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Master Yi Build Guide by Laserman

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Laserman

Scrub Dunking Guide (Jungle Smurfing)

Laserman Last updated on May 23, 2013
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Learn to be the ultimate dunking master of them all, by reading and utilizing my pro as heck guide to Dunkmaster Yi. As you may have noticed, I got inspiration from the Dunkmaster Yi joke build.
I used to build 4 zeals and then replace 2 of the zeals with an inf edge & bloodthirster, though I quickly noticed this took far too long moneywise. So I updated it,going further away from the actual joke build and closer to the pro build.

Note that this is a smurf build. If you do try this in ranked games, you will most likely get insulted, raged at and reported.

This is the first build I have written and most likely the only one I will ever do.

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Pros/Cons and "Already loading the game, be short!"

  • Dunking is fun
  • Extremely high DPS
  • Extremely fast movement speed
  • Ability to spam the chat with "GET DUNKED"
  • Dunking
  • Very squishy early game
  • Very open to stuns and blinds
  • Requires the buffs at most times

Start at blue, get a pull and you shouldn't lose more than one pot. Do wolves, enemy wolfs, possible mid poke, wolves, wraiths, red, gank.

Remember to head B for items if you have a lot of money stocked up, no matter how good you are, you'll need more swords so you can dunk harder.

Feel free to skip boots if you feel you don't need it yet.

Replace your lantern with either a third phantom dancer, a second bloodthirster, a black cleaver or a guardian angel. Depending on what the enemy team is building and how good they are playing.

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Master Yi, pro pick or noob instalock?

Master Yi is often described as one of the easiest and most noob-appealing champions in the game. Almost everything relies on your autoattacks and your gap closer. For the basics there isn't really anything needed for a kill other than pressing Q R and E. However due to this people will not often expect "skilled" players to play him (Note that you should be smurfing while doing this, helping them think that you're a new player)
Personally, Master Yi is one of my favorite champions. Now I'm not going to say he was the first champion I ever played, he wasn't even in my first week, but I came to love him seeing as I smurfed a whole ton. I find that he has one of the most solid jungling routines in low levels. He doesn't require much armor and you should never get close to dying. It also helps that he's available almost every two weeks.

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Dunkmaster Yi? Isn't that a troll build?

To be honest, the 4 phantom dancers + lantern was slightly viable in low level games, but there was a patch where attack speed and movement speed got capped, making 4 phantom dancers rather useless, especially when you use your ult. So I decided to start juggling around items & see if I could make a build based on the Dunkmaster that actually worked. Due to the very high crit chance, infinity edge is an obvious choice, adding around 50% damage in total using only one item. Then another obvious choice was more survivability, here is where the bloodthirster comes in. Due to your jungling and highly effective Q, it is amazingly simple to keep up max stacks at all times. Using these two items drastically change the build, making it very effective against low level solo queue.

Not obligatory but recommended is ofcourse playing the following while dunking scrubs in your jungle.

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Seeing as the build is supposed to resemble the dunkmaster build, the two phantom dancers, boots of mobility and lantern are obligatory. You can try changing the build order around or even buying a third phantom dancer/second bloodthirster/black cleaver if you're carrying hard enough instead of the guardian's angel at the end. I merely chose it because usually there will be at least one person on their team with over 10-15 kills who does some serious damage.

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Summoner Spells

If you're going to be the true dunkmaster, Revive Smite is obligatory, though I really do not recommend it. Partly because it's part of the joke build, otherwhise because you should very rarely die. I sometimes still pick it to bring the pain when they manage to kill them, just to put the fear in their hearts not to do it again.

The recommended pick is Heal Smite, for obvious reasons. You could go with flash instead of heal, although I feel like Master Yi often doesn't need it. He has his tremendous speed, ulti chains and Alpha Strike to close gaps. The heal has often given me the opportunity to get the buff when I would have had to go back to base to heal instead. It can also help you to get out of a tight spot both in early and late game.

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Although I added a 30 mastery page at the top, you should never use this on a level 30 account, so I decided to add this chapter to discuss which are most important.
The order of importance is the following

Summoner's Resolve
Tough Skin

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Most people agree buying level 1-10 or even 10-20 runes are a waste of IP. This should be a smurf build, if you do decide to get runes, I'd recommend mana per second blues, flat armor yellows and flat AD reds.

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There are two options here, though both start with a point in Alpha Strike
You should have leveled up after killing Blue Golem, if you picked revive or if your team didn't pull golem (happens more than you'd imagine), take the second point in Meditate. If you have heal and they pulled blue correctly, you won't need the health until later on, so take Wuju Style first and put a point in Meditate at level 4. You should max Alpha Strike first, Wuju Style second and Meditate last.


Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

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Jungle route

Start at blue, hopefully you can manage to convince your team to get you a pull. Go wolves, wraiths, enemy wolves, possible mid poke if your mid can get a disable on the enemy mid, otherwhise go back to your wolves, your wraiths, red, top gank. From there you should find what is open, I try to remain in those 3 parts of the jungle and only go into the enemy red quarter if I need their buff.

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Does this... Actually work... ?

Why yes it does, I've gotten quite good results with this build, as a matter of fact, here are my last four games.Results vary depending on the difficulty you pick at the start and your matchups. Some teams are simply impossible to carry, while others will actually manage to beat you and carry faster, thus taking all the kills instead of you.

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I hope this build will make you dunk scrublords like I manage to. If not, you could still go try the highest rated build, which you probably try first anyhow.

Special thanks to:

notnue- For making the original dunkmaster build and video.
Shwa - For making the best dunking tune in the history of space jams.
Hackee - For being a nooblord
My friends who got me into LoL - For well... Yeah, you probably guessed that.