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Zilean Build Guide by robbhud121

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League of Legends Build Guide Author robbhud121

[S4] Zilean Support - The Time Troll

robbhud121 Last updated on May 11, 2014
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My name is Robb, Summoner name Robb121. I am currently a Gold V support main. is by far the funnest support I play. His early game harass is crazy strong and his mid-late game utility in team fights is a game changer.

I have noticed most Zilean guides tend to focus on pure AP items to maximize damage on his Time Bomb and for added health following his Ult. Seeing as his bombs fall off significantly late game, I like to build Zilean with as much utility as possible to maximize his trollability, assist his team mates and maintain some AP for his Ult & bombs.

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9x Greater Marks of magic penetration - Needed for some base Magic Pen for early game damage.

9x Greater Seals of Armor - This will mitigate some damage from auto attacks from the enemy as you sneak in to drop bombs.

9x Greater Glyphs of Ability Power - I prefer the flat Ability Power glyphs over the Scaling AP because we want to maximize our damage from our bombs to secure an early lane dominance. Mid-Late game we will rely more on utility rather than AP.

9x Greater Quints of Ability Power - More early game damage!

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Pros / Cons

+ Amazing poke early game
+ CC & Engage/Disengage mechanics from Time Warp
+ Nice auto attack range
+ Reduce cooldowns with Rewind
+ Able to revive self or allies with Chrono Shift

- Low HP. Very Squishy
- Can be hard countered during laning phase
- Mana Hungry
- Mostly useless without team

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Boots of Mobility: You can kite enemies all day by combining these with your Time Warp.

Athene's Unholy Grail: This item is a must from Early-Late game. It will end your Mana Consumption problem and provide extra AP & Cooldown reduction I will only change this out if I have reached max build and want to troll a bit more with Twin Shadows.

Zhonya's Hourglass: People tend to get excited when they jump on a squishy target expecting to burst them down instantly. Zhonya's can effectively shatter those dreams and allow your teammates to save you.

Zeke's HeraldZeke's Herald: No Need to build all AP items just to get a tiny bit of extra damage out of your already weak bombs. I like to build true support items. Zeke's will give you some extra health for tank mode and give all nearby allies +20 Attack Damage & +10% Life Steal

Twin Shadows: AP, CDR & Extra CC to locate and secure kills on people farming in the jungle or those who have strayed from their team. This can be a game winner if late game you are able to catch a straggler to secure a kill.

Guardian Angel: As if Chrono Shift wasn't enough. Confuse your enemies when they think you have wasted your ult on yourself and end up reviving yourself yet again or another team mate.

Greater Vision Totem: You're a support... Please act like one...

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IMPORTANT: I highly recommend playing Zilean with Smart Cast on ALL abilities. I played Zilean for quite some time without this and one day when I tried it, I noticed a substantial increase in my gameplay instantly.

Tank Zilean: Yes, that is correct. With this build Zilean is able to tank! Not really, however, this build will make the enemy spend a lot of unnecessary time trying to kill you. As soon as they jump on you Pop your Zhonyas, After they wait out the freeze period they can kill you and pop your GA. They now think you have ulted yourself then quickly find out when they kill you again, you have been revived once more. The amount of time it takes to kill you with all of this utility is more than enough stall time for your team to have wiped them.

Peel and Boost: Don't be afraid to get into the thick of the battle and use your Time Warp on enemies chasing your ADC for peel, or on your ADC who is chasing an enemy target, you have plenty of survivability to allow this.

Bombs away: As previously discussed, Zil's bombs aren't all that great late game, however, they do add up and are AOE. Fire at will!

Time Trolling: Pretty self explanatory. Whoever is being focused on your team, Press R on them to revive them with Chrono Shift. Congrats, you have now turned a 5v5 into a 5v6. FYI - Sometimes it is acceptable to let a teammate die in a team fight to reserve your ult on the person who is carrying your team.