in just because you landed one on the ADC or the APC. You must judge the right timing. Think to your self once you have landed your , If I go in, will i able to be kick just the ADC or multiple enemies AND survive so I can peel for my team. This is what separates from the good Lee-Sin's and the bad Lee-Sin's. Do Not Forget The Jungle Timers As Well! I will explain them later in this guide.

Alternative Items

If the enemy team has a lot of crowd control and ability power, I would swap out the for a

I don't usually build damage items on Lee-Sin because your job is to mostly soak up as much damage as you can but still do a good amount of damage. The brings a lot more into your build so there's really no need for . But hey, if you want to build carry, be my guest.

Does your enemy team have pesky crowd control you can't avoid? No need to worry, if you buy the , even Leona's won't effect you. The magic resist and health is also very nice since you're trying to build a tank.

Some players disagree to this item for Lee-Sin because of the cooldown reduction which increases the speed of running out of energy. I disagree with that because, if you're able to judge the amount of energy you use in every combo, your energy will regenerate much quicker than a Lee-Sin who doesn't know how to manage it. I in my opinion like the cooldown reduction because of more frequent

This item is very viable on Lee-Sin because, when you initiate a team fight, you'll be near the opposing team. Thus, dealing 25+ level magic damage per second to nearby enemies. Range: 400.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Now, the reason why I max first is because reduces the enemy movements speed and attack speed by 20/30/40/50/60% each rank. I max after because I want to gank consistently. gives 5/10/15/20/25% life steal and spellvamp per rank so snowballing a lane is very easy when you can be at full hp every time.

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This passive is another factor which differentiates a bad Lee-Sin and a good Lee-Sin. This passive gives 40% attacks speed for 2 hits or until 3 seconds have been passed. This is crucial when clearing jungle camps as Lee-Sin levels 1-3 since clear time is necessary for any jungle champion. Also this passive should be used to kill enemy champions quicker since you get a 40% attack speed boost.

This is Lee-Sin's gap closer and an escape tool skill shot. This also separates a bad and a good Lee-Sin. Missing it in a vital moment may cost your team's victory.

For the next 3 seconds after casting sonic wave, you can activate this again to deal sonic wave's damage + 8% of there missing health. If I am ganking a lane and have landed a I would normally auto attack a couple of times and then use to finish my opponents off.

This is your bread and butter skill. This is what makes Lee-Sin mobile early game, mid game, and late game. Whenever I gank a lane, I usually onto my , , , friendly minion, or my allies to instigate the fight.

This skill in my opinion is still useful even thought it got nerfed. I use it to sustain in the jungle so I can snowball lanes and get my passive. This skill is very useful if you want to snowball a lane since the more HP you have, the better the chances you won't die when ganking.

This is Lee-Sin's AoE skill which deals area magic damage. It's pretty useful since maxing will be harder to land than .

This is Lee-Sin's slow which enables you to land your much easier so you can perform a . This is also good for locking down enemy champions when you gank.

This skill is one of the best skills in the game, as you can disengage with it, initiate with it and on top of that it can be an AoE skill too and do a knock up. It's got a pretty good base damage too and a AD ratio. You can use this skill to just finish someone if you think it will kill them, although be careful as if you don't know your damage output you could of just saved someone from a death. Therefore, using before kicking can usually secure the kill if you're unsure.

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Here are the combos, I use for different situations.

Auto Attack Range

Tempest Combo: - Auto Attack -- Auto Attack -- Auto Attack -

Sonic Wave Combo: - Auto Attack -- Auto Attack -- Auto Attack -

Dragon's Rage Combo: - Auto Attack --- Auto Attack -- - Auto Attack -- Auto Attack

Ganking A Lane

Safeguard Combo: onto an ally, minion, or ward - - Auto Attack -- Auto Attack -- Auto Attack -

Safeguard Flash Insec Combo: onto an ally, minion, or ward - - Auto Attack- - Auto Attack - - use Flash behind enemy champion- to your team -

Sonic Wave Combo: -- Auto Attack -- Auto Attack-

Sonic Wave Insec Combo: - wait 2-3 seconds --- Auto Attack - - to a ward behind enemy champion- to your team

Team Fight Initiation

Sonic Wave with combo: - wait 2-3 seconds - - to a ward or Flash behind an enemy - to your team - Flash or to your team

Safeguard with combo: to a ward behind enemy team from trees or walls - - to your team -

Smite Combo

Resonating Strike Combo (Securing Buffs, Dragon, Baron): - - Smite at the same time when connects

Iron Will Combo (Recover Health if low HP, Can Be A Life Savor) : -- Smite

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Early Game and Counter Jungling

Lee-Sin is a champion that shines mostly early game. He has a high damage output where killing an enemy champion is a breeze. His mobility is extremely terrifying since his gives vision and is a gank closer.

Most often the time when I start a game, I think of strategy's on what I should do so that my team can be victorious. I look at the lane opponents my team will have to face. If my teammate has no crowd control, and the enemy team has an escape skill (besides flash/ghost), I rethink what I can accomplish. If I don't succeed a gank, the enemy jungler will know my position, and so the enemy team will notify each other. A jungler should be stealth; he/she should not let any opposing enemies know what he/she is doing. Also if all lanes are too challenging to gank, I change my priorities. I can either, farm up in my jungle, or counter jungle the enemy. Most of the time, I counter jungle the enemy's red buff.

When I know the enemy jungler is starting blue, I start at red. After smiting my red buff and clearing the wraiths, I run towards their red buff. Currently, in season 4, to reach level 3 in the jungle, you must kill 2 buffs and a small camp such as the wolves/wraiths. Knowing the enemy jungler has either started or is about to finish the buff, I walk into the bush and the enemy jungler and red buff. If the enemy jungler is around 1/2 HP, I change my priorities to killing the enemy jungler.

Now, if you succeed in killing the enemy jungler or stealing their buff, you should go back to your blue buff and grab it. Remember, you just slowed down the enemy jungler tremendously and now he/she is behind. Look for a lane to gank but don't forget to clear the wight, wolves, wraiths, and golemns if possible before ganking a lane. If you do this all right, things should go smoothly since you can snowball any lane.

If your team is doing well so far, try and focus on objectives. When securing an objective, you should predict where the enemy jungler will be. If the enemy top laner is losing his/her lane, most likely the enemy jungler will come to assist his teammate. Though, your teammate is about to be ganked and the enemy jungler is seen by a ward; notify him to care. This is your chance to obtain the dragon if it has not been taken yet. Since the enemy jungler is top, he is unable to contest for the dragon. This is the perfect time to secure it. Also don't forget the dragon's gold worth increases as the game progresses!

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Mid Game and Teamfights

Now, during this time of the game, you should have your core build by now. If your carries are losing their lane and are falling behind. You should assassinate them with your team. If they are out of position, take this opportunity to turn the game around. Also, you should now be purchasing pink wards to control the baron pit/dragon pit and deny the enemy team's vision.

If a team fight erupts suddenly at mid lane, and your team wins in a 4-1 or 5-1 exchange. You should immediately do baron if you're levels 13-15. Most likely, the enemy team will re-spawn 20 seconds after they have died. You have have to communicate with your team, is one turret and an inhibitor worth it or is baron more worth it? In most cases, Baron is the best choice since it gives you gold and a huge advantage buff.


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Late Game

If you still have not won your game though and you do have your full build; focus on peeling for your carries. They will be doing the most damage per second on your team and you're still the tank for the team. When initiating a final fight, you have to judge when it's the right timing. Look at every lane, if your minions are pushing up to the enemy tower. If they are, keep poking and seiging. If none of the opposing enemies do not clear your allied minions, they will lose a turret. Once an enemy have left to clear the wave, you must take this opportunity and initiate a fight. This is a good time to start a fight since it is 4v5. Your team has the upperhand and a higher chance of winning the team fight gaining the ace. There are plenty of other strategies such as split pushing which you are capable of since you have a

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Spawn Time and Respawns


Spawns at 2:05 minutes and has a 0:50 second respawn interval

Ancient Golem/Lizard Elder

Spawns at 1:55 minutes and has a 5:00 minute respawn interval


Spawns at 2:30 minutes and has a 6:00 minute respawn interval


Spawns at 15:00 minute and has a 7:00 minute respawn interval

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When I play Lee-Sin

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Lee-Sin is probably the most fun champion in League of Legends right now and I have almost fully mastered him. Though I may not be as good as the other top Lee-Sins in the world, but I do believe I can achieve that title as well. I will be continuing to play Lee-Sin and hoping to make it to Diamond 1. I still have a long way to go, but anything's possible. I hope you enjoyed my guide and good luck to you new Lee-Sin players or experienced Lee-Sin players.