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Samira Build Guide by BIG BRAIN MAN

Middle diamond

Samira Guide + COMBO Video

By BIG BRAIN MAN | Updated on October 2, 2020
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BIG BRAIN MAN's Featured Video

Runes: Conq

Presence of Mind
Legend: Bloodline
Coup de Grace

Ravenous Hunter
Taste of Blood

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


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ADC Role
Win 50%
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Ability Order Max Q > W > E

Champion Build Guide

Samira Guide + COMBO Video


I've been Diamond for a few seasons. My account is "Cocho" on NA.

This build is subject to change, most of this build is from a tweet from a Game Analyst from the Riot Game Analyst Team. Here's that tweet.

From my experience, I'm pretty confident the runes won't change. The double healing from Bloodine and ravenous hunter makes her Q healing ridiculous. Boots and cookies seem like a bad secondary rune setup IMO. So does sorcery.

Maybe build an early vamp sceptor for crazy sustain. The deathdance feels good but is pretty questionable since she'll get the AOE healing from ult rather than the full healing. Not being able to get bursted feels great but it's technically less healing than BloodThirster. Samira's Q has a low cooldown, her E gets reset, and her ult is more gated by the stacks rather than the 3 second cooldown. If her build changes to remove the cooldown from Death dance and Essence Reaver, then this will be why. As of now there is no best samira build, but there will be a preferred one in the future. I'll change this guide once people discover and agree on a build. As of know, I'm going with the one by a Riot Game Analyst.

Building up her combo to ult is very important. You need to use unique abilities to stack it up, but there's a lot of tricks around it.

You should watch the video to have a better understanding, but if you don't want to, then some of the key things this video covers are these tricks:

1. You can auto between WE and the second hit of W.
2. You can weave an auto attack or Q before a W cast for 4 stacks.
(example being QQW or auto auto W.)
3. You can auto after WEQ if you have R.
4. E flash is faster and smoother than Flash E.
5. Hitting two opponents with E will count if you weave something in between the E hits.
6. Q E1 E1 W1 W2 works if QE input is fast enough
7. Coin > E will hide the coin animation. You can also flash coin.
8. You can E any enemy or teammate to hop over walls.
9. You can double E by casting E before an enemy dies.
10. Spamming Coin + Auto attack will make a BM annoying animation and sound

Here's some combos:

"BASIC" (Can get kinda hard to input but doesn't have much tricks to it)

Auto > Q > auto
W > E > W2 > AUTO
(First two combined)
Q > auto > W > E > W2 > AUTO > R
AUTO > W > E > Q > W2 > AUTO > R
W > E > AUTO > W2
W > E > Q > AUTO > W2
AUTO > Q > W > E > AUTO > W2 > R
AUTO > Q > FLASH > W > E > AUTO > W2 > R
Q > FLASH > AUTO > W > E > AUTO > W2 > R
FLASH > AUTO > Q > W > E > AUTO > W2 > R
AUTO > Q > FLASH > AUTO > E > Q > W > R
AUTO > W > E > FLASH > W2 > Q > R

"MECHANICAL" (Includes multiple tricks)

Q > W > W2
Q > Q > W > W2
AUTO > AUTO > W > W2
AUTO > AUTO >W > E > Q > W2 > R
AUTO > Q > W > W2 > E > Q > R
AUTO > Q > W > W2 > E > FLASH > Q > R
Q > Q > E
Q > Q > AUTO
Q > Q > E > W > W2
AUTO > Q > AUTO > AUTO > W > W2 > R
AUTO > AUTO > E > Q > AUTO > W > R
AUTO > AUTO > W > E > Q > W2 > R
AUTO > Q > Q > FLASH > E > AUTO > W > R
Q > E > E
Q > Q > E > E2
W > E > W2 > E2
AUTO > E > E2
AUTO > AUTO > Q > E > E2 > W > R
AUTO > W > E > Q > W2 > E2 > R
AUTO > Q > E > E2 > W > W2 > R
FLASH > AUTO > Q > E > E2 > W > W2 > R
Q > Q > E > E2 > AUTO > W > R
AUTO > AUTO > Q > E > FLASH > E2 > W > R
COIN > E > FLASH > Q > E2 > AUTO > W > R
AUTO > Q > Q > E > F > E2 > W > R
AUTO > Q > W > E > FLASH > W2 > E2 > R

If you liked the combo video, I'll be making more samira videos in the future. I'll link them to this guide as I make them. So over time this guide will become longer.
League of Legends Build Guide Author BIG BRAIN MAN
BIG BRAIN MAN Samira Guide
Samira Guide + COMBO Video
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