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Thresh Build Guide by EGPrime

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League of Legends Build Guide Author EGPrime

SEASON6 THRESH - Hook, line and sinker!

EGPrime Last updated on November 16, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Bounty Hunter
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Resolve: 18

Threats to Thresh with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Annie Stand away from your ADC and always have a lantern ready. Once she burns her engage, just lantern your ADC out. She can't trade autos due to her low defense and AA damage compared to Thresh flay passive.
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Thresh is a support who has been in the spotlight for many years, since his release. He was a key part to Mata's domination at S4 worlds, and is a low risk high reward support who dominates soloq. At 6300ip, Thresh isn't a cheap support, but I would recommend him as a first support. His skill shot is easy, and his mechanics are simple. You can easily save team members with your lantern, or give a death sentence with your - well - death sentence. The key part to Thresh's kit is his hook. It's what he's known for. Don't assume that this is his only component, as you can see his other abilities take some mastering! There's a lot more to Thresh than what meets the eye, so I would recommend reading this guide.

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Key things to note about Thresh

Each soul is worth just over one minion, and should be remembered. Collect as many souls as you can without risking yourself. It's the best way to gain resistance to AD, and is usually the reason MR is best with Thresh if you can aim for 150 souls a game.

The hook travel time is slow, so if you're new to Thresh, try to only hook players moving towards you. A missed hook throws the fight for you, and will end badly unless your team is snowballing.

Flash hooks don't work. Your prediction skills are bad, and you'll hit a minion or just miss. If you really want to try flash hooks, practice over and over in hour head each distance, and go for it.

When hooking with Thresh, if you land it, walk backwards. It makes you safer, and on the second tug pulls them to a safer distance to fight. Hitting Q a second time pulls YOU in. Think of it as them having a Blitzcrank. Do you want to be hooked?

If you are really close to them and they are running away, flay backwards into the hook to ensure no flash dodges. Once you have used all abilities, continue to AA, since Thresh's auto damage is extremelly high at early levels.

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Flash: Almost always useful. Gets you out of sticky situations, but remember not to use it as an engage unless they are below half health and have no major CC. Maximise it's use by throwing a lantern and flashing while they are travelling.

Exhaust: Good CC. I like using it if I go all in. Use it on the ADC. If they are getting away, use it on one of them. If Vayne so much as engages, exhaust. It is essentially turning the ADC into a weak support for a while. Don't underestimate the extra damage you get.

Ignite: Not so useful, but if against something tanky with a good escape (like Corki) can be used to secure a kill (better than letting him get away!)

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Use of items

When I first wrote this guide, League of Legends was a very different game. Now we are seeing a new style of play where the safest team usually wins. In season 6 pre season, games are very predictable, games sometimes over before 15 minutes! This made me happy. I like Thresh in the early game, where Flays are like Draven crits, and your level 2 is insane! I also like not having to build as many items as before, and even more I like the new support item; here's why.

Eye of the Oasis is an item built off Coin. In season 5, the coin was an 'OK' choice on Thresh, the gold was good, but it didn't offer much help to the ADC. But now, you have your keystone. With the keystone, you're already suppressing damage, and your money is better spent on the coin. I find myself benefiting and extra thousand gold by just being in lane, thanks to the buffs to the coin! And due to the passive regen on mana and health, it is ESSENTIAL now that Mana pots are no-more! It's also a really cheap item, so you can get onto my favourite item (Frozen Heart) a lot sooner! Supports are now getting gold, and it's important not to waste it. This item also makes the sightstone useful late game, as you'd often want another item on top of full build, well now you can!

Any other items I suggest are simply due to their brilliant stats, and actives that will save you in a pinch! I often say that the best supports are the ones who don't die, and these items will make you slippery.

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Abilities and how to use them.

First of all, don't get salty about my ability order. Do what ever feels best. This works for me in EUW, it might not work in NA (give it a try though).
Q: Death sentence Death Sentence is the definition of 'Level 2 powerspike'! They will step out of line. This does not mean that you should push for an un-necessary kill. Let them walk beside the minions. Make sure their support isn't close, as they might be trying to engage you. In this case, walk away from your ADC, and command them to walk away too. When practising with your Q, try getting them close range, and slowly go for longer range pulls. Don't over use Q, as if you miss you look ridiculous and like you can't play. It also burns a lot of mana early on, so I recommend being rather conservative with your Q. The cooldown goes down by 3 seconds if you hit a target, so keep that in mind. Double press Q on a target to go to them. This is not really recommended unless you have your team around you, and it's a 2 v 1.5 situation where their ADC/Support is too far away to do anything.
W: Dark Passage Dark passage should really be your lowest priority. Again, mostly useful for utility and not stats, it is good for: 1. Fishing your bronze ADC out of a stupid situation. 2. Giving a shield in close 1v1s between ADCs. 3. Collecting souls. 4. Pulling in jungler for a gank. 5. Vision. I personally know the least about how to use this move, but I'd generally use it to bring my ADC into the fray when ahead, and just ask your ADC to play rather passive. You are the one who read this guide and is going to be making the plays, not them. Don't use the lantern to get souls since if you have less souls the spawn rate is higher, and you will get them later. The lantern has a long cooldown and shouldn't be thrown around willy nilly.
E: Flay This is a weird one. Flay should be taken first for the auto attack domination (poking) and the easy early disenage from sticky supports/ADCs, and can be used on multiple targets in case of a level 1 teamfight. Flay is the must useful part of Thresh's kit. When used with the double Q, you can make some nice plays (NOTE: only do this if you are ahead or have an open kill. If you do this and get CCed, you'll drop off quickly and leave your ADC on his lonesome). Flay is best used backwards as a sort of mini pull. I like to get close to their ADC when they are slightly over extending, flay them towards me before hooking them with Q, exhausting, and letting my ADC deal with them - as I take them out. Flay should be focussed on in upgrading, as it's passive can have devastating effects. You deal extra damage for one hit, and this is used well as you can poke down squishy ADCs with small range (see Vayne) but is less useful when going against Caitlyn (NOTE: Caitlyn is still weak to this. If you get her close, she can't do much. Bait out her escape net, and land a hook before flaying, then land your auto attacks). Flay is most useful for stats, and works well with a slow such as your ultimate. More about that below. Flay can also be used as a powerful disengage. If they are getting too close for comfort, knock them back. Try not to get too close to do this.
R: The box Ohhhh boy! You're gonna be like marmite with Thresh's ult. You can either use it at the best of times, or place it for no reason and waste it. This ult applies a 99% slow to the enemy. 99% but only if they hit the wall. Why would you hit the wall you might ask; well here's the answer. In low elo, it is common for their team to be gorillas with artheritus. They will just run straight into it. If this isn't the case, and you're going against someone who still has full use of their joints; then you drag them through the wall with your Q, then E backwards to make sure they get the message. It's also a smart move to use this as a disengage in a team fight. It takes up most of the lane, so when running away, pop this up. If there are any weaklings who are on about 300 HP, Q them out and teach them that Thresh is a force to be reckoned with. It's also cool to use this in a wombo combo. It works well with Lucian's ult, as they don't really have anywhere to go.

How to execute these abilities: Offensive early game: E backwards, Q, W any close team mates if necessary.
Defensive early game: E away, W for shield
Offensive late game: Q a straggler, W a team mate in, set up Ult and flay them into it. Use any item actives that you see fit.
Defensive late game: /ff 20. This is Thresh. JK. Set up ult, W for shield and mobility, E away. Use item actives as you see fit.

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Pros / Cons


    High damage
    I'm teaching you - he's strong
    Varied kit
    Can be almost unbeatable with practise.

    If played poorly can hinder a team massively.
    Loses utility in late game team fights if they are stomping. Can't make too many comebacks.

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And so concludes my amateur Thresh guide. This is my first attempt at a guide, so it is isn't very polished. If you have any questions or criticisms, comment them, if I see them, I'll respond to them.

Au revoir!