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Viego Build Guide by Elekktro

Jungle [Season 13 Patch 13.10] Elekktro's Masters Jungle Viego Guide (NEW ITEMS)

Jungle [Season 13 Patch 13.10] Elekktro's Masters Jungle Viego Guide (NEW ITEMS)

Updated on May 18, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Elekktro Build Guide By Elekktro 1080 47 2,067,964 Views 39 Comments
1080 47 2,067,964 Views 39 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Elekktro Viego Build Guide By Elekktro Updated on May 18, 2023
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Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Magical Footwear
Cosmic Insight

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)


1 2 3
Red Smite
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Scorchclaw Smite

Scorchclaw Smite

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Champion Build Guide

[Season 13 Patch 13.10] Elekktro's Masters Jungle Viego Guide (NEW ITEMS)

By Elekktro
Hello Viego Mains! I am working on updating this guide with all the new item changes, but for now check out the YouTube video linked on this guide. It provides all the important and valuable information you will need to know regading item builds on Patch 13.10. Here is a link to that video:

Hello my name is Elekktro, aka Dylan.

I am a Grandmaster Tier Jungler as of Season 13 and a dedicated League of Legends Content Creator. I have been playing League for about 8 years now and have been maining jungle for the majority of that time. In Season 11 I was able to go from Diamond 4 to Master Tier playing almost exclusively Viego. I have previously held the title of Rank 1 Viego NA.

I created this guide because there are so many different builds, runes and playstyles for Viego that it can be difficult to understand which one is correct. When I was learning Viego I decided to try out all the different variations of Viego until I found the most optimal way to play him. My hope is that through this guide I am able to share my unique insight on Viego and lead you on your path to becoming the best Viego player you can be.

If you have any specific questions you would like to ask me, please feel free to stop by my Twitch Stream at . I stream every day at 2:00 pm PST!

[1] High potential to solo carry games
[2] Great mid-late game scaling
[3] Insane outplay potential
[4] Lots of build diversity
[5] Great duelist with one-shot potential
[6] Some of the strongest resets in the game
[7] Can thrive in a side lane or a teamfight

[1] Relatively weak early game
[2] High-skill champion
[3] Requires basic knowledge on every champion
[4] Struggles vs high damage and CC
[5] Does not play well from behind
[6] Slow overall clear speed
[7] Ganks pre 6 are a little weak

Viego is a pure carry champion which means when you pick him you need to be looking to 1v9. Recognizing his weak points is extremely important to not setting yourself behind in the early game. If you are able to get a lead your ability to carry is second to none.
Press the Attack vs Conqueror

Press the Attack used to never be taken by Viego due to the fact that Conqueror was the clear stronger choice. However after Conqueror got nerfed in patch 11.21 there is definitely an argument to be made that Press the Attack is the superior rune. Despite the fact that Conqueror has recieved a small buff in patch 11.24 I do not believe it brings it back as the undisputed best Viego Rune. Press the Attack specializes in pure single target damage. This is amazing for Viego because in teamfights you are generally looking to kill someone ASAP to get your first reset possession. In terms of pure damage Press the Attack is always going to do more especially in 1v1's. The main downside to Press the Attack is that you are missing out on the healing that Conqueror offers. Take Press the Attack if you are up against relatively squishy teams where high single target damage is more important than sustained healing.

Conqueror has been the go to standard rune since Viego was released. Like I mentioned above, Conqueror was nerfed in patch 11.21 and that has made it so Press the Attack is also a viable option. The buff to Conqueror in patch 11.24 will help Viego players who never stopped running Conqueror, but for those players who have started using Press the Attack you will continue to do so. For players who feel more comfortable using Conqueror or simply just prefer it over Press the Attack feel free to keep using it. If you want to make sure you are taking the optimal rune for every game here are the conditions in which I would take Conqueror. The enemy team must have 2-3 bruisers/tanks and/or 2-3 champions with significant healing. Basically if you can look at the enemy team and recognize that teamfights are going to be relatively long; go Conqueror. However in these conditions I would personally take Lethal Tempo before I take Conqueror. If the enemy team is squishy and it seems like teamfights are going to end quickly take Press the Attack.


Why Resolve Secondary over Inspiration Secondary?

You will see that many Viego players will take the Inspiration Tree as their secondary rune page. More specifically they will take Magical Footwear and Cosmic Insight. Both these runes are perfectly viable options. For example getting free 300 gold boots from Magical Footwear is extremely strong and saves you nearly a kills worth of gold. Cosmic Insight additionally lowers the cooldown of your summoner spells and items such as your Immortal Shieldbow. These runes do provide a lot of value, however I personally do not think they are the most optimal secondary rune choices. For example the reduced cooldown on your Flash is very valuable, but Viego is not the type of champion that is looking to Flash on cooldown, especially since he has so many mobility tools to work with. Also Magical Footwear locks you out of purchasing boots early which can significantly impact your early gank pressure. However the main reason I don't run the Inspiration Tree is because of how much I value the Resolve Tree.

The Resolve Tree is my go to standard secondary rune page for Viego. There are many reasons why I take this tree, but one of the main reasons is how flexible it is. For example Revitalize and Unflinching are both amazing runes on Viego and serve wildly different purposes. Viego has a ton of healing built into his kit, from his Q Blade of the Ruined King and from his possession passive Sovereign's Domination . With so much natural healing Viego spawns into the game getting value out of the Revitalize rune. On the other hand one of Viego's biggest weaknesses is getting locked down by CC. In games where this will be an issue you can take Legend: Tenacity and Unflinching. Since Viego builds tank boots this also means you don't need to build Mercury's Treads due to how much tenacity you will have from your runes. Lastly I always take Conditioning because it is one of the best scaling runes in the game. Viego may not build very tanky anymore, but he still is diving into multiple enemies during a fight. Conditioning helps provide that additional tankiness that has many times proven to be the difference maker. All in all the Resolve tree provides far more combat strength than the Inspiration tree does.
Standard Build Path

This is the build that I run in the vast majority of my games.


Tanky Build Path

This is the build that I run when the enemy has too much damage for me to survive without defensive itemization.


When to Build Each Mythic

Immortal Shieldbow:

Up until patch 12.1 Immortal Shieldbow was pretty much the best mythic in all cases. There were some situations where you could get away with going full damage with Kraken Slayer, but for the most part there was no reason NOT to go Immortal Shieldbow. However now that the item is nerfed you will not be building it every game. Immortal Shieldbow is now a worse first item powerspike than before because the loss of 5 AD will be felt most in the early game. Additionally you will be losing around 50 HP of shielding if you were to build Immortal Shieldbow first. This means that the build path of Blade of the Ruined King into Immortal Shieldbow second might be the better option. Another thing to consider is the existence of Serpent's Fang. Due to the fact that you now recieve less shielding from Immortal Shieldbow than before, if the enemy builds Serpent's Fang the item loses so much of its value. What this means is that we will need to be more aware of champions that build Serpent's Fang and consider alternative mythic options if said champions are on the enemy team. Here is the checklist for when I would build Immortal Shieldbow:
  • Build Immortal Shieldbow vs high damage burst comps (comps that have multiple burst mages or high damage fighters such as Yone or Irelia)
  • Build Immortal Shieldbow if you are falling behind early game and need an immediate defensive item

Immortal Shieldbow will now be viewed more as Viego's defensive mythic option rather than the standard mythic you take in all scenarios.

Kraken Slayer:

Kraken Slayer has always been the mythic that I wish I could build every game, but due to Immortal Shieldbow being so strong I could not justify building it. However with the Immortal Shieldbow nerfs I think this narrows the gap and gives Kraken Slayer its time to shine. It is important to understand a few key factors about Kraken Slayer before you build it. First off it is not optimal to build it every game. There will be some games where you will be unable to play the game without some defensive itemization, ie. Immortal Shieldbow or Divine Sunderer. Additionally the skill cap of Viego with Kraken Slayer is much higher because you do not have the safety net of Immortal Shieldbow to save you if you make a mistake. However there are still defensive builds you can go with Kraken Slayer that I highlighted in my builds section. More damage = More fun, but make sure to remember that you don't have a 500 HP Shield to save the day anymore. Here are the scenarios where I would recommend taking Kraken Slayer:
  • Build Kraken Slayer if you will be able to force 1v1's and skirmishes (if you are going to split push at all Kraken is best)
  • Build Kraken Slayer if the enemy team has low burst damage or CC (if the enemy can't one shot you Kraken thrives)
  • Don't build Kraken Slayer if the enemy team has tons of burst damage AND CC (if the enemy team has high damage and the ability to lock you down it does not matter how good you are, you will not be able to survive)

Kraken Slayer remains super high risk high reward, but that is also just Viego's playstyle (he is feast or famine). Don't ego take Kraken Slayer but try to actively think whether it is the best option for the game or if one of the other two mythics are necessary.

Divine Sunderer:

Divine Sunderer is a very interesting mythic option because while it has fallen out of favor with many Viego mains (including myself) it still remains very viable. However I think even Viego mains who prefer the crit playstyle should consider Divine Sunderer this patch as a defensive build option. Fortunately Divine Sunderer fills a very specific niche in that it is the best build path against AD assassins who build Serpent's Fang. The Divine Sunderer build provides a significant amount of flat HP as well as the ability to slot in very useful defensive options such as Death's Dance Sterak's Gage and Guardian Angel. Once again in order to avoid the effects of Serpent's Fang I would personally build Death's Dance in place of Sterak's Gage when attempting to deal with AD assassins. I highlighted more Divine Sunderer build paths in the builds section above. Here are the scenarios where I would take Divine Sunderer:
  • Don't build Divine Sunderer in games where it is not absolutely necessary (you will have better carry potential with Kraken Slayer if you can afford to build it)

Divine Sunderer fills in the major weakness of Immortal Shieldbow this patch which is against AD Assassins. Outside of this scenario I will personally be running one of the two other mythics, but Divine Sunderer definitely has a place this patch.

Situational Items

Blade of the Ruined King is one of those items that if you really wanted to, you could build it every game. It is Viego's highest damage first item powerspike and fits into many different builds. However there are some weaknesses to this item. First off the build path for Blade of the Ruined King is not ideal especially when compared to Noonquiver from Immortal Shieldbow or Kraken Slayer. Additionally building this item will delay your 60% critical strike chance power spike with Infinity Edge. Lastly while it provides insane damage value it does not provide any survivability value like Immortal Shieldbow does. I would build this item if you are up against a particularly tanky team or if you are able to get fed early game and want to snowball. You can also build Blade of the Ruined King second after you build your crit mythic.

I tend to build Wit's End when there are 2-3 magic damage threats on the enemy team. For example if the enemy team has an AP mid laner and an AP bot laner I will look to buy Wit's End. Just remember that you will suffer a damage loss by not going the standard crit path, so you need to weigh the value of suvivability over damage when making this decision.

I tend to build Death's Dance when the enemy team has 2 or more AD assassins or basically any team with 3 or more AD threats. Similarly to Wit's End you will suffer a damage loss by purchasing this item, but in the games where Death's Dance is good it is REALLY good.

I am not a huge fan of building Mortal Reminder but sometimes you just have to. If you don't have an enchanter support that can build Chemtech Putrifier or a carry who can apply Grievous Wounds well; you may have to purchase this item. Usually just sitting on an Executioner's Calling is fine until last item.

Spirit Visage can make for an amazing 4th item when you already have enough damage and just need to survive. The passive on Spirit Visage synergizes super well with Viego's healing and Immortal Shieldbow. Only purchase this if you no longer need more damage and need an item to help you survive.

Major Patch 12.3 Item Changes

Blade of the Ruined King Buff

If you have not yet become a disciple for the "Church of Bork" this patch will make you a believer. As far as I can tell the additional 2% on-hit damage makes Blade of the Ruined King not only the best one item powerspike for Viego, but an item you will want to purchase no matter what build path you are going. I have updated all the build paths to account for this buff, but without accounting for any of the other changes Viego players should be happy with the Blade of the Ruined King buff.

Divine Sunderer Change/Nerf

Divine Sunderer is losing 100 HP while gaining 5 attack damage. While this may seem like a minor change it actually makes this item much less desirable when put into context with other items. Divine Sunderer is often paired with Sterak's Gage which recieved a pretty hefty nerf itself this patch which evidently will hurt the Divine Sunderer build path. Additionally Trinity Force gained 100 health which means that Divine Sunderer and Trinity Force offer the same HP. When compared 1 to 1 Trinity Force now offers 575 gold MORE worth of stats than Divine Sunderer (courtesy of Riot Phreak's numbers breakdown). Basically when compared to Trinity Force there is hardly a reason to build Divine Sunderer anymore as the health differential has now been closed causing Divine to lose its advantage over Trinity Force.

Sterak's Gage Nerf

Sterak's Gage has be an extremely popular item for Viego in both the Divine Sunderer and Kraken Slayer build paths. However I believe we might be experiencing the death of this item for Viego. When you breakdown the numbers for Sterak's Gage you are losing about 15 AD with these changes, which is significant. Additionally the two other "lifeline" items Immortal Shieldbow and Maw of Malmortius will be strong this patch. Specifically Maw of Malmortius recieved a huge buff and I imagine that will replace Sterak's Gage in the Divine Sunderer, Trinity Force and Kraken Slayer build paths in most cases.

Trinity Force Change/Buff

Goodbye Divine Sunderer and hello Trinity Force. Up until this patch Trinity Force has always been the higher damage mythic option of the two, but Divine Sunderer offered 200 more HP. The 200 HP that Divine Sunderer gave you was simply too valuable for Viego to give up. However now that Trinity Force and Divine Sunderer both give 300 health, there is virtually no reason to continue building Divine Sunderer. Like I mentioned above Trinity Force is 575 more gold efficent than Divine Sunderer and is far and away the better option between the two on this patch.

Death's Dance MASSIVE Buff

When I first saw these Death's Dance buffs I could not believe it, but now that the changes are officially going through this item is BROKEN on Viego. Death's Dance is now the holy grail of 3rd items and, in my opinion should be built every single game. Now that it mitgates both physical and magic damage it basically means that you can find a place to build Death's Dance in every game. While it is still technically a "defensive" item it provides so much value that I would chose Death's Dance over just about any other option for 3rd item. In some games I will likely build Lord Dominik's Regards 3rd if I need to tank shred, but if damage is not immediately necessary I will build Death's Dance. Additionally the heal now scaling with Bonus AD is a massive buff to crit/damage Viego because it allows you to be rewarded for building aggresively as long as you build Death's Dance 3rd or 4th.

Maw of Malmortius Buff

Maw of Malmortius is an item that many people have forgotten about due to how weak it has been recently. However with these significant buffs as well as the nerf to Sterak's Gage I believe Maw of Malmortius will make a resurgence. Obviously this item will only be built vs heavy magic damage team comps, but it may replace Wit's End as a counter to magic. The only awkward part about building Maw of Malmortius is that you can only build it if you don't build Immortal Shieldbow due to the Lifeline unique passive. Immortal Shieldbow is going to be my recommended mythic for this patch, however if you plan on building Kraken Slayer or Trinity Force consider building Maw of Malmortius.
Standard Jungle Path on Viego


This will be your standard Top Side start for Viego. If you determine that you want to path towards the bottom side of the map you will follow this clear. Viego is a champion that generally is going to look to clear FIVE camps before either ganking, doing scuttle crab or invading. I tend to skip doing Krugs in all my initial clears. I will do Krugs after scuttle crab if there are no opportunities for a gank/invade.


This will be your standard Bottom Side start on Viego. Same as the Top Side clear you are going to be looking to clear FIVE camps before looking to take scuttle crab, gank or invade. Starting Bottom Side will result in a slightly faster clear speed do to a Bot Lane leash. Remember to skip Krugs until after you have at least secured Scuttle Crab.

Optional Full Clear Path


This will be your standard Top Side start full clear. In games where I decide to do a full clear I make sure that I take a 2nd point into my Q Blade of the Ruined King. This will increase Viego's clear speed a pretty significant amount leading to a relatively fast full clear. Usually Top Side full clears are slower than Bot Side full clears because the initial leash from your Top Laner will be worse than if you started Bot Side.


This will be your standard Bot Side start full clear. In games where I decide to do a full clear I make sure that I take a 2nd point into my Q Blade of the Ruined King. This will increase Viego's clear speed a pretty significant amount leading to a relatively fast full clear. If I am going to go for a full clear I prefer to start Bot Lane. A two person leash is much better for starting off the full clear with good tempo. Starting Red Buff with a Bot Lane leash is the most ideal full clear start.


Doing a full clear can be both enticing and rewarding, however many players make the mistake of doing a full clear in a game where they really should not. First off what are the pros/benefits of doing a full clear?
[1] You are able to hit level 4 off the first clear
[2] All your camps will begin their level 4 respawn timer
[3] Simplifies the clear
[4] Gives you a window to make plays while all your camps are down (post first clear)

With those positives in mind, what are some of the cons/negatives about going for a full clear early game?
[1] You won't have your E Harrowed Path until level 4
[2] Full clearing is a very predictable path which can lead to you getting invaded
[3] It can take too long and cause you to lose out on early game ganking windows
[4] If the enemy jungler matches your full clear you lose out on any potential invade windows

When I am deciding if I want to do a full clear I consider all the positives and negatives associated with full clearing. These are some of the main questions I will ask myself in the loading screen to determine whether or not I want to full clear:
  • Do any of my lanes have good early game gank set up? (if none of them do I will full clear)
  • Is the enemy jungler a champion that wants to do a full clear such as Kayn or Hecarim? (if the answer is yes I will usually match the full clear as to not fall too far behind early game)
  • Is the enemy jungler susceptible to being invaded? Can I interrupt their clear successfully by invading? (If the answer is yes I will not full clear and will look to invade where I believe they are pathing)
  • Is the enemy jungler going to look to gank at level 3? Can I successfully counter this gank if I am there?(if the answer is yes I will not full clear and will look to counter gank)

I know this is a lot to consider, so I will try to simplifiy it a little bit for you. If you feel as if the first 3 minutes of the game are going to be relatively low action I would do a full clear. If you see a lot of possibilities for ganks, invades, and counter-ganks; I would avoid full clearing. After enough practice and experience, you will be able to easily identify when it is a good idea to do a full clear and when it is not.


As Viego you have a very average clear speed, followed by average early skirmishing power and average ganking ability. In the early game Viego isn't necessarily weak, but he doesn't do anything particularly special. This makes it incredibly important for you to choose the easiest path to you gaining some sort of advantage in the early game. When you start on one side of the map you are pathing TOWARDS the lane on the other side of the map ie. The lane that you are pathing TOWARDS is the lane you believe has the best chance of succeeding if you gank them. So how do you determine which lane you want to path towards? Here are some checklist items you want to ask yourself before camps spawn:
  • How much CC/Set-up does my laner have? (Can they lock down the enemy champion during the gank?)
  • How easily can the enemy escape a gank? (How much mobility does the enemy champion have?)
  • Is my laner in a good 1v1 or 2v2 matchup? (You will want to gank for your teammates that are in a favorable matchup)
  • Where is the enemy jungler most likely to gank? (Can I safely counter gank them if I am there?)
  • Will the lane that I am pathing away from be safe without early jungle help? (Am I screwing over my lanes by not helping them?)

These are all important questions that you want to be asking yourself not only as a Viego player, but a jungler as a whole. Remember that the ability to read an early game properly is a skill that will develop over time. The more you play Viego the more you will learn his limits and early game patterns. Do your best to analyze where you want to start while loading into the game and trust your gut when deciding where to path. After some practice you will easily get your pathing down!


Simply put your goal on Viego is to get as fed as possible. Like I have mentioned before Viego is a true 1v9 carry champion which means the more of a lead you put onto yourself, the more likely you are to win. Viego struggles with playing from behind especially in bad matchups so it's extremely important to go for plays with a high % chance of succeeding. The key mistakes you want to avoid making are these:
  • Don't overforce ganks, if you miss your W stun the gank is unlikely to succeed
  • Don't force early skirmishes with the enemy jungler unless you can easily beat them
  • Don't afk farm, Viego wants to get a lead ASAP and doesn't have a very fast clear speed
  • Be careful where you use your E Harrowed Path in the early game because it can reveal your location when you don't want it to
  • Don't avoid objectives, Viego can do objectives pretty quickly especially after you get Noonquiver
What Are Possessions?

Credit to SkinSpotlights

Viego's unique "Possession" mechanic is a combination of his passive Sovereign's Domination and his ultimate Heartbreaker.

Viego's passive Sovereign's Domination is the core of his kit. When an enemy dies within 3 seconds of being damaged by Viego the enemy will leave behind an interactable spirit. When interacted with by Viego he will "possess" the spirit basically becoming the enemy champion. During the time of your possession you will heal a percentage of your HP and become untargetable. You will have the same items, abilities and stats as the enemy you possessed. You will also gain a free usage of your ultimate Heartbreaker which when cast during a possession ends it prematurely and brings you back to your base Viego form.

Viego's ultimate Heartbreaker is the second part of his possession mechanic. When cast, Viego discards his current possession if he has one and becomes unstoppable over the cast time, then blinks to the target location. Viego's ultimate is primarily used as an execute ability, however it can be used as a gap closer and escape tool.

How Do You Make Use of Possessions?

The three most beneficial things to consider when taking a possession are:
    1.You become untargetable for a short duration of time
    2.You will heal back a percentage of your HP
    3.You will gain a free cast of your ultimate ability

The three most harmful effects of taking a possessions are:
    1. You take the stats and items of the champion you are possessing and run the risk of being significantly weaker/squishier while possessing them
    2. If you possess someone pre 6 you need to wait 10 seconds before returning to normal form
    3. You have to know how to play the champion you are possessing

Viego's passive is without a doubt one of the strongest abilties/passives in the entire game when used correctly. It is important to keep in mind that in 95% of scenarios when you possess an enemy champion you do not want to stay as them for long. A good rule of thumb is that when you take a possession you want to do one full combo and then use your ultimate Heartbreaker. In most cases all you will be able to do is a single combo before needing to return back to base Viego. Additionally any buffs that you give yourself while possessing an enemy champion will persist when you return to base Viego (Ex. Lulu Shield)

When Should I NOT Take a Possession?

In pre 6 fights it is very hit or miss whether taking a possession is a good idea. Always take a possession if you are 100% about to die if you don't, that way you can survive a little longer and hopefully get some additional damage off. Other than that unless the person you are possessing is an insane early game champion such as Olaf or Lee Sin be careful about possessing pre 6.

In post 6 fights it is almost always a good idea to take a possession with a few exceptions. The main reason it is a good idea to take every possession is because in most fights the enemy team won't be in position to one shot you even if you possess a squishy target. Getting a free usage of your ultimate in a teamfight as well as additional spells has the capacity to solo win you teamfights. However you still have to be very mindful of who you are possessing. If you dive the ADC and you possess them in front of the enemy team there is a good chance the enemy team turns around and kills you.

This will take some experience and discipline to understand when it is a good idea to take a possession and when it's not, but remember to LIMIT TEST. Viego is a champion who has a near endless skill ceiling due to his possession mechanic, so it is imperative that you test your limits as much as possible when learning him.
This guide will be continually updated to add more information. I will keep the guide updated as new patches come out.

Anything else you want out of the guide? Comment and let me know! Make sure to vote on the guide if you liked it!

If you would like to check me out elsewhere, You can find me at:

League of Legends Build Guide Author Elekktro
Elekktro Viego Guide
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[Season 13 Patch 13.10] Elekktro's Masters Jungle Viego Guide (NEW ITEMS)

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