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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Corki Build Guide by FakoHola

AD Carry [Season 3] Corki - The elderly Aviator

AD Carry [Season 3] Corki - The elderly Aviator

Updated on December 17, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author FakoHola Build Guide By FakoHola 11 7 76,931 Views 24 Comments
11 7 76,931 Views 24 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author FakoHola Corki Build Guide By FakoHola Updated on December 17, 2012
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About the Author

Hello Guys, my Summoner Name is FakoHola, I am Level 30 and I want to help you playing Corki like a Pro.
My Elo last Season was something around 1400, with Corki as my main Champion. I am always trying to reach a higher Elo with my Reallife Friend and most of the time Bot Mate.
But nevertheless, let us start.

Why exactly Corki and what is important to know about him?]

Well, thats very easy to explain.
Corki is a really strong AD Carry, with many possibilities that i will describe later in this guide (Pros / Cons).
He is a nice Bot Champion that can easily get last hits with the right runes even at the beginning and harass the enemy right with getting his ultimate Missile Barrage at Level 6.

In this Guide I will explain you why you should use the shown Item Build, Mastery Page, Skill Sequence and Rune Page at the Top.
You will also get Information about how to play him and what Champions could be helpful as a lane partner.


  • Guide published at 15.12.2012 (1:30pm)
  • Added Item Description at 15.12.2012 (7:00pm)
  • Added Passive ( Hextech Shrapnel Shells) to section "Skill Sequence & Explanation" at 16.12.2012 (5:00pm)
  • Changed Item order / Took out Guardian Angel & added Runaan's Hurricane / Changed Ability Sequence at 17.12.2012 (6:00pm)
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Masteries, Runes and Summoner Spells

Recommendend Masteries

Maximum Damage + Some Movement Speed when out of combat
With that Mastery Page you can reach a very high amount of Damage, not only in a Fight against Champions, but also at pushing Towers.
As in most cases you can change some things, but in generel this should be your Rune Page for a successful Corki.

Your Rune Page for Corki



Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush
So, as you can see with this runes you are perfect equipped, especially for the early game.
Thus you do enough damage to easily last hit the minions and farm enough gold for your next items.
But thats not all, you also have some Magic Resist / Armor to gain a higher chance to survive.

Summoner Spells


Flash is the most important Summoner Spell for an ADC. You know that Corki can already escape with Valkyrie, but with Flash you are even more powerful, for example when you follow something who is away from you very far or when you want to escape and your Valkyrie isn't enough.

I think Ignite is very helpful, if you want to kill an Enemy Champion with low Health, especially in the early Game.

So that is your alternative. If you don't want to use Ignite you can easily use Exhaust aswell. But my favorite Combination is Flash + Ignite, because my lane partner usually takes Exhaust. Thus Corki can get the kill easily.
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Pros / Cons

Let us get to the Pros / Cons of Corki.
Like every other Champion, Corki has many positive and negative aspects that are relevant for your Gameplay.
If you know them, you are able to use your knowledge for different situations, for example in Teamfights you have to stay behind the Tank / Meeles and do go right into the fighting situation. But thats just an example, in the following you can see a detailed list of Corki's Pros / Cons:
Pros / Cons

+Ranged Champion -> Good Farmer
+Easy last hits with the right Runes / Masteries
+Nice Escape possibilities
+Harass with Missile Barrage
+Amazing late game dps
+Good AOE damage
+Enough Mana for your Skills with Muramana

-Auto Attack range -> 550
-Low base movement speed
-Hard to play / master
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Skill Sequence & Explanation

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Well, that should be your order of Abilities.
Corki's Basic Attacks deal additional 10%. That passive is such powerful for an ADC like him, especially in combination with Executioner and Havoc .

You start with your Phosphorus Bomb to deal some AOE Damage at the beginning, even if you farm and the enemy is near the minions or if you gank. Another important aspect is that it reveals enemies in the bush, so first of all it is only there to do a little bit of damage and reveal enemies in bushes if there isn't a ward or you are not sure if someone is in there.

Right after that you put one point into Valkyrie, thus you can easily escape when the jungler joins the lane and they want to gank you. But Valkyrie you only skill once at the beginning, because it is not something you need for damage, it is only to escape and theres no change of range or something else if you skill it higher.

The important skill you focus on at first is Gatling Gun. That Ability allows you to do some Extra damage in fight when you are auto attacking.

Last but not least I tell you something about Missile Barrage. Your Ultimate (R) is very important to harass your enemies. With Tear of Goddess and later Muramana you have enough mana to use your Ultimate often.
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Item Description

Spawn Items

Item Sequence

Health Potion 50
Health Potion 50
Health Potion 50
I think this is a clear thing. You should buy the Boots right at the beginning to get some more movement speed, because Corkis's base movement speed isn't that high. That could be helpful for an early gank, when you follow your enemy to kill him.
The 3x Health Potion's should help you to survive.

Essential Items

Item Sequence

Berserker's Greaves 1100
Tear of the Goddess 400
Well, lets talk about your Essential Items.
The Doran's Blade is very helpful at the beginning, it is something like a small "allrounder item". You get some Health points, Attack Damage and 3% Life Steal aswell.
Moreover we got the Berserker's Greaves who will add 20 Attack Speed to your stats. If you combine it with the Doran's Blade it makes it quite easier to get more last hits.
Tear of Goddess, wtf? Trust me, especially for Corki beginners this is nice. You can learn how to use your Ultimate ( Missile Barrage) in the correct way and learn to focus the enemies rightly. With this item, you are able to kinda spam your skills when you have to.

Mid Game Items

Item Sequence

Enchantment: Furor 450
Manamune 2900
It is really important that you buy Phage as early if you can in the mid game. It gives you some Health Points and Attack Damage. Besides you have a20% Chance to slow your target's movement speed by 30% for 2 seconds.
The next item is the new one, Enchantment: Furor. With that item you can follow your target a bit easier, but only if you attack it.
With Manamune as next, you are on a good way to get to your very important, late game Items.
If you have it, you gain Attack Damage equal to 2% of your maximum Mana.
This item is helpful in two ways. You get more Mana with each Hit / Skill, and you get more Damage by gaining more Mana.

End / Late Game Items

Item Sequence

Infinity Edge 3400
Vampiric Scepter 900
Runaan's Hurricane 2800
Bloodthirster 3400
Muramana 2900
Like the Doran's Blade at the beginning, the Trinity Force is an "allrounder Item" aswell. But you can't compare them in any way. Trinity Force gives you 30 Ability Power, 30 Attack Damage, 30 Attack Speed, 10 Critical Strike Chance, 250 Health, 200 Mana and 8 Movement Speed Multiplier. I think you know what I want to tell you.
Furthermore we can talk about one of the most important Items, the Infinity Edge. In reference to your Trinity Force you now have enough Attack Speed and some Crit Chance to dotons of Damage. If you have an Infinity Edge, you are so powerful that it will be easy to farm or gank in any way.
After that you should buy a Vampiric Scepter to get some Lifesteal and a chance to survive. Because of your Infinity Edge you deal enough damage to get a good amount of life back at first.
Right next you should focus on the new item called Runaan's Hurricane. Not only the +70 Attack Boost is powerful, also the Damage that is dealt to 2 nearby enemies.
Another very important Item is Bloodthirster. There's nothing much to say about it. Your personal best friend - in form of Lifesteal - on Corki that helps you to survive. You should farm some Creeps when you get it, because you gain +1 Attack Damage and +0.2% Life Steal per Kill (with a cap of +30 Damage and 6% Lifesteal). Besides it gives you a nice Damage boost of +70 Attack Damage.
Muramana is just listed to show you that you will get this new Season 3 Item with that Build, too. You don't have to buy it, because you will get it automatically when your Manamune reaches the Cap of +750 Mana. It has a quite nice Active, just try it out ingame.
Last but not least we have the Guardian Angel. Your second survival Item, if the Life Steal from Bloodthirster isn't enough. In addition it also adds some Armor and Magic resist.
When you die and you have a Guardian Angel, you revive after some seconds with some HP right at your grave.

Consumable End / Late Game Items

Item Sequence

Ichor of Rage 500
Oracle's Elixir 400
These items are only if you have finished your Item Build.
They are something like a crone for you. As you know, you will have some gold after finishing your item Build that you don't need, because you can't buy any more items.
But these Consumables activate themselves right when you buy them.
Thus you get some very nice stats and stealth detection what is important when the enemy team has any invisible things like Teemo's Noxious Trap or any Sight Ward's etc.
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This is the end of my guide.
Thank you very much for readin and i hope i could help you to understand Corki a bit more.
This Guide is ratherly for Corki Beginners, when you start getting better with him, you should think about another Item Build (without Manamura).

If you have any questions etc. feel free to comment / ask.

PS : I will update this guide from time to time, this is only the beginning.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author FakoHola
FakoHola Corki Guide
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[Season 3] Corki - The elderly Aviator

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