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Seraphine Build Guide by livikattt



Updated on February 1, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author livikattt Build Guide By livikattt 3,361 Views 2 Comments
3,361 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author livikattt Seraphine Build Guide By livikattt Updated on February 1, 2023
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Runes: standard aery build

1 2 3 4
Summon Aery
Manaflow Band

Approach Velocity
Biscuit Delivery

+8 ability haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3 4 5
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Ability Order pretty much every situation

Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide


By livikattt
about me
Hi, I'm livikat, ign Iivikat (someone took my name, okay...), and I reached Mastery 7 on Seraphine around 26,000 Mastery Points. For context, Mastery 5 is hit around 21K. Of course, this was because I played her support, and she's stupidly easy, but I have the emote either way and you can bet that I'll be using it.

I've been playing Seraphine in carry roles for a while now, including in custom 5v5s and clash-like tournaments. I've gotten multiple highlight-reel ultimates, and with this guide, I hope that you will too!

Without further ado: welcome to more notes about Anti-Kneecaps Seraphine!
why do people hate seraphine?

There are many reasons that people hate Seraphine, some of which are legitimate, and some of which are decidedly... not. I'm about to break these down (somewhat) and talk about how you can use this as fuel in your mental battle.

The Skarner Argument
Putting Seraphine's lore as bluntly and brutally as possible, she basically uses the souls of a dead race inside a crystal to help her power her singing ability to create change, while doing nothing to pay back the trapped species. (That's why the Seraphine vs. Skarner rivalry is joke about so often, since it's his people that are in her crystals.) A lot of people argue that they dislike Seraphine because of how she hypocritically claims to be working for good while enslaving a species, but honestly, it's hard to believe that she's doing that intentionally. And even if she is, she wouldn't be the first champion to have some rather twisted principles, and I honestly think that it would add a very cruel twist to her character that would be interesting, even if it is unwanted. So that argument doesn't really hold up.

The Character Design Argument:
Seraphine is from Piltover, and her parents originally lived in Zaun, so imagine everyone's surprise when she ended up in a sparkly skirt and cutesy white jacket costume when she's supposed to be some steampunk aesthetic. Not to mention her pink hair. But realistically speaking, she's trying to be an idol. Of course she doesn't blend in. To be an idol, you have to stand out. Plus, weird hair colors are kind of a staple in Piltover and Zaun—see Vi, Zeri and Jinx, for example.
If you're interested in hearing a longer breakdown of this issue, I highly recommend checking out TBSkyen's videos on the topic. He's a very engaging analyst, and makes some great high-quality content.

The Annoying Voice Argument:
This one might be a little more valid. Admittedly, after so many games with Seraphine, her idle music turns into a real earsore. But that can be fixed, and, well, the same goes for any champion.

The Social Media Argument:
Previously, Riot managed Seraphine's twitter account seradotwav, in which "Seraphine" tweeted out to her audience in a way that would eventually get somewhat manipulative and seem to be forming parasocial relationships. Understandably, people weren't too pleased with how manipulative and "not-like-the-other-girls" Seraphine acted online, but remember: that was literally a Riot employee sipping their coffee at their desk, not a literal make-believe character. But if you want to hate Seraphine, this is your best excuse.

The Secret Argument:
At the end of the day, a lot of the hate for Seraphine can be boiled down to one thing. Before I say it, please notice that I said A LOT, not ALL of it. Some people have somewhat legitimate reasons for disliking her, and that's fine.
But for a lot of people, they just hate her because of toxic masculinity. She's the epitome of the gamer girl stereotype, with her cutesy voice and cheerful personality and blue eyes and light pink hair. And, well, this community is more than a little toxic and sexist. Even if they don't admit it, a lot of people simply hate Seraphine because she's a girl.
Think about it. Jhin is a literal serial killer that views his murders as an art form, Swain likes conquering Asian-coded lands for fun, and Azir is a king from the stone age that probably still thinks slavery is chill. None of them receive the hate Seraphine does. Jhin and Swain are very dedicated to their disgusting missions, while Seraphine might not even be aware of what she's doing. So why does she get all the hate?

The "Valid" Argument:
people hate her not because of her personality, or gender, or lore, or whatever, but because they're bad at playing against her, and that's that. It's like hating Yasuo or Katarina or Yone. It's understandable This one is based on actual in-game reasons instead of a thousand flimsy ones.

So for those of you who hate Seraphine because playing against her sucks (whether it's because you're inting, or your team is inting), I respect that. But consider this: play her instead and inflict the mental damage back on your enemies.
1v1 tips and tricks by champion
Lux: You're very similar champions, except you were released in 2020 and she was released in 2010, so you're approximately ten times better than her. Except for the fact that she can sometimes oneshot you. If she's not significantly ahead, or if she doesn't have dark seal/dark harvest, you should be able to survive her damage with your W, or just straight-up cancel her combo with your ult. Just keep in mind that her ultimate cooldown is nothing compared to yours, so use yours sparingly.

Akali: at the beginning of the lane, you can put intense pressure on her because of your ranged poke. Zone her off the wave, and force out her W as often as possible to deny her escape/engage potential. Even if you miss all your skillshots, your passive auto will do good damage, and it's uncancellable. Be mindful of her shuriken, as she will eventually start to look for an angle to get it onto you for a trade. Your w should help you outtrade her, but remember that she can still kill you if she has ignite. Once she hits 6, you have to back down a bit, since she's now fully online and able to kill you without much effort.

Yasuo: as previously mentioned in this guide, Yasuo's main counter to your kit is his W windwall, which will block projectiles that you send, NOT including everfrost and your q/w. However, his W cooldown is shorter than your E, and chances are he's not going to realize he has to windwall an E sometimes. In teamfights, keep your eyes on him, not just for his tornadoes, but for his windwall. As soon as that thing disappears, ULT! (assuming you have a good angle...) While Yasuo's windwall is still standing, his team often gets overconfident and willingly groups into a cluster for you to hit as soon as that wall fades. Buy antiheal, and you'll be just fine.

Ahri: You should outpoke her early on, since she's weak at early levels. Stand behind minions to block her charm, and honestly, don't try to worry about solo kills or anything during lane. You're Seraphine, so you're not looking for solo kills in lane anyway, and it doesn't matter if she kills you once or twice (unless she has mejai's). Your main role in this game will be surviving laning phase (which is hilariously easy) and then being a bigger influence in teamfights, which is also easy because her charm only hits 1 person. Her teammates positioning poorly will be your best friend, since she won't expect her team to carry the ult onto her.

Morgana: the main issue with Morgana is her ability to shield herself or an ally from your CC with her E, Black Shield. While not every Morgana has the reaction time to do so for your ultimate, Morgana mains and high-elo players in general can and will block your ult if possible. However, you can still outplay this considering the amount of CC in your kit, plus the echoing aspect of your ultimate. She can only shield one person, after all, and even then, I'm 90% sure that the ultimate will still echo off of them. For maximum success rate, just wait out her E, then ult. You can also break the shield with your normal abilities first.
Bot Lane Duos: Senna
No matter where you look, whether in your soloqueue games, aram, or even pro play, Seraphine and Senna are a killer duo. What started as an LPL classic (aka, a Chinese bot lane) soon spread to other regions, being played by professional duos all around the world. In the LCK, not only has Faker played Seraphine (which, admittedly, was not the coolest Seraphine I'd ever seen, but it was Faker, so...), but Keria and Gumayusi, his teammates, have played Seraphine and Senna bot lane successfully. Over in the LEC, G2's Flakked and Targamas have been popping off on the duo, and even in NA, EG Danny and Vulcan have been utilizing them in their playoffs matches. (The matches I am referring to took place in the 2022 summer splits of each player's respective region, although Seraphine and Senna were spotted in spring as well, mostly in China.) Did I mention that all three teams I just mentioned were the Spring 2022 Champions of their regions? Yeah. It's a good combo.

There's a reason that I like this combo so much. Seraphine's E works perfectly with the slow on Senna's Q and the root on her W, plus Sera's W will heal off of Senna's ultimate shield. You should have great poke and sustain in lane.

Generally, in this combo, Senna is the "support," meaning that she builds a support item and lets you farm. This will help you reach your power spike much faster, obviously, but also increases the amount of souls she will get in lane. With your ultimate being extended by hitting champions, and her global ultimate, you have a lot of long-rage potential, especially as Senna scales. Your kill pressure is very low in the early game without your jungler, but there should also be very little pressure on you.

If I may share a personal anecdote—I was put into the support role one game, and I wasn't originally planning on playing Seraphine. In fact, I was hoping to get practice on a champion that I didn't have Mastery 7 on. (weird flex...) When I saw my ADC hover Senna, however, I almost instantly locked Seraphine. Our laning phase was chill for the first few minutes, and just as described, we had good poke and sustain, but little to no kill pressure.

It was then that my ADC spoke. "Feel free to build AP," she wrote. "I didn't think I'd get ADC, sorry." The gears in my head started turning instantly. I hadn't asked her about the possibility of fasting Senna for the fear that she would rage quit, but now I thought it was worth a shot.

"You wanna just do farming Sera, fasting Senna?" I asked.

"Yknow what? Bet," she said, and the rest was history.

We took a (slightly troll) back, and she switched her starter item to the support item, while I got rid of mine to trade it for a Doran's Ring. The recall timing was a little bit bad, but it was absolutely necessary considering that if I farmed too much, my support item would begin to reduce the gold I got from the wave, and I also wanted Senna to get her item upgraded as soon as possible. We were almost ten minutes into the game, so I was at a horrible CS disadvantage (around 2 to the enemy's 60) and I won't lie, that disadvantage never disappeared. But here's the good thing: it didn't get worse, either. Seraphine is stupidly easy to CS on, especially once you get Tear/Lost Chapter, so it didn't take many braincells for me to begin cashing in.

OP.GG will tell you that I inted or that I didn't CS enough. I will tell you that we won, and it wasn't even close, so take that, statistics.

Moral of the story: Seraphine and Senna are broken together. Don't be afraid to bring up fasting Senna. Your ADC just might not be a toxic rat! (for clarification reasons: if your ADC is literally a toxic rat, aka Twitch, do not ask them to let you farm)
Thank You!
This guide is not all-inclusive and could still use plenty of extra information! I will add to it as I go, but please let me know if you have any questions!
League of Legends Build Guide Author livikattt
livikattt Seraphine Guide
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