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Evelynn Build Guide by Xairek

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Xairek

[S6] AD Assassin Evelynn

Xairek Last updated on December 6, 2015
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Hey all, this is my Evelynn guide for season 6. With the new found dominance of the ADCs, changes to the AD assassin items, and nerfs to the AP items, Evelynn finds her role most useful as an AD assassin jungler. The AP items have mostly had efficiency nerfs, and the AD items have been changed to better distinguish between assassin and ADC items, making the builds far less awkward and far more efficient.
Please remember to try the build before you up-vote or down-vote. I hope you have as much success with this build as I have!

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+ Extremely high burst and DPS
+ Very quick movement
+ Very high mana sustain
+ Great dive potential with ult


- Quite squishy without some tanky items
- Mana drains very quickly if you don't stealth occasionally
- Very short range
- No dash ability

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Core Items

Your go-to starting item, you have lots of attacking power and this increases that power even more, while also giving you some lifesteal. I prefer this over Hunter's Talisman mostly due to the increased clear speed it gives you if you are an auto-attacker.

This item gives you a movement speed steal, a very high amount of AD, and jungle sustain, all for a reasonably low price. This will give you a large power spike and great ganking power.

I take these more often than not simply to ensure that I can get to a lane that is out of place much faster. You can replace them late-game with Ninja Tabi, Mercury's Treads or Boots of Swiftness.

This item gives some highly useful stats, a huge amount of sticking power, and spellblade which Evelynn can proc often due to her Q. Its main drawback is the fact that it is quite expensive, however due to the fact that Evelynn scales well with every stat it gives, it is definitely cost effective.

This is a great assassination item. It gives good AD, flat armor pen, and a decent active that can be used to chase or run away, or even just fight. The reason I get this after Trinity Force is due to the fact that the trinity force has a better build path, and some health stat to keep you from getting bursted quite so easy.

This item gives lots of tank, good sticking power, and increased surprise factor due to the slow it provides. Due to the fact that Evelynn is a melee assassin, she has the potential to be kited hard, and bursted down by long ranged enemies. This item will prevent those situations from occurring as often due to the gap closing power it provides.

It's late game, you are pushing toward their inhibitor, and out of nowhere, the enemy team pops up and you get taken out before you can hit the enemy ADC. This could mean the end of that teamfight, and maybe even the game. Behold! The fallen assassin has risen from death, and finishes what she has started. The enemy is now forced to fight without an ADC and has no chance of surviving. The assassin's Guardian Angel smiles down upon the victorious fight.
In all seriousness though, just build this, or something else really tanky. Few things suck more than getting focused to death on the brink of victory.

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Alternative Items

These items aren't necessarily as efficient on Evelynn as the core items, but in some situations they really shine and can keep you on top.

This is beefy anti-tank item. It has quite a few great stats for Evelynn including Phage. Due to the speed with which she attacks she can stack up the armor reduction very fast and the health is very useful on her. Typically however this isn't as good for bursting squishies as Trinity Force and does require Evelynn to stack up the armor deduction. Replace your Trinity Force with this against heavy tank, if you need a stronger teamfight, or if you are reasonably behind.

This item gives lots of AD, lifesteal, and AoE damage. It is useful when fighting multiple enemies that take some extra time to kill as the lifesteal will keep you alive and the cleave will let you damage multiple people (and apply Black Cleaver stacks to them as well). Unlike Youmuu's Ghostblade however this item doesn't give any armor penetration and lacks the ASI/MSI active. Replace Youmuu's Ghostblade with this if you need some lifesteal to survive fights, you need a stronger teamfight, or you bought The Black Cleaver.

This is a high-damage magic resist item. It doesn't provide as much damage as most of the damage items in the core build, however it gives very high survivability vs. strong AP, and can definitely save your life many times. The armor penetration isn't bad either. Replace your Youmuu's Ghostblade with this if you are fighting powerful AP.

This is a very good tank item that also provides a strong AoE spellblade that actually slows your enemies. Due to Evelynn's great scaling with spellblade she should have one in nearly every build. While this spellblade isn't as high damage as Trinity Force's, it is still quite good, and is even better in a teamfight due to the AoE damage and slow. Replace your Dead Man's Plate with this if you didn't build a Trinity Force.

These boots are better in situations that you are more worried about surviving than ganking as quickly. Replace Boots of Mobility with either of these if you are behind, need a stronger teamfight, or are getting bursted easily.

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Items not to get

This is actually a very good item in general, however it requires you to stack it up, and Evelynn's basic attacks have no other scaling with AP, so that stat is slightly wasted on her. For a high DPS build this would most certainly be a good item, however as this is an assassin build it would not work nearly as well with her.

This again is an example of an item that is good in general, but due to the fact that this is an AD build, the CDR is not a very important stack for a basic attack oriented assassin.

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Abilities (the wiki is there for a reason my friend)

Passive: Shadow Walk

After being out of combat for 6-3 seconds (based on level) Evelynn becomes invisible, ignores unit collision, and regenerates 2% of her missing mana per second. Enemy champions within 700 units of Evelynn as well as any true sight will be able to see Evelynn, however Shadow Walk will only end if Evelynn uses an ability or enters combat.

This is Evelynn's most powerful ability regardless of what you build on her. It is the reason she is arguably the strongest roamer in the game. Make sure whenever you gank that this ability is active to ensure you don't get spotted.


Q: Hate Spike

Evelynn shoots a line of spikes toward a nearby enemy, dealing damage to all enemies hit. The spikes will prioritize Evelynn's last target, followed by the lowest health enemy.

This ability has decent damage, is great for clearing camps early on, and allows you to constantly proc spellblade due to its 1.5 second cool down. Max this ability First since its AD/AP scaling scales with ability level.

W: Dark Frenzy

Evelynn removes all slows affecting her, gains a large movement speed buff, and ignores unit collision for 3 seconds. The cool down of Dark Frenzy is reduced by 1 second every time Evelynn hits an enemy champion with an ability, and resets completely on champion kills and assists.

This is used mostly for sticking to your target and/or removing a strong slow. The move speed it gives is significant, however this ability will deactivate Shadow Walk, so only use it once the enemy has already seen you. Max this ability Last since it is a utility ability.

E: Ravage

Evelynn slashes her target twice, applying on-hit effects twice and dealing physical damage. She also gains a massive attack speed buff for 3 seconds after the ability is cast.

This is your strongest mid/late-game ability as AD Evelynn. The double slash is great for damage, but more importantly the attack speed buff afterwards allows you to melt anything short of a tank. Max this ability second since it doesn't help you clear as fast as your Q and it doesn't do as much damage until you have some items.

R: Agony's Embrace

Evelynn impales a large area with spikes, dealing % current health damage to all enemies hit, and slowing them for 2 seconds. Additionally, Evelynn gains a shield based on the number of champions hit.

This ability is great for teamfights or simply diving multiple champion. It can also be used in a pinch as just a slow, but is not used to its fullest potential in that manner. Note that the damage is based on the enemy's current health, and has no minimum damage, so don't use this on low health enemies if you can help it. Level this ability whenever you can.

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Early Game:
On your first clear, you will typically start on the red side of your jungle. This will allow you to clear with much higher health due to the stun from smiting Krugs. Once you have Stalker's Blade you will be looking for potential ganks. Look for any lane that is overextended, low health, or that is getting ganked by the enemy jungler. Getting the kill when ganking is just fine, but make sure you also consider how powerful your laner will be if you can get them ahead. If you take every kill you will probably get super fed, and your team will get significantly less fed by comparison; share the love ;P

Mid Game:
This is where your power peak comes in, you will have warrior and Trinity Force, as well as boots. If you play right you will be an absolute nightmare to anyone on the enemy team. Make sure to focus on objective control and helping out your lanes. Keep in mind that some lanes can't be ganked consistently as they might be feeding or might completely lack late game potential. It is often best to gank the most powerful late game on your team, namely bot lane and/or a late game mid-laner.

Late Game:
Here is where you fall off quite a bit. You will still be able to take out most any squishy you find, but if they are smart they will be behind their tanks. Make sure you position yourself in a spot where you can jump in after an initiation while being able to avoid being focused. Bursting down the enemy ADC is your primary goal here, but don't completely ignore the front line as you may not be able to reach the ADC if they are coherent enough.

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Closing Thoughts

Jungling is a role that requires supporting your team heavily. If you are in this for personal glory I would suggest ADC or mid lane. You can get extremely fed as Evelynn and carry quite easily, but even a fed champion needs a good team to help them. Help your lanes as much as you can safely, and try to get both you and them fed. Every now and then you will find a lane that feeds so miserably that you cannot help them out. The biggest thing you can do here to secure victory is to put pressure on the other lanes and help snowball them to counteract the other lane. Lastly, make sure to encourage your teammates, even if they are doing bad. Encouragement will help them to do better and make for a more positive experience overall.

I hope you enjoyed my guide, and I hope this build serves you well for many games to come. If you have any questions or feedback (positive and negative) please leave me a comment!