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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by Massive Nuts


[S8] 1V5 IS NOT AN ISSUE (Mundo Jungle)

By Massive Nuts | Updated on January 11, 2018
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Hi guys, it's your boy Massive Nuts for a new guide. Mundo is an absolute savage champ and I love him. The new runes make him almost invincible in the jungle and it is quite funny to watch. Although, I found it a bit hard in S8 to farm correctly in toplane without being harassed and I often ended up being behind, in nearly all the matchups i had, for nothing. I just think Dr. Mundo is ment to be a jungler. Here are some tips on how to play him in this meta.



- Awesome jungle sustainability: can do drake solo from min 10 (due to the health regen)
- Can easily frontline and engage in teamfights
- Low-CD slow and damage poke ( Infected Cleaver)
- Very entertaining gameplay
- Really fast and mobile
- Good splitpush capacity


- Not efficient ganks if you constantly fail Infected Cleaver
- Quite hard-jungling and ganking in early (still quite squishy)
- Really mobile, so not always easy to be followed by teammates in a fight
- If feeding , quite difficult comeback
Stalker's Blade - Cinderhulk is the best jungler item on Dr. Mundo. First, I pick the chilling smite will apply a slow on enemies so you can catch them easier if you fail your Infected Cleaver or to slow them even more. Building Enchantment: Cinderhulk will give you all the tankiness you need as mundo(it also stacks extra-HP as you grow) and some more AP melee damage with the passive to add to your Burning Agony.

Mercury's Treads are for me the best boots for Dr. Mundo. You will probably walk all-in on enemies and they will all try to CC and slow you. Make yourself unstoppable,
to escape, to chase but also just to be able to move and be mobile. If you are against a strong AD-Carry, build Thornmail or something but don't go for Ninja Tabi. It's better to take extra-damage than to be freezed in one-place in teamfights. Also, these boots give you magic resist as you won't be building any after Spirit Visage.

Dead Man's Plate is one of the 4 core items on Dr. Mundo for two reasons. The first one is the passive, which will give you some extra-MS. This is helpful when trying to escape but also trying to catch up an enemy. The second reason is the stats. You may know Sunfire Cape is a core item on Mundo Toplane. The passive of it is in the Enchantment: Cinderhulk but the armor is not there so you need some in early. That's why taking all this armor and health will be necessary.

Spirit Visage is one of the 4 core items too. This is the most important item of the build. Giving a big amount of magic resist and health, the stats will grant you the tankiness you need against AP enemies. They will also give you 10% CDR which will be useful to cast your ult more often, and doubles your base health regen, making you really sustainable. The passive will also fit perfectly your mechanic which is increasing all your heals and regen by 30%.

Warmog's Armor is a really strong HP and HP-regen item that will increase your base regen so much it's like a constant ultimate. Added to that, you have a passive giving your all your life in like 5 seconds out-of-combat between two fights. Aswell as making you really tanky, this will give you an extra 10% CDR which you need for your Sadism'CD to be the lowest possible.

1. Spirit Visage
2. Warmog's Armor
3. Dead Man's Plate

1. Spirit Visage
2. Dead Man's Plate
3. Warmog's Armor

1. Dead Man's Plate
2. Spirit Visage
3. Warmog's Armor

1. Dead Man's Plate
2. Warmog's Armor
3. Spirit Visage

Rylai's Crystal Scepter is a really strong offensive item granting 75AP and 300HP, providing some extra-damage and keeping track with the tankiness. I like this item because of the slowing passive which disables anybody close to you because they have a constant slow with your Burning Agony. This can help you when fighting and struggling to land your Infected Cleaver or your team when engaging a fight.

Liandry's Torment costs 500 more than Rylai's Crystal Scepter keeping more or less the same stats but an incredible boost of the damage you make because of the passive which burns the enemies and fits well with our Burning Agony. Build this if you have another tank in the team and can safely afford doing more damage.

Hextech Protobelt-01 is also giving nearly the same bonuses (a bit less AP)
but this time you should build it when you are, despite building Mercury's Treads,
some trouble reaching the enemies and this can make a good engage. It is also on of the less expensive of the last-items i propose so if you feel the game is close to an end,
think this.

Gargoyle Stoneplate is, for me, the strongest tank item. Added to the very tanky stats, (It's one of the only item which gives armor and rm together.) there is an active doubling the stats of the item. The passive can help mundo a lot when engaging a fight: it makes you a lot more resistant although you will do less damage. No problem, you need to tank to engage and then you destroy all their team, when you team joined.

Thornmail is necessary if the enemies have a lot of AD. It can be because they have 3 AD damage-maker or because their ADC is fed or because they have no tank at all.
In this case, I recommend this item which will more or less halften the damage of all AD maker with a really powerful passive and a massive amount of armor.

Righteous Glory is my favourite last-item. If you have a slight advantage on ennemy team but your team still has trouble engaging fights or following you, this item is made for you. It will give you CD,
to arrive at 40%, 30 armor, 400 health, double your health regen and above all, this active will make fights a lot more easy. Use it to engage btw, not to escape.


Phase Rush is the key rune I chose with Dr. Mundo. The reason for that is you will need a lot of speed in fights either for catching enemies or escaping. Taking this rune will grant you a massive amount of speed and slow resistance for 3 seconds and with a 15 seconds cooldown. Using this with your Mercury's Treads will make you almost unstoppable.

The Ultimate Hat is a really important rune on Dr. Mundo as it will reduce the cooldown of your Sadism (which is your most useful ability) by an additional 15% after 5 casts added to the 40% CDR you should have at the end of the game (depending on your last-item), making it available every 35,7 seconds, basically every fight.

Transcendence is also a core rune because it will get you the CDR you need after 10 minutes. Bringing your total CDR to 40% (depending on your last-item) and making you really effective. I prefer it to Nullifying Orb because it will help you get your Sadism faster therefore resist to magic damage anyway.

Waterwalking is quite useful in late-game when most fights happen in the river. (arround drakes or nash) This will give you an extra 25 MS and up to 30 AP when fighting in the river. I prefer this to Gathering Storm because you're not wanting to have massive AP in late-game to do damage but just MS and health. Also, I feel Scorch does not suit Dr. Mundo which isn't a high-damage/impact jungler.

Iron Skin is giving necessary tankiness on Dr. Mundo in S8 and yes it works, Sadism does counts as a heal. This will give +5 armor and increase your armor by 5% when using Sadism. This should be about 10 in late-game depending on what you build as a last item. If you see the enemy team has 2 AP-damage-makers or more, take Mirror Shell to have the same effect for RM.
Revitalize is a core rune on Dr. Mundo increase your healing from Sadism and heals and shields from the support if he has some of 5% and 10% if you have less than 40% health. This will highly increase your sustainability and invincibility in fights where you will have to tank for the team.


Jungling in early with Dr. Mundo is not as easy as it is in mid-game and above. This due to the lack of tankiness you have and the fact your abilities cost health. To start the game: Start at the red with your Burning Agony active and then go to birds. Then go to blue and use smite, then wolves, gromp, and decide what to do next. You should be able to make a gank with your HP but if not, kill the rift scuttler without Burning Agony and then you should.

Jungling will be quite fast when you have got your jungler item so take the time to farm your jungle to feed yourself. Ganking midlane will be quite hard in early because the midlaners usually play safe and have escapes. Prefer toplane and botlane as they should be easier kills.


"A teamfight? I didn't see a teamfight?" said Dr. Mundo after doing a 1v5.
You should be able in late-game to tank enough damage to be focused during all the teamfight and still deal a lot of damage to all of the enemies. Don't be stupid and engage the 1v5 if they are full-life, of course, it is a hyperbola. Just keep in mind you shouldn't be scared and should always engage for your team.
And as the famous meme says:

Thanks guys for reading. If you have more questions or would like more details (sorry I didn't take the time to put gameplay videos but I can do it) please leave a comment. Also if you want to play with me, add me Massive Nuts on EUW.
Thank you,
Massive Nuts
League of Legends Build Guide Author Massive Nuts
Massive Nuts Dr. Mundo Guide
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