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Mordekaiser Build Guide by FlavorTownHero

Jungle (SEASON 12) Adding a little Flavor to the Jungle

Jungle (SEASON 12) Adding a little Flavor to the Jungle

Updated on June 5, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author FlavorTownHero Build Guide By FlavorTownHero 28 2 32,114 Views 5 Comments
28 2 32,114 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author FlavorTownHero Mordekaiser Build Guide By FlavorTownHero Updated on June 5, 2022
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Runes: Runes

1 2
Legend: Tenacity
Last Stand


+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
Main summoner spells
LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


Champion Build Guide

(SEASON 12) Adding a little Flavor to the Jungle

By FlavorTownHero
Why Mord?
I've been playing league since season 5, I was always trash and never really worked on macro or micro plays. I was playing for fun, but who play league for fun, unless fun means LP. I'm kidding but I took a year break and wanted to try something new, I started in top lane and fell in love with Mordekaiser. Champion design wise, and gameplay wise I enjoyed playing the champ. I soon went back to jungle due to not progressing rank wise top lane. I was messing around with different champs but none really fit my playstyle. Until they buffed Morde in the jungle, then I decided to pick him up once again. So now I'm writing a guide to show why this off meta jungler has potential going foward.
Pros & Cons
    Great dueling potential
    -Morde is by far one of the strongest dueling champions in the game. His kit is designed to pick and delete. He easily can kill squishy carries, tanks, bruisers doesn't really matter who to a certain degree.

    Ultimate is by far his best ability
    -Morde has one of the best ultimates in the game. Most people usually think that you just ult the Adc and win. Unfortunately for them, they haven't realized the actually utility the his R brings. Morde's ult is also great for getting rid of a hard carry champ or a extremely fed enemy champion for your team. Prime example I've had is I was fed on Morde, issue being is my team was struggling to due to their lack of mobility and the enemy team having a grossly fed Tryndamere. So my best case scenario every team fight, was to ult him. I couldn't 1v1 him, but I could prevent him from wiping my team. With him away my team was easily able to 4v4, even if I died they still had the tools to CC the Tryndamere once he leaves my ult.

    Build diversity
    -Currently Morde has tons of different build paths and itemization he can use, which is great in Solo Q. If you are ahead you can optimize for the heavy AP bruiser path, if you are falling behind Frostfire Gauntlet build is a great choice. Or if they have all AD Frostfire full armor build can work. He has several ways to play and adapt to the current game you're in.

    Early game is rather weak
    -This Con can be mitigated a bit with the tank build, but even that you still feel a little weak. Morde plays like a more useful Karthus early, he can duel, but most of the time unless you have a mid or top prio for scuttle. It's better to just full clear into opposite scuttle. Since your main goal early is to rush 6 to get your ult. Granted if the matchup allows you to duel them early you can contest. Unfortunately Morde is item dependent early, so he usually just wants to power farm till his power spikes.

    Ganking is rather hit or miss.
    -Morde has no good way to gank for the most part with his kit. The only cc he has pre 6 is his E. Which got buffed with 4 seconds of cooldown time reduce, but its still lackluster. I make up for this with ghost, especially against low mobility champs. You can ghost run at them but hold your E until your laner follows up with CC. This guarantees you a flash or a kill, due to the early movement speed advantage.

    Skillshots are rather easy to dodge.

    -This doesn't really apply to lower elo's, but once you reach higher elo's it becomes a little bit more of a issue. Granted it's not gamebreaking but Morde does have a lot of highly readable skillshots. The higher you go the easier it is to dodge said skill shots.
This really shouldn't be a clear guide, due to you doing the same clear. You almost always do a 6 camp clear with Morde's great clear speed. I will link a clear video to show you how someone in high elo does it.
I'm also linking the video makers channel, he does awesome clear guides on every jungle. He also has a spreadsheet with multiple optimal clears on champions with how many times you they smited, clear time, as well as videos for every clear. So I encourage you to check him out. Phylaris Youtube Channel
Power Spikes
Morde has very influential power spikes throughout the game. His first huge spike is getting his ultimate. At this point you can control how you want to handle any 2v2 3v3 fight due to you picking which champ to isolate, and what your other teammates have to deal with once are in your ult. His next huge power spike is when his first item is completed, either Rift or Frostfire gives you a huge increase pressure wise. Due to Morde excelling mid game, either of those 2 items gives you the opportunity to start steamrolling over your enemy's.
Match Up Guide
Testing New Item Builds
I'm throwing this in atm due to me testing some new builds in the next coming weeks. As of right now all builds listed should work in Season 12. If I can't seem to find any new builds I'll delete this panel
I'll be adding more to guide as time progresses, but I appreciate you stopping by and reading the material. I'm hoping this guide makes you wanna try out the Morde in the jungle. It would be helpful if you could leave a comment to see how I can improve the guide(this being my first ever guide made). If you could I would appreciate you checking out my Twitch, where I stream Morde Jungle. Twitch Link
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League of Legends Build Guide Author FlavorTownHero
FlavorTownHero Mordekaiser Guide
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(SEASON 12) Adding a little Flavor to the Jungle

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