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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Thresh Build Guide by xBigfoot16x

Other {S6} The Thresh Prince

Other {S6} The Thresh Prince

Updated on June 15, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author xBigfoot16x Build Guide By xBigfoot16x 25 18 258,806 Views 54 Comments
25 18 258,806 Views 54 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author xBigfoot16x Thresh Build Guide By xBigfoot16x Updated on June 15, 2016
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Hello, my name is Bigfoot. I am a YouTube partner and long time League of Legends player. This is my first ever guide. I have learned a lot about Thresh since I started playing him. His kit is definitely unique and brings a whole new kind of play style to supporting. So please take the time to offer me your thoughts and ideas on improvements I can make to my build/strategy.

<3 Bigfoot
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Team Work

Initiating team fights:
As far as teamwork goes with Thresh. He can be a huge help to the team if you know what your role is with him. Your main role will most likely be to initiate team fights. One easy way to do this is to use your Q to pull a champion in to you and use your E to knock them up in the air. Now, another way to use your Q to initiate (if you're really tanky), is to throw your Q and hit it again to lunge into a group of the enemy team and then use your R (ultimate). Your ultimate forms a pentagon of walls around you and your nearby enemies. Once an enemy hits a wall, it does loads of damage and slows them by 99% for 2 whole seconds.

Turret diving:
Thresh is great for assisting in a turret dive. You just throw your W (lantern) out into an enemy turret and once your teammate dives and gets the kill, they just click on the lantern and they lunge all the way back to you. It's a great tactic that can be used for many purposes. With the right team, this alone can give you a huge advantage on enabling ganks and so on.

Ganks are pretty straightforward with Thresh. Mostly, you want to sit in the bushes until you see a good time to throw out your Q. While they are being pulled in to you, use your E to knock them in the air and slow them for 1.5 seconds. This is when you ult (if you have it). Chase them all the way to their turret if you have to. And if you have to turret dive, DON'T! Let your teammate go in and you throw your lantern (W) out inside the range of the turret so that when your teammate dives in and needs to escape, all they have to do is click on the lantern you set and they instantly lunge all the way back to you.
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Starting Items

*****To be updated soon*****
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Early Items

Rush the Sightstone and Sweeping Lens first. Also, grab a Vision Ward if you have the extra gold to make a gank possible.
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Purely situational, build as necessary.
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*****To be updated soon*****
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VS AD Champions

The spells are another thing that varies by what kind of situation you are in. For instance, in a lane where you have a significant advantage, you might want the extra kill potential with ignite. I chose to put heal in the spell set for supporting with Thresh because he doesn't have a healing ability. Also, heal seems to be working pretty well with the recent new updates to the summoner spell. I feel he doesn't need exhaust because he has so much cc with his E and Q from the knock up and slow to the grab and drag.

*****To be updated soon*****
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VS AP Champions

    He has loads of CC to offer to the team
    Great for assisting in turret dives (help team escape with W)
    Useful for ganks and team fights
    Collecting souls gives him permanent Armor and Ability Power (averaged over 150 per game)
    One catch late game can steal the win from your opponents

    His cooldowns are ridiculously long
    His Q has a slight delay on it to wind up his throw for a split second
    He can lack damage late game and this means you need some kind of teamwork on your team
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Thresh has a very unique skill set from any other champion. He has a blitzcrank-like pull, an alistar-like knockup, a w that provides a shield and an escape route for teammates and an ult that slows people by 99% for 2 seconds while dealing significant amounts of damage. As of recently, he is my favorite champion I have ever used. One thing you can definitely say about him is that he's versatile.

*****To be updated soon*****
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Final Build (Highest Win Rate)

This final build is the build with the highest win rate according to which uses information only from Platinum division games and up.
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