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Nautilus Build Guide by Araxa

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Araxa

Scuba In The Jungle (SOON TO BE REVISED)

Araxa Last updated on February 26, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my guide to jungle Nautilus. I feel he's fallen from grace and decided that it's time for him to make a recovery.

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The Recovery!

Alright, I'd like to start off by saying that Nautilus should be played jungle. I know he can go support, and I don't personally like it that much. So please, stick to Nautilus jungle for my sake, yours, and your fellow teammates. :)

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Entering The Jungle

Nautilus has fairly slow clear times in the jungle.

In terms of dueling, Nautilus will most likely lose.

In terms of cc... Nautilus is a king.

So here's my advice.

Play safe until you can start leveling up and getting tanky. You don't want to be going all willy nilly and randomly invading the enemy jungle getting caught out and stuck dueling a losing fight.

I tend to start wherever my ADC's lane is. So if I'm top I go blue, bot I go red.

You're going to want vision on whichever buff you don't end up going for. You can get this by either walking over and warding it yourself at 1:30, or having one of your lane buddies do it for you.

*** Nautilus' W is an autoattack reset. Use this to your advantage.

If starting Red:
Red (Immediate Smite) >> Blue (Smite) > Wolves > Wraiths
If starting Blue:
Blue (Immediate Smite) >> Red (Smite) > Wraiths > Wolves

(I do immediate smite on these buffs due to the vision control.)

Whenever you're going for Elder Golem or Elder Lizard, drag it in to the bush. This really helps against avoiding enemy smites.

I only really end up taking Wight/Golem camps when I'm in full jungle farm-mode.

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Ganking Vs Farming

I tend to respect Meteos' style of jungling the most. I've looked up to him ever since he joined LCS and he has made a major impact on my jungling.

In my jungle path I wrote about, it's very dependent on how the game is going. Jungling changes all the time. You can be counterjungled, CAN counterjungle, have to weigh different situations between lanes and try to look at the best outcome.

The harsh truth is that if a lane is losing hard, there isn't any point in trying to assist it. You'll blow summoners, fall behind, and could die. That's not to say you can't hold for a lane that's losing.

In terms of ganks, I tend to be watching all lanes constantly while jungling. If a gank looks good, go for it. You don't always want to open up with Dredge Line. If you can just walk up and get your passive's stun off right away that's excellent. Sometimes if the enemy is escaping out of range you can Dredge Line the walls to get reduced cooldown/gap close and keep the chase rolling.

Same thing with a lot of junglers, you can usually syke out players to blow flash before you even jump to them. Conserve your hook. Without it, your only gap closer is flash.

At all times try to get an idea of what the enemy jungler is doing. If they're ganking a lane and you're not around you have a few options.
1) Gank another lane.
2)Counter jungle
3) Farm, Farm, Farm.

If you are nearby or even in the lane, you'll have to know Nautilus's limits on when he can fight and when he can't. Generally for a Naut gank, you don't wanna sit in their face the whole time. You can kite them around with your E and try to kill them while they chase you. If your lane partner has high damage, it might be a good idea to hook someone and just try to blow them up.

I can not express how important it is for you to keep your gold flowing. If the enemy jungler is on top of his game and pulling out ganks left and right, you need to have a way to cope. Go sit in that lane and watch him as he keeps his gold flowing? No! You keep up your farm so you can compete with them. You may see someone go 3/0 but you can be 50 cs up on them. If they do get kills you can tax the lane so that lane xp isn't lost and you gain lots of levels.

*** Nautilus' ult provides a VERY strong gank potential. Make sure to use this to your advantage. It can turn out as strong as a Vi gank.

On a final note; This is solo queue. If you're ganking, **** your team. Take the kill. You're relying on you. Many a time people have thought someone was gonna get a kill and let the enemy escape. That person will not be you.

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As I stressed in the chapter above, gold flow is of the utmost importance. For you to benefit the team the most you can, you must never let your conservation stacks sit at 80.

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Dragon Control

Nautilus isn't gonna be the best jungler to walk out and try to solo Dragon. You can go for Dragon under 2 conditions.

1) Your team is with you.
- Remember, Nautilus isn't anything crazy by himself. If he's with his team though, he offers a lot to fights.

2) The enemy team gives you the opportunity to take it.
- This would be like.. Bottom dies and mid just backed or roamed top. You will also need to know where the enemy jungler is. When doing this, make sure to at least have one teammate with you. If you're low levels, switch aggro so Dragon doesn't pound on you non-stop.

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Split Pushing

I don't recommend Nautilus to be voted your split pusher. He doesn't have the best escape in the world, although he can clear minions fairly quickly. With the AOE Damage from shielded auto-attacks, and the damage from your E; minions die quickly. It's not recommended that you split push though, because Nautilus offers so much more for your team in actual fights.

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Early Game Fights

Remember, try to avoid these as best you can. Don't try to go hero and solo anyone. If you're going to fight someone, do it 2v1 or 2v2.

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Mid - Late Game

Nautilus is a monster at peeling/ccing one target. You're not gonna want to run after the ADC with this guy, unfortunately. I'd say just focus on peeling and trying to hit your E through the whole enemy team. If you can pull that off, the enemy team should take a fair amount of damage, and your team fighting will be golden.

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A Duo Queue Game On Nautilus

Here is some Nautilus gameplay for you guys to check out.

Sorry for the slip up right off the bat. xD

(BTW, nag christ da lord in game for fun.)

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Final Notes

Nautilus is a very strong teamfight-esque champion. I don't personally recommend him on chase comps nor on assassain comps. Keep in mind that you'll only unlock his potential when duking it out WITH your teammates!

Hope this guide can help you fellow scuba-divers throughout your League of Legends career!

Make sure to upvote this guide and leave some feedback to let me know if I should update anything.