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Thresh Build Guide by wesley2kill

Support S5 Thresh guide / the hooks of the gods

Support S5 Thresh guide / the hooks of the gods

Updated on October 26, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author wesley2kill Build Guide By wesley2kill 2,464 Views 0 Comments
2,464 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author wesley2kill Thresh Build Guide By wesley2kill Updated on October 26, 2015
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Hello again and welcome to my in depth thresh guide
I am wesley2kill and im currently a silver 3 support main, i main thresh and blitzcrank and on both champions i have 65k champion points
in this guide i will go over a couple of things
-how to play this beast
-how to land hooks most efficient
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Pros and Cons with this build

-good cooldown on grab
-has safe-ing potential
-very good CC
-can carry games if played well

-Team Reliant (obviously)
-Ability Reliant
-not very tanky in early stages of the game
-no escapes (i think his ult is not an escape)

thresh is a team Reliant CC hooking tanky god and when you play him a lot and have mastered him you can carry games with ease
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How to play this beast

obviously it depends on the adc your playing with this is what i love about thresh thresh can play safe but he can also play aggresive which creates versitility which is in my oppinion one of the best things about thresh
if your adc wants to play aggresive what you need to do is hook in the adc (i will go a little more in depth how i tend to place my hooks later) have 2 drag animations then reactivating your Q and then E him towards your adc or throw a lantern to the incoming jungler to help him get by faster
if your adc wants to play safe try catching the poke for him/her and if they want to go ingage just E the adc away
in midgame you can also start to roam some other lanes and try to get them kills to because if u are already fed you obviously dont want to be the only one to rely on so why not feed other lanes :D
in lategame all you want to do is hook in all the carrys the enemys have your allied team will do the rest
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How to land hooks at most efficiency

what people tend to do on lower ELO when they try to hook is aim right for the enemy adc
in my oppinion this is not a very smart move unless they have nowhere else to go
because thresh his hook animation is quite long its easy to dodge but you cannot see where it is gonna go when he starts the animation
here is where you start playing mind games what you want to do is place the hook on where u anticipate the enemy adc is going to go so place the grab next to them
when they see you starting the animation they will move to the side to dodge it and voila right in to your hook
works every time xD
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I hope you can learn something from this guide and if you have any suggestions on something i should add to this guide just leave them in the comments i will try and add them to the best of my ability
but above all keep threshing the enemy team
(lame *** joke):P
League of Legends Build Guide Author wesley2kill
wesley2kill Thresh Guide
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S5 Thresh guide / the hooks of the gods

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