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Taliyah Build Guide by Frasty12

AP Carry [S6] Patch 6.10 Jungle Taliyah guide

AP Carry [S6] Patch 6.10 Jungle Taliyah guide

Updated on May 30, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Frasty12 Build Guide By Frasty12 11,671 Views 0 Comments
11,671 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Frasty12 Taliyah Build Guide By Frasty12 Updated on May 30, 2016
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Pros / Cons


+Stupid gank potential with Ult and E + W combo.
+Decent damage with Thunderlords
+Good zone and team fight potential
+Great peel and engage


-Squishy until you complete Rylai's and Zhonya's
-Early clear is weak. Expect to get counter ganked
-It can be hard to hit W depending on who your enemy team is playing.
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Rock Surfing - Weak passive, gives bonus movespeed when moving near a wall. Only really good for moving between lanes and positioning for a flank with R. Only procs out of combat.

Threaded Volley - A ranged ability that shoots out 5 rocks in a target direction, similar to Lucian's ultimate where you activate the skill and move around as it fires. The rocks deal AoE damage when they hit and also creates "worked ground" which lasts for a few minutes around where Taliyah casts the ability. When recasting Q on worked ground you only fire 1 rock but with a reduced mana cost. In addition Taliyah gets a small move speed buff when in worked ground.

Threaded Volley is one of the main reasons why I chose to take Taliyah to the jungle. When playing her midlane or toplane I found it irritating having to micro where I cast Q and where my worked ground already was. Eventually your whole lane is covered in worked ground and your main poke is less effective. When playing in the jungle, because you are constantly ganking and moving around the map, there are very few times when your worked ground becomes an issue.

Seismic Shove - Creates a pillar that knocks up in a targetable direction after a short delay. You can press W a second time after the initial cast to choose the direction of the knock up.

This ability is what makes jungle Taliyah so fun. So much potential in a single ability. Knock enemies over walls, push them away from you, combo into your E, it all feels so good. There is a short delay like cho'gaths knock up that takes some getting used to, but with some practice, it becomes a reliable peel and engage tool that fits with Taliyah's kit so well.

Unraveled Earth - Fires off stone land mines in a cone in front of Taliyah. The mines do initial damage to anyone caught when it's cast, then after a few seconds, anyone standing on the mines will also take damage. Any enemies that dash or are displaced inside the mines will cause them to detonate early.

This ability combos so well with W. It slows, and also deals HUGE damage if you can W the enemy champ into the mines. The range is really small however and if you don't manage to get the displacement damage the regular damage is rather lackluster. Max this ability first.

Weaver's Wall - Makes a big wall. What else can you say about this ability? Press R a second time while casting to ride atop the wall. Right click on either side while traveling to hop off. You also jump off if you take damage while riding.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Frasty12
Frasty12 Taliyah Guide
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[S6] Patch 6.10 Jungle Taliyah guide

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