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Teemo Build Guide by Lunethian

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lunethian

Season 6 Jungle Teemo! Devouring with Demonic Fervor!

Lunethian Last updated on January 17, 2016
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Threats to Teemo with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Warwick If he's not fed, anticipate him jumping on you by putting a shroom, survive his ult and then kite him to death. Easy job. Also, he has no escape so you can invade him and potentially destroy his whole game just by messing up his early farm. Also, since it's a devourer contest, if you start to snowball him scout around taking his big camp monsters and denying stacks; I assure you this tilts them so hard they might even AFK (although we all hate AFK people).
Ekko Ekko. It's all about evading his Q and he will be useless to you. Early game he's weak and in case of a countergank you can really do a lot to him. After 6, you might not kill him unless he ults into a shroom, but still, if you force him to ult he will be very weak after that. If you are fed, though, you will totally annihilate him with or without his ult.
Tryndamere Trynda. Unless he's overly fed (and even then) you have time to spam ctrl+4 on him, put shrooms around him when he ults and poison him hard. My build also has two slows and you have w to kite him, apart from the mushrooms, so you have 3 slows, a blind and mobility to play around this guy. Kinda easy for me at least.
Aatrox Who plays this guy anyway? Haha, well, I used to play him a lot. Same story as Trynda. Blind denies his autos, and his abilities aren't that strong anyway. If he has his passive, put a mushroom on him while he's reviving and then finish him. Easy peasy.
Fiddlesticks Fiddles is easy if you know how to win agaisnt him. First of all, invading him is really easy. Just remember, wait for him to use W on a jungle creep, then finish the jungle creep yourself (so he doesn't keep lifestealing it and thus tanking your damage) and then finish him off, although he might use fear on you. If he tries to duel you, do the following: Wait for him to land his set on you while you auto him, then plant a shroom at his feet, use W back and forth, and win the duel. It might sound rather difficult but if you try it a couple of times it's easy and Fiddlesticks won't be able to use variations of his combo since it's really one-way (if you get what I mean).
Master Yi This is a matter of denying him farm and making his life miserable. Watch out at lvl 6 and don't follow him when he ganks because he might turn around and Wuju-kick-your-ass. Also care for quicksilver sash. If his ult is off you win 100% (unless EXTREMELY FED). If it's on, use the damage from shrooms and Q and maybe you win (depends totally on each other's gold and level).
Shyvana Shyvana is useless agaisnt you. Just don't make any mistakes early game that might get her going and if she doesn't invade you, invade her if it's safe.
Shaco Shaco is a pain early game but no jester can troll the king of trolls. You can make his life miserable at lvl 2 in his jungle, so encourage your teammates to make him unable to use his traps on his first clear correctly by baiting a fake invade. One thing, though, don't start chasing him or you will either get lost, killed or a headache. With this guy you could potentially buy the Challenging Smite to reveal him but you give away the slow, so have that in mind.
Kayle Kayle gets blinded, Kayle does nothing. Just watch out for her ult. Who uses Kayle in the jungle anyway since the devourer nerfs? :)
Nasus Jungle Nasus... HAHAHAHA. Easily invaded. Easily counterjungled. Easily counterganked. EZ GAME. The only way to lose this matchup (not talking about games, because it depends on all the lanes) is by being dumb. Have in mind, when he uses W on you, use chilling smite and put shrooms between you and him. Also, your Q denies his Q which is your main strength.
Irelia Better nerf Teemo. This lady will jump into you and fail every single auto. If she uses Q she won't be able to chase you down and even if she stuns you, she won't be able to do much being blinded and all that. Also, she is easily invadable and Teemo is the embodiment of her true counter.
Twisted Fate Yes, some people use TF in the jungle, even with the nerfs. Just blind this gypsy and show him who's the boss.
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Welcome to my guide about Jungle Teemo. Most people consider this a troll pick but it's extremely hard to use well and extremely fun! For me Teemo works best at the jungle working as a marksman/assassin with a focus on hybrid DPS! He's really powerful when properly used so let's get started!

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Jungle Path

You want to start where your bottomlane is, or in case you want to invade, golems and get red, then go straight to the enemy jungle (in case the enemy jungler started his red and goes to his blue). You can then start snowballing. If you don't invade, here is the most important tip about using Jungle Teemo: KITE. A LOT. Get it into your head and muscles. You will evade so much damage just by running away from camps (if they are melee) and autoattacking them. Don't be afraid to lose some patience from the monster camp, or simply use Q when you are about to turn to run to the other side so it will miss its auto. Once you master this you will be able to get to kill slow camps like the blue buff without taking ANY damage even at level 2 or so.

When ganking, make sure you save your W for when you show up so that you can move between auto attacks and cut distance between you and the enemy. It's really powerful. The real ganks start when you actually get the Chilling Smite and believe me, Teemo packs a punch in exchange of his lack of hard cc.

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Okay, so this one is really important. In teamfights you want one of these two: to catch someone off by having him step in your shrooms and you killing him before it starts, or have the enemy team initiate onto your team in an area that you have set up! That means, planning and letting your teammates know. Also, save at least two mushrooms for the teamfight. One goes to you. One goes to your ADC. And one goes for the middle of the teamfight. When a teamfight starts, you want to be very far away from the cc. Your most important mission is peeling and protecting the ADC. However, this is only a masquerade. If everything goes well, after 5-6 seconds you will end up dealing TONS of damage (a lot more than your ADC) after charging up your mastery and guinsoo's and you will most likely obliterate the remaining enemies. You can also use your W to chase down or have them step into mushrooms if you have placed even more before everything. But remember, one stun on you -> you are probably dead, my fellow yordle. You are a glass cannon. A murdering fluffy glass cannon.

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Pros / Cons

Well, here are the pros and cons


-Nice map mobility

-In good hands you can totally anihilate the enemy team and they will feel trolled and angry at you.

-If you have good ADC mechanics (I happen to be an ADC (Vayne and Quinn) main) Teemo will work practically the same and he can even deal greater damage late game even if you feel like you have "few" AP or AD. Remember, it's a hybrid build, and highly focused on attack speed and survivability! The more you survive, the more and more damage you will start dealing!

-OBJECTIVE CONTROL. This is the best pro from jungle Teemo because you can even frustrate the enemy team with your OP mushrooms when you place them well.

-Epic DPS. He can deal more damage than an ADC and this is no joke. Despite his lack of range you have tools to make up for it and your main strength is being able to set up your territory. If you want to start a teamfight, plan everything and don't facecheck or fight without making use of your mushrooms.

Well, not everything can be perfect, and comes with its cons, so here we go!


-Extremely hard to use well.

-Can suffer a lot if you don't kite the jungle monsters.

-If you get a little behind you can be discouraged and enrage your teammates. Also, very easy to get snowballed hard. Remember, after you get devourer you start dealing damage. The first 5 levels or so should be taken with extreme care and always have in mind the risk of a failed invasion! It can work both ways!

-It's Teemo. Everyone hates Teemo (except me and some of his followers). TEE HE HE HAHAHA