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Cho'Gath Build Guide by JimmyX

AP Carry platinum

[S5] AP Mid Cho'Gath - The CC King of Mid Lane

By JimmyX | Updated on August 20, 2015
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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About Me

Hi everyone, the wait is finally over. I will now show you my hidden secret build I've used to climb the elo ladder to Diamond.

By the end of the guide you should be able to dominate your mid opponent and nom your way to the victory screen.

To see the build in action, you can follow me on Twitch.
Check out my Youtube channel and subscribe :)

And for the love of god buy a good mouse if you do not have one already.

I will be adding matchups soon™
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-Two very strong CCs in the form of an AOE knockup and silence
-Strong mid game
-Good sustain in laning phase
-Tanky, his ult gives him an extra 900hp at 6 stacks at lvl 16
-Can contest/steal Dragon/Baron with his ult
-Very flexible champion, can be built AP or tanky.(We will focus on AP)

-Difficult to land Q
-Easy to be kited
-Weak early/late game
-Reverse snowball(when you die and lose your stacks)
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Summoner Spells

Ignite and flash will be your primary summoner spells.

You can grab teleport if you think you might get harassed down in laning phase or for more teamfight potential.
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[Passive] You gain health and mana back for each minion, monster, champion you kill. This will be your sustain, so practice your last hitting. The better your creep score is, the easier the lane will be
[Q] AOE knockup, max second.
[W] AOE silence, this will be your primary source of harass, use it whenever it is up
[E] Toggle this ability on for extra damage
[R] NOM NOM NOM! Deals true damage, can't get better than that.
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I recommend going 9-21-0 for survivability during our early laning phase
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Movement speed is crucial for chasing/running
Hybrid penetration because we will be auto attacking quite frequently
Armor to survive early poke harass, you can substitute with scaling health if you like
Magic resist to survive early poke harass
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Starting Build

Faerie Charm + 5 Hpots + 3 Pots + warding trinket will be your start.
This will insure you will survive laning phase

Next Purchase

On your first back, complete the chalice and buy Doran's ring. If your going against AP get Mercury's Treads, if AD buy Ninja Tabi

Core Items
This item make's Cho a god, provides a 15% AOE slow on your E/autoattack
Athene's will help with your mana sustain
Very useful especially when you get up and personal to use your ult, you can always Zhonyas to give your team time to save your neck :)
More AP can't hurt
More AP penetration? EVEN BETTER

Situational Items

If your team needs more beef, you can replace void staff with one of these items
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Lane Matchups


Levels 1 To 2 - Concentrate on last hitting on your first two levels, our Q+W damage is insignificant to matter.

Levels 3 To 6 - Once you hit level 3, you can now start harassing with your W, wait out Kassadin's shield duration then you can begin the harass. If Kassadin is under 600HP, you should be able to kill him with your Q+W+R+Ignite combo. When your close to 6, you should be in a good position to land a rupture/rest of your combo.

Post 6 - After Kassadin gets 6, it is extremely difficult to kill him, it is best to wave clear and roam.

Summary: We should have a slight edge in this matchup, save your harass after Kassadin's shield goes down. Getting a kill post 6 is very difficult so it is best to just wave clear and roam to help other lanes.

Early Laning Phase

Bonus Video

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Video Highlights

Dragon Steal

Despite me missing my skillshots, I was able to steal the dragon just with my ult. It does 1,000 true damage to minions and monsters without any AP.
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Laning Phase

Levels 1-5 - Focus on last hitting lvls 1-2, once you hit level 3 and have 2 points in W. You can start harassing with W every time it is up.

Level 6 - This is where the fun begins, usually at this stage you can wombo combo your opponent if you can catch him with your knockup. Make sure you have enough mana for a full rotation of Q+W+R(Ignite for kill security).

Post 6 - Free Farm = )
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In team fights you can do either two things.

1 ) Combo enemy ADC or mid laner - Go for this route when you catch one of them in a bad position.
2 ) Peel for your ADC - This is the safer route and works really well especially if your ADC is fed. Your combo can usually take anyone well below 50% including tanks.
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I hope this guide has helped you better understand Cho's strength and his role in team fights.

Now go climb the elo ladder, it is not even as high as you believe.

To see this build in action, follow my stream on Twitch.
Check out my Youtube channel and subscribe :)
And for the love of god buy a good mouse if you do not have one already.
League of Legends Build Guide Author JimmyX
JimmyX Cho'Gath Guide
[S5] AP Mid Cho'Gath - The CC King of Mid Lane