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Camille Build Guide by Pleaziou

AD Offtank [S7] Camille Guide: Actions speak louder than Words

AD Offtank [S7] Camille Guide: Actions speak louder than Words

Updated on February 2, 2017
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pleaziou Build Guide By Pleaziou 2,625 Views 0 Comments
2,625 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Pleaziou Camille Build Guide By Pleaziou Updated on February 2, 2017
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Hello Everyone!
Welcome to my Guide on Camille, the Steel Shadow. My Name is Pleaziou and I just started to play League at the End of Season 6.

Camille is my Main Champion and I played her non-stop since her realease. I love her because of her insane pressure across all lanes and because of the fact that she is the Champion with the highest Playmaker potential IMO.
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Pros / Cons

+ very high pressure across all lanes
+ great damage kit overall
+ big outplay potential
+ good engage and late game relevanz
+ high mobility
+ fits almost every team composition

- high ban rate
- late game very team reliant
- 2 to 3 champions counter her hard, sometimes not a strong first pick
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Things you need to know about Camille

Camille is not a hard mechanical Champion although her kit requieres a little knowledge about her engage. Her W is the main harass spell, you use it to get some damage in and sustain yourself. Camille reaches her highest potential at level 3, with her E, AA, Q, AA, AA, Q, W Combo it`s at most situations a flash burn or a kill for her.

The first Item you should always get is Trinity Force but you have to keep in mind that she won`t get very tanky through that. Champions like Volibear or Maokai will get a threat if they have tanked up by the middle game. A fight with Camille will take a little time, she has burst but it won`t one shot an off-tank nor a full tank so keep that in mind. Always harass before you go all-in.

One of Camilles biggest strenghts is the tower dive. Don`t shy away if your targets gets away with a slither of health. her E stun and Q, AA, Q Combo is quick enough that most Champions will only get one Spell through which won`t cut it in most cases.

The next strenght of her is her insane pressure through her Ult Hextech Ultimatum.
Camille is a strong lane pusher because of the respect many champions have to have on her, so your Teleport is an option your bot- and midlane should keep in mind.
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Ranked Play

You are always capable to get your lanes free kills. Use the Ult of Camille when you roam around and help your team to build up an advantage.

Mid Lane roam is at level 6 the strongest and will almost always lead to the desired gold income. I communicate at the beginning of the match with my team so the river brush is warded and an TP Bot Roam should be an easy kill too. Keep in mind that the Bot has to follow up tho you don want to feed a Carry.

One thing i should mention is that you have to be aware to share kills. Because of the isnanly high damage output of her second Q instance it`s extremely easy to killsteal everything you see, share the love and help to get your Team fed.
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Camille is this high mobility threat to every squishy Champion in the game. You have the biggest damage spike after finishing Trinity Force and Steraks Gage, use that to push all lanes in and destroy every tower.

The Steel Shadow is insanely versatile, if you wanna splitpush your way to victory or you want to roam for your team until they can`t fit through the door anymore she is always a blast to play.

I hope I could give you an insight on my favourite Champion and you enjoyed the read on my first Guide.
Greetings from Germany, Pleaziou!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pleaziou
Pleaziou Camille Guide
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[S7] Camille Guide: Actions speak louder than Words

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