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Fiddlesticks Build Guide by mikethegod9

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author mikethegod9

Season 5: Bird Brain Fiddle Jungle

mikethegod9 Last updated on December 1, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Legendary Guardian

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Utility: 9

Threats to Fiddlesticks with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Elise only the cocoon is a problem; if low her Spider Q will bight
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Fiddlesticks is known for his heart-racing ultimate when hidden in the shadows; but what most players don't understand is how to Correctly do the Fiddle.

League of Legends Has 5 distinct Roles : Support, Midlane, TopLane, Jungle, AdcBotlane, inside those names there are team roles, ( Support / Marksman / fighter / assassin / Mage )

Fiddles excels great in 4 of those Areas.
Listing in order; Jungle - (Support - Midlane)- Top - Adc

THIS GUIDE IS FOR JUNGLE FIDDLES, But take advice from how to play fiddles in the jungle and utilize it elsewhere! :)

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Q * The Fear * should be used on ANY Assassins, OR on Any High Threat Target inside a proximity of you and your teammates.
Example: Zed just used his Ultimate on your ADC luckily you're right beside him ( ally ADC ) you have a Choice, you Fear Zed the second he's able to be targeted. you can fear the enemy support. or flash and Fear the Enemy ADC ( who's farming minions ) .. the Correct Answer should be the ZED. Reason why: Zed will Kill his target and remain safe ( if played well ) you Inter-Fearing <_< will not only save your ADC ( even if he's a potato ) but also you may score the Zed because the poor decision he made!

W (Diabetes.. erm Drain ) Fiddles latches a Tether ( Line ) connecting him and his target.
the purpose to this ability is to substain life, if you're moved in anyway (Stunned pulled accidently walking ) the healing stops and you're no longer doing damage to the Target.
Best example is to Drain a target near you ( Prioritize who you drain ) ZED[x] support[] it's tricky because when you go against a cc based team your W may not be effective! but it's always nice to try.

E ( BIRDIES ) Throw a **** at your target and what the bird fly .. errmh Basically you bird bounces target to target silencing them for a short duration ( great for Syndra's tasty mouth )

I recently just stated you should prioritize people like Zed.. but with the bird, you want to focus champions with great use in abilites, ( Syndra Ezreal, ) because Zed's Melee, he should recieve the Fear ( i mean if you want your **** in the ninja's face throw it) but making sure no one else can flash and heal or ult is a great way to keeping your team ahead. ( more a support idea )

R HAPPPY BIRTHDAY! ... This Ult is one of the hardest decision making abilites. this is needs to be timed right, you need to be in the right spot. and you need to make sure. if you're flying in atleast let your team know. or have your zhyona's ready.. People Hate fiddles, and ward like crazy / focus you that moment you pop your pretty face into vision! ( THE ULT HAS A WINDUP, IF YOU GET STUNNED YOUR ULT IS WASTED ) position is key here,

* TIP Getting Disortion and flash helps. because if you miss your ult you can flash to where you need to be, ( Distortion lowers flashes CD annnnd makes you run faster!

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M = Marks S = Seals G = Glyphs Q = Quints

    * Marks ~ 9x Flat Magic Pen.
    * Seals ~ 9x Flat Armor
    * Glyphs ~ 9x Scaling CDR ( CoolDownReduction )
    * Quints ~ 3x Flat Ability Power
With the 15% CDR from your Blues at level 18; having magus 20% + your masteries @18 will grant 40% CDR. BlueBuff or the Sorcery pot you will have are not needed to maximize CDR. your Ultimate will be under 1 minute, and you can <><> Drain (W) + you become a serious problem with crowd control!
    * M ~ 9 Flat Magic Pen
    * S ~ 9 Scaling / Flat HP runes
    * G ~ 9 Scaling / Flat Ability Power
    * Q ~ 2 Spellvamp - 1 Flat AP
Same Concept as original set of runes, except in order to get 40% bluebuff and the pot will be needed. The other difference is now later in game your damage will be more efficient

*Reasons why I believe the First List is Better*
Fiddles deals a decent amount of damage yes; but when it comes towards the team phase ( contesting Baron / Dragon, and simply pushing towers as a group ) Fiddles Silence and Fear are key parts of successful fights.. -.- yes. Fiddles can (R) and Kill an entire team by himself, but not every game will you be able to be that far ahead, So it's nice to use your entire kit rather than a portion!

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Understanding The Different Jungle Items

Stalker - Good for killing Lane players has decent slow
Poacher - The **** Item of Jungle - Smiting enemy camps ( the large minion ) and killing them grants bonus gold, serious movementspeed for a short duration, and the Godyr Satisfaction of counter jungle
SkirmisherBlade - The Counter - Counter Jungle Item. Buying this blade is meant for defending yourself against a lurking jungle who's attempting to kill you in your own jungle. also i believe you can go hunt for your jungle opponent once you show dominance of the Jungle.
TrailBlazer - My Favorite - Reduces Smite's CD and makes it AoE Camps

Pick One that suites your playstyle, i prefer trail because the lower smite CD means faster clear and im more occupied on dragon / lanes :D

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Skill Sequence

Maxing your (E) will provide fastest jungle clear,
Maxing your (Q) will allow easier mid / top lane ganks. ( bot if cc support is there)
Maxing your (W) will allow you to take early dragons / stay in jungle longer, and help kill lane opponents

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Of jungler's have their prioritizes set wrong. Looking at professional play, High elo ( Diamond ), and comparing them to players in Gold ( where i am ) Silver and Bronze... The Meme which says ' Blame the jungler ' is actually ridiculously true.

Reason why you should blame the jungler : 1 We have no Dragons, 2 He hasn't pressured lane, 3 he hasn't been there for team objectives, or support.

A junglers' purpose in Summoners Rift is quite simple, yet never truly played properly.

I personally love jungle, and when i lose. even if I'm 9-1-4 i believe it's my fault we lost.

Should be in this order... Sadly in Season 4: Buffs > Camps > Lane minions > Towers > Dragon > Baron < Ally's was the average mindset specially with Feral Flare. Proffessional players ( Korean Junglers in Challenger ) will have roughly 100 CS in a 40 minute game. Anywehre from 100-200 CS in 40 minutes. when their adc's / mid's are in the 400 range. it's because they know to take care of their teammates before you take care of yourself..

A Mindset I personally came up with is : If you feed yourself first, there will be no food left; but Feed others around you and they will provide.

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Basic Knowledge

Max Q, Play smart; and Read the guide -.-