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Rengar Build Guide by schneebers

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author schneebers

schneebers' assasin/jungle Rengar and bruiser/solo top

schneebers Last updated on September 22, 2012
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jungle/assassin (preferred)


solo top/bruiser

Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi and welcome to schneebers' Rengar build. This is a build intended for normal play but is suitable for ranked. Rengar is a melee assassin and has a rapid jungle, incredible ganking potential and supreme burst damage against any high priority targets all game. I always prefer to play Rengar as a jungler but he is perfectly viable solo top as well.


this is my first guide on mobafire so I wish myself luck (forever alone) and I would like to thank sam green for his maths :P. Please remember to up vote the guide if you enjoyed it and don't be afraid to leave a comment to give me some helpful tips.

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I always take these runes on any jungler I play. The armour pen is a constant and reliable thing to have all game rather than damage runes which lose their handiness late game. The armour is needed for a good jungle and along with the cloth it gives super sustain while doing your first, and most important route. The total armour you start with if jungling with cloth armour is 46. This reduces physical damage upon rengar by 36%. Survivablilty during the jungle stage is vital for being able to make an early gank or not. The likeliness of your gank being successful is highly dependent on if you are actually strong enough to be of some inconvenience to the enemy. If you gank a fed Shyvana who has more hp and dmg than your solo top then it is dangerous ganking them. The chances of them walking away with anything in their favour after a gank should be none so don't give them the chance to get fed in the first place. ganking early wins lanes. won lanes win games.

Need I say more?

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The masteries in this pick are fairly obvious to why they have been chosen. The armour stacking upon your current runes and cloth gives you a total of 56 armour which counts for a total of 36% reduced physical damage, as said above. The magic resistance is key for ganking mid which I will come to later. The armour penetration runes allow you to start the game with 24 armour penetration along with the 10% from masteries. As I say the armour penetration runes will survive all game with your rengar or any champ like him such as Pantheon or Jayce however, if you feel the need to pick up damage quints or marks then please do so.

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Summoner Spells

I prefer to take Ignite with rengar. I regularly fail to finish off my kill despite my high movement speed so it is a guaranteed stack add on to your bonetooth necklace everytime. Flash and Ghost are viable picks for escaping and chasing but rengar's job in a fight is generally to pick off unsuspecting squishy's or burst a high priority champ and get out. This build is designed to unleash his assasin potential so if you plan on staying in a fight then I suggest you build more tanky.

If playing bruiser then I suggest you go for Flash or Ghost accompanied by Ignite.
These runes allow for great chasing, escaping and they give you a counter if you are facing an annoying healing champ such as Volibear or Dr. Mundo

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Pros / Cons

pros +

  • great chaser
  • can jump from bushes :P
  • passive allows for more spamming abilities
  • has stealth ultimate
  • extremely fun to play

cons -
  • slow jungle start (first buff whether red or blue)
  • can be difficult to take advantage of passive while ganking
  • can easily be knocked out of the game but can equally as likely get fed as hell and own for the rest of it

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core items

Wriggle's Lantern + Boots of Swiftness + Trinity Force + bonetooth necklace

This is your burst damage core. Every item after this should be entirely situational and should fit the needs of the game.

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Rengar's passive Unseen Predator is his bread and butter (im english btw). This means it is his strong point and makes him very enjoyable to play. His Savagery is an easy exploit and can be fairly "broken" when players take advantage of it. His passive allows for every ability to be cast with no cooldown penalty when active so when his passive bar is filled up he can use an upgraded move and then immediately use it straight after. This is a very handy tool for bursting champions down espically if you have Sheen.

His q Savagery at level 5 will do a base damage of 130 damage and will give 50% bonus attack speed. Add the full passive bar upgrade damage and this equals to 150% of his AD (which should be around 200 lategame) so equaling about 500 dmg. On top of this and with the Sheen bonus of 100% base damage it should be dealing 600 damage with one q. If hitting with Trinity Force the damage will be 150% of your base AD so 650 total dmg.

But, of course, with the passive it is a free cast of the move so you can use your Savagery with the ragebar bonus dealing 650 dmg and then you can use it again instantly dealing an extra 300-400 dmg. This will burst almost any squishy late game to about 500 health and then you hit your w and e for the slow and extra dmg and you finish them off.

You simply pop your ultimate, run into range of a target and jump on their head and smack them with this stupidly epic combo.


Always target the most high value target with this e.g Ashe, Brand or Talon. If you use it on a tank then you are just being a moron.

The passive on Battle Roar is also vital to surviving your first jungle route and in team fights later on in the game. If you use the maximize the full potential of the passive skill bonus then you will be able to kill far more efficiently with more damage, sustain or if it is just chasing down your prey.

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Team Work/ganking

I use these two words together to emphasize the need of communication when ganking. Here is a situation most players will face early in-game.

You have cleared your jungle and look to gank somewhere. You notice your mid lane has been pushed back and you are able to gank their mid champ easily. You approach the brush and wait, like an Unseen Predator, to pounce your foe as Rengar does. You jump and get bursted flat in two seconds because your mid champ hasn't realized you were even there and has hit recall at your turret.

Because you will be playing in normal mode a lot with this build you may come across noobs occasionally. The key to success in ganks is always communication. The more you talk with your lane partners, the more likely you are to walk away with a bloody hand and a voice in the sky congratulating you.

If you don't get the kill from ganks then it is fine as you have pushed and damaged the enemy allowing for a more confident lane. As long as you had some sort of impact that helped your team the gank was successful. I kill is just a bonus.

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This is the core of the guide so pay attention.

Rengar is adept at clearing his jungle and the enemy jungle if you feel confident you can get away with his red or blue buff. Whenever you can, take your blue. I realise he is a champ with no mana but blue buff counts as 20% cooldown reduction and alot of money and xp so if your mid is stupid enough not to ask for it then be greedy and take it :D.

/league-of-legends/champion/rengar-103 important

It is very crucial that you take q, w, then your e because you can use the e as a move to build more ferocity points so quicker heals so more spamming abilities!

You may be thinking that the e is pointless at this stage but it does do damage and it does build those ferocity points. It is also needed for ganking so you should take a point early anyway. when you get to a camp, use your w first to hit all of the creeps, then q after you auto-attack and immediately e after the q hits. This allows for your moves to be spammed because after using the 3 abilities you will usually have a free ferocity passive upgraded move.

In the champion spotlight provided by riot games you see Phreak use his upgraded e to trap the enemy with its snare and get the first blood. This is what you should always be looking to do when ganking unless their champions are pushing your turret by a mile. If this is the case, then consider taking your upgraded q passive as it will allow for alot more damage against the enemy and you still have the e slow at your disposal.

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situational items

Frozen Mallet-this item is epic for chasing and if you are having problems with it like me then it is a great replacement for warmog's armour

Maw of Malmortius-this is your replacement for Atma's Impaler

trading your Wriggle's Lantern will be a key element for you late-game.

You may want to think about getting more damage with a The Bloodthirster or The Black Cleaver.

Or you could just get more tanky with warmog's armour and a Frozen Mallet or a [guardian angel]]


The cleaver is only necessary if your enemies love armour and you are carrying your team with your insane damage.

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bruiser rengar

I realize many builds give the option of a bruiser rengar. This build is for an assassin rengar but I do believe Rengar is very viable to be bruiser if played solo top only. If playing him solo top then I would suggest taking Mercury's Treads or Ninja Tabi, depending on the enemy team composition. The rest of the items should be fairly similar to most bruiser builds.

The items you pick if playing bruiser should be similar to the ones mentioned in the above chapter. Your first item should suit the champion you are up against. If you face an AP champ then start to build Maw of Malmortius and take maybe a Phage or Giant's Belt in between. If up against an AD champ the you will be looking to out-damage them from the start with an early Phage and then (if you can afford it) a The Bloodthirster. Take a warmog's armour or a Frozen Mallet for chasing. When nearing into late-game you want to pick up Trinity Force because you need the damage, sustain and movement speed that it provides. Your last items should be heavily defensive. This could be a Guardian Angel, Atma's Impaler or a Banshee's Veil.


I realise I have not included bonetooth necklace in this bruiser build. The item is not included because it is, in my opinion, an assassin item. You never HAVE to get this team with rengar but if you feel the need to then fine. Also with this bruiser build you should just be getting a general idea of how to bruiser with rengar. As I say he should be very situational and so you should be deciding how to build him so don't follow the build too closely for this unless it suits your current game.

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I hope you enjoyed my rengar build and may you kill people with it.

oh and btw...

''Prey on the weak and you will survive, prey on the strong and you will live.''
-- Rengar

That doesn't mean kill the tanks. If you do that you will just die.