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Sejuani Build Guide by Sanmaya

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sanmaya

Sejuani: GankTank

Sanmaya Last updated on September 4, 2012
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Tank +cooldown/ Tank + damage

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A few notes first

Hi all,

This guide is meant to help you play Sejuani the best way she's meant: The mean Jungler, GankTank way. This build is really awesome!

What this guide adds and what other sejuani builds lack, is more damage. The lack of damage can cause the tank te be ignored by the enemy. In this build you will not be ignored.

About the items and summoners spells you see above, please read the guide before using them. They are off course situational and not the only and always the best option. Read my guide for more info on them.

About the builds, i made 2 builds because of the different playstyles people have. Read the guide, and try out both builds to know what build is more your style.

Final: This guide is written to be usefull for everyone who want's to play Sejuani or try another build. I therefore try to avoid game language.

Well that's all for now, have fun reading the guide and playing Sejuani!
Please comment below after you read it.


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About Sejuani, Sejuani is a situational builder. She has some basic stuff she needs, but you can alter her well to circumstances. This makes her an valuable team asset.

Furthermore, building her tanky won't hurt her damage output as much as other tanks because of Northern Winds giving 2% health bonusdamage (3% if frosted). So building health on her is just really nice.

And last but not least, she is a great ganker and a good slower (and with Shurelya also teamspeed) wich means more kills for the entire team, and more teammates lives being saved when losing a teamfight.

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Pros / Cons of playing Sejuani


    Great Ganker!
    Good mid/late game farming
    Have you even seen your enemy in slowmotion?
    Good against damaging groups of enemy's
    Good Escaping
    Hard to escape from
    Awesome steed, with a cute lady on it! Don't you wanna be her knigth in shiny armor?


    No lifesteal, wich makes jungling harder
    Hard to win a 1 vs 1 fight, because she does little damage vs single target

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When and how to play Sejuani Jungle GankTank

Jungling is not a must, but i would recommend it. It suits her. Understand me well, she is a fine jungler but not the best. And with not the best i mean, not the fastest minion killer and no uber lifesteal. But 1 thing makes her one of the best junglers: her ganking!
Her ganking is more then just great, its awesome!

Use this GankTank under wich circumstances?

You can use this build under most circumstances. You play this build if your team need a jungler (why otherwise play her?) and a tank. Your team is balanced in AD/AP and doesn't have more then 1 other (off)tank max.

How use it?

This is a jungler's build. So you start jungling, with getting the wolves and then blue. Then get wraits, red and wolves again. Recall, and get Boots of Speed + Faerie Charm and if possible a Philosopher's Stone. Buy health potions with any gold left. Then you go jungling again and do you first gank. You can gank a lot with her. If you see a lane in need or an enemy on low hp, go and gank as soon as you are close.
After laning fase you can help your team by tanking and cc enemy team. When a teamfigths occur, wait till their tank or carry is out of position. Use your ulti on the carry and go in. With frosting and slowing the enemy you should be able to avoid their melee high dps guys, and take out the carry or at least stun and slow them enough so your carry can take them out. After that, make an escape if necesarry (with them slowed, and you jumping away with q and Shurleya's Reverie you should be able to get away) or make sure no-one of them escapes by using your frost/randuin's active and speeding your teammates with shurelya active. This migth get your team to maximum number of kills in a teamfight.

You won't kill the most in a teamfigths but you'll probably have most assists, and that counts to.

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- Runes

Why these runes?

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist will get you the magic resist you need.
Greater Seal of Defense will get you the armor you need
Greater Mark of Magic Penetration for that little bit of Magic Penetration you really want. Also the alternatives you can take with marks, i just don't like. It's just a choice of the best of the worse.
Greater Quintessence of Endurance is the best HP item. HP is good for defense AND damge because of your W. It's way better then Quintessence of Vitality, especially at start, but also later on. Don't forget this build had a lot of HP bonuses, so % HP bonus is better then flat HP.

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- Mastery's

Why these Mastery's?
Defense mastery's will help you fill your role as tank.
The Utility mastery's will help you jungle. Your task is to draw attention in teamfights, stay alive and CC enemy as much as possible.
Do not take Offense mastery's. Damaging them as much as possible is the carry's job, not yours.

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- Skills

Why these skills order?

I like to level up Northern Winds first and max it first because of two reasons:
1. In combination with much HP items it does much damage, and i don't have the AP to make the other skills do much damage
2. It's the best skill for killing groups of minions in the jungle.

But sometimes it migth be better to take a few extra levels in Permafrost before maxing Northern Winds because of the slow it gives. You migth consider to take like 2 or 3 levels in permafrost before maxing northern winds. All 5 levels is to much, because a 50%slow or 70% slow doesn't really make the difference that much. Max Permafrost as second skill, it's good because of the slow and because it does more damage then Arctic Assault AND it's cooldown is way less so you can use it more often.

Take 1 skill in Arctic Assault at level 2 and max it last. It's a great escape because you can jump true walls, and in combo with flash it can snatch you some easy kills. It also applies frost. But for all these 3 things you only need 1 level of Arctic Assault. So take 1 level fast, and then go for the other skills.

Of course take at level 6, 11 and 16 Glacial Prison It's a good ultimate, especially because it can hit more then 1 target. Use it to gank or to take out an carry in a teamfight. Because it applies frost you don't need to use Arctic Assault to frost the enemy. So if possible hold on to Artic Assault and use Northern Winds and permafrost first on the stunned targets. Use Artic Assault then to get fleeing enemy's or to escape yourself.

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- Items

Wich items are recommened with this build?

Step 1:
Buy an Regrowth Pendant and 1 Health Potion

Step 2:
Build the Regrowth Pendant into an Philosopher's Stone. With the gold you got left: buy as much Health Potion as you can affort at that time. They'll keep you jungling/ganking longer.

Step 3:
Buy an Catalyst the Protector (you really want that health/mana regen a level and some more health)

Step 4:
Buy Boots of Speed if you didn't got that one yet...
Also buy an Heart of Gold (more gold, yeah!) Money left? Buy some more Health Potion

Step 5:
Buy you first big item: ITEM 1: Rod of Ages
This item will give you some damage output, and enough health/mana regen for the jungle.

Step 6:
Buy your second big item. ITEM 2: Mercury's Treads
If the enemy has no hard CC, buy other shoes. I suggest Ionian Boots of Lucidity for your spells cooldowns, Boots of Swiftness or Boots of Mobility for faster jungling/ganking, and to make it yourself easier to frost someone. These boots are the real gankboots, you will be able to reach any lane very fast if needed and catch any low health opponent in combo with your with your q and e. Outrunning you ain't possible anymore. Do not take Sorceror's Shoes, you are a tank not an AP carry.
If you got any money left: Buy an Giant's Belt or another piece of Warmog's Armor

Step 7:
Buy Item 3: Warmog's Armor or a piece of it like Giant's Belt

Step 8:
If you didn't got it yet: Buy a Item 3: Warmog's Armor.
Buy also Item 4: Randuin's Omen . This item is also a must get, unless the enemy has no AD (do they ever?). More cooldown reduction, more health and health regen, and again some extra cash form Heart of Gold A nice active to slow all opponents and a nice passive to slow the enemy's. (did i already told that your job was to CC the enemy?) And as finishing touch: a big armor! Is there anything in randuin's that doesn't benefit Sejuani greatly?

Step 9:
This step brings us to two possibility's for a big 5th big Item:
- If the enemy's team have mainly feeded AD: take an Thornmail
- If the enemy's team are even on feeded AD/AP or got more AD: take an Sunfire Cape
- If the enemy's team have mainly feeded AP: take an Force of Nature
- If the enemy's team have mainly feeded AP with some big CC: consider taking Banshee's Veil

Step 10:
- If you got a Sunfire Cape at step 9, then it migth be time to build an Force of Nature or Banshee's Veil as 6th big item. In the rare case that the opponent got no big CC or AP build armor.
- If you got a Force of Nature or Banshee's Veil at step 9, then go for a Sunfire Cape now. It will increase your health (and regen) a lot and makes your W do more damage.

Your core build, these items are must!:

    Rod will give you the mana/health regen you need, and makes you more tanky and increasing your damage greatly, to make people focus you.
    Mercurý's shoes i would prefer as boots because of their resistance vs AP carry's and CC
    Warmog's is a good choice because you need Health to be more tanky AND health increases damage on Northern Winds. So, more health=more damage. Buy them as third item, because it takes time before it maxes out (same as rod).
    Randuin's omen is just a good item, and because you already got a Heart of Gold it's build fast. Also the slow active makes you even more deadly then you already were.

your final build:

For the rest of the build, you must ask yourself the following::
- 1. Or is the enemy's team Balanced?
- 2. Has the enemy's team mainly feeded AP and much CC?
- 3. Has the enemy's team mainly feeded AD?

If the enemy has an balanced team

If the enemy is AP feeded and much CC:

If the enemy is mainly AD feeded

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- Summoner Spells


    - Flash (take always!)
    - Smite (unless you don't jungle)

    - Ghost (instead of flash)
    - Teleport (if you lane solo top. As sejuani you probably need some recalling because you don't have spells that heal or shield)
    - Exhaust

Do not take:
    - Surge
    - Promote (could work in combo with stun and slow? I haven't tried this)
    - Heal
    - Ignite
    - Rally
    - Revive
    - Clairvoyance
    - Clarity
    - Cleanse

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Your role as Sejuani in the Team

What is your job as Sejuani?

At Early game:
to jungle and gank a lot
Mayby place some wards if your team has no support

At Mid game:
Help pushing minions waves to turret after succesfull gank, and finish of turret
Tanking in teamfigths and stunning/slowing enemy carry's.
Saving team if fight turns out bad / making sure team is getting maximum kills when winning teamfight.

At Late game:
Tanking in teamfights and stunning/slowing enemy carry's.
Tanking turrets if necesarry.

Guide Top

Guide updates

- Guide created.

08-02-2012 update
- Added some situational items, under Items in the GankTank build.
- Fixed some minor errors
- Changed steps at the GankTank build

09-02-2012 update
- Fixed some lay out stuff
- Replaced regrowth pendant with rejunvenation bead and some more health potions as first items

29-06-2012 update
- Made a new AP Sejuani guide, and removed AP guide from this guide. Added an extra tankjungle build.
- Removed rejuviction bead and got armor and health pots instead.

- Added some basic builds
- Added core items
- Removed armor and health pots, and replaced them back with Regrowth Pendant and 1 potion (seems to work best after much trying out, and adds gold)

- Changed second build. Removed frozen armor and added randuins omen

Every comment is welcome!
If you downvote, please tell me why so i can improve.
Thanks for all the upvotes, please tell me what you liked!
If possible, send me your game stats of your first games played with this guide!

Thanx for using this guide, i love you all!