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Sett Build Guide by SethPRG

Top Season 11 Sett Top Guide (WIP)

By SethPRG | Updated on March 28, 2021
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+6 Armor


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Champion Build Guide

Season 11 Sett Top Guide (WIP)

By SethPRG
Ability Order (In-Depth)
With Sett's W being heavily nerfed, and little to no sign of it being salvaged by Riot, as well as the recent AD buffs to his kit, you will heavily rely on using your AA and Q AA for damage, so it's best to max Q, even more so if you're ahead in lane, you will just melt your opponent's HP. Albeit, sometimes you might max W into an armor stacking tank, or if you are behind in lane to increase your chances of surviving when being tower dove.

You will almost always start off with learning E, but NEVER learn any ability till the circumstance you are in requires it. You could have a bunch of people come up and try to kill you early, or if you're invading or being invaded, if you need to escape you will want to be using W (and probably your flash), which will 100% guarantee your survival because of the shield Haymaker gives. But in those same cases where you would instead have the upper hand with your team, hitting multiple enemies with a max W is the best thing you can provide, other than the situational (usually flash into) E stun/slow.

When you start off with E, you will want to use it to animation cancel your opponent's AA and either slow or preferably, stun them. To consistently get a stun, wait till the 3 melee minions on the first wave are low HP, then, run up to your enemy laner, and if you can, E them into the 3 melee minions. This will usually result in 3 CS and a stun on your opponent, one that you can follow up on with AA, causing them to run and be on low HP, or to trade AA, and in that case, you will stack Conquerer quickly and win the trade, resulting in a kill for you, or your enemy using flash/ghost. There are some champions you do not want to fight level 1, such as Darius or Rengar, especially so Rengar, and into that you will want to start W if you want to ego it level 1 for whatever reason. Champs that you can't beat level 1 are listed under the matchups part of this guide.

You will need to be aware of how much damage your auto attacks do because if the enemy laner is low enough to where you could flash AA to secure a kill, one that even if they flash will most likely still connect. You need to play Sett for a while though to get a feel for this. Just be careful of a level 1 all in because you could be level 2 ganked, especially if it's a champion like Kayn or Nunu, or you're playing weak side with no wards and think they are coming top, which in those cases you wouldn't want to all in till you are level 2 (with W) or level 3 and can outplay a 2v1. Even if your enemy laner has a dash, you can still kill them so long as you don't start your trade off with E, instead using it to catch them during their dash, but oftentimes this is down to prediction and can be quite tricky.

If your lane opponent has ignite, you should still be able to win a level 1 all-in so long as they are very squishy and or you animation cancel their AA. But if they are ranged, and especially so if they have ignite, when you reach their tower in an all in level 1 trade without them blowing flash or getting killed, you will have to back off, to which your ranged opponent (if smart enough) will just turn around on you, and with you not being able to push into them any further without saying hello to their tower, you will be out of AA range and lose. Your only chance at winning in this scenario is flashing to trade flashes or to kill them or escape.
Sett's Ultimate (In-Depth) Back to Top
Sett, the half breed, is both damage and tank. You want to set up perfect plays either yourself, or more likely, your team. So long as your team has brain cells, any good engage from you can change the entire game in an instant. People say Sett is a really basic champion that's easy to pick up, and while that is true, that is only the surface level, mastering Sett is extremely hard. The most crucial part about Sett is understanding when to use your abilities, and that is the fundamental difference between a great Sett player and an average one. My job is to teach you the understanding of Sett's kit that has come from my 800+ Sett games across all my accounts.

The best part about Sett's kit is his ult combo synergies. You ult someone onto their team, try to hit as many people as possible with your W (preferably the true damage), E stun them all if you can, then just try to finish them off with auto-attacks. If you're lucky, you might survive long enough to pop another round of your W off. It sounds simple, but when do you ult? There are many different reasons you should ult. The Show Stopper gives you and the enemy you used it on a displacement in the direction you cast it. It also does massive damage when you use it on a tank.

You can use your ult in multiple ways, but let's talk about the defensive forms of the Show Stopper. If the enemy JG is coming to gank you from behind, or an enemy lane opponent like Singed or Tahm Kench puts you behind them, you can ult them into your tower for a potential kill or safe escape. You can also simulate this by flashing behind an enemy and ulting them into your tower. If you need to dodge a crucial CC ability like Lilia's ultimate, or a skill shot aimed towards you like Zoe's Q, you could use your ultimate. Both of these things require timing, as you are only unstoppable for a short time. Another use of Sett's ultimate is in team-fights or skirmishes being able to peel a specific enemy that collapses on your team, such as Kennen and Malphite when they ult, or Darius when he ghosts and runs into the middle of your team.

Other than for dodging or getting out of finicky situations, Sett's ultimate is used to engage. Let's talk about kill confirming first. In a situation where Ekko is on very low HP and still has ult, you would want to use your ultimate to suppress him, getting the kill before he even has a chance to ult. This tactic is used to punish people who save their abilities for too long. There are many more champions this works especially well on, such as Vlad, let your mind wander, but it can be used to kill confirm, or lockdown other random champions that you wouldn't want to escape.

This ties well into the next part, interrupting enemy channeling. In a situation where Nunu is about to ult your entire team or Zac is trying to jump on your team or getaway, you will be crying if your E and ult are on cooldown. Save them if you can VS champions that have channeling skills and thrive on AoE CC, your E and ult are very useful to stop such things, but making the decision to do so requires good judgment of the situation at hand.

Interrupting movement abilities is an insane power play that requires prediction, and this can also be done with your E and not just your ult, but either way, you won't be able to do it very consistently except on champions with long dash animations that you can notice with pure reaction time, such as Renekton's E. Trying to interrupt something like Quinn or Vayne is very hard to near impossible with your ultimate, so you can't rely on it too much there, but against a champion like Tristana, stopping their jump mid animation can be huge. You can also ult someone into a teammate's ability, this makes for good combos in certain situations, like ulting a Vayne into Veigar's cage so they are stunned after your ult ends, basically guaranteeing their death.

All of this is good, but we still haven't got to the meat of Sett's ultimate ability. Think of it as a skill shot, the direction of where you cast your ultimate is where you will be displaced upon landing, slightly more than the person you ulted. If people are lined up close together, that creates the perfect opportunity to ult the front-most person, lining up a full grit W onto all of them, chaining that into an E stun. There is nothing better for a Sett player to do than this. Although your W is still pretty weak until late game due to all the nerfs, if you can do this combo against a squishy team, half their health or more will be deleted and all their cooldowns will be wasted on you, allowing your team to clean up and get an objective, if not outright ending the game. Here's an example clip of me doing a pretty decent ultimate:
Combos Back to Top
The rest of the guide is a WIP, will have the entire guide finished sometime in February. (lol that was a lie, but I am now going to structure this entire doc better, then fill in the following sections. 100% will be kept up to date with each patch starting from 11.7 and beyond)
Knowing Your Limits Back to Top
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SethPRG
SethPRG Sett Guide
Season 11 Sett Top Guide (WIP)

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