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Sejuani Build Guide by EL Mazine

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author EL Mazine

Sejuani I AP Tank Top I Full AP Top

EL Mazine Last updated on March 3, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Threats to Sejuani with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Maokai Just go ham at him early. You will win every trade and punish him for farming minions. There is nothing he can do.
Lee Sin If you ever se a Lee Sin top it should be an very easy lane for you. He is way to squishy for your early damage and even after level 6 or 11 there is nothing he can do. Go aggressive early on.
Shen Just go aggressive early on. You will win the trades.
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Welcome to my Sejuani Top-Lane Guide!

My name is EL Mazine and I mainly play Sejuani on the Top Lane for quite some time effectively.
This is my first guide I've ever made so I would love to get some feedback to improve it :)

Who plays Sejuani?!

In my opinion Sejuani is super underrated but a very strong pick!
This is the way I play her top lane and it works really good so I wanted to show it with you.

My problem always was that I did not want to go full tank with Sejuani because her AP ratios are just too great. So I made up this AP tank build and it works wonders!

Most of the games you are also the one dealing the most damage in the whole game even if you are the tank.

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Pros / Cons


+ Good early damage
+ Scales extremely well into the late game
+ Her ultimate is a completely game changer if used correctly
+ Walking CC-Machine (Perfect Lifesaver of teammates)
+ Tanky but still doing a lot of damage (If not the most if you are ahead)
+ Interesting to play
+ Good escape (Still a high cooldown)
+ Awesome AOE-Damage
+ Low mana-costs mid-late game
+ She is not often seen on the battlefield so a lot of people do not know how to play against her!


- Easy to learn, hard to master
- A missed ultimate is crucial for your team
- Your escape (Q) has a long cooldown
- Hard to last-hit minions
- Quite mana hungry early levels

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Early kills and lane dominance

Flash + Ignite

For ganking potential and getting back to lane quickly

Flash + Teleport

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Frost Armor (Passive)

Basically every time you auto attack or hit an enemy with an ability Sejuani will get 10/15/20/25 armor. Furthermore slowing abilities that hit you will be mitigated by 10/15/20/25%.
- Not the best passive in the game but it will make you extra tanky which is nice.

Arctic Assault (Q)

Sejuani charges forward knocking enemies into the air and dealing magic damage.
- This is a pretty good escape or initiation and it also can be used to farm big minion waves easily.
1 point at level 2 but max. it last!

Flail of the Northern Winds (W)

ACTIVE: Sejuani's next basic attack deals bonus magic damage to the target and enemies near it equal to their maximum health. She then swings her flail, dealing magic damage each second to enemies within range for 4 seconds.

If this ability is reactivated, Sejuani immediately starts swinging her flail.
- This is your main damage ability and scales with AP and HP! This is also your wave clear ability and is super effective in a big teamfight when damaging every enemy.
Max. it first! It also lets you trade better at level 1!

Permafrost (E)

PASSIVE: Sejuani's abilities and basic attacks apply Frost to enemies for 4 seconds. While Sejuani is nearby enemies with Frost, she can activate Permafrost.
ACTIVE: All nearby enemies with Frost take magic damage and are slowed for 1.5 seconds, and the Frost debuff is removed from the targets of Permafrost.
- Perfect ability to slow and catch up enemies and moreover it deals quite a nice damage. Can be used to easily clear minion waves after using Flail of the Northern Winds (W)
Max. it second for a better slow and more AOE damage!

Glacial Prison (R)

Sejuani throws her frost-forged bola in a line. If the bola hits an enemy champion, it shatters, stunning the target and nearby enemies for a short duration. If the bola reaches its maximum range, it shatters and slows enemies by 90% instead for the same duration. All enemies in the shatter area take magic damage.
- This is your bread and butter. This ultimate can decide the teamfights and the game itself. It makes massive damage in the late game and hopefully stuns or maybe slows enemies. Do not waste it! Wait for the right moment to throw it on three or more enemies. Even if an enemy laner is super ahead Sejuani's ultimate can lock him up to kill him easily.
Max. it whenever possible!

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Rod Of Ages

Build RoA first because it gives you all you need in the early stage of the game.
A nice sustain of mana, a lot of health which increases your Flail of the Northern Winds (W) damage and some AP. After this item you are quite tanky and still doing a lot of damge.

Liandry's Torment

This item gives you even more health which is perfect for Sejuani. You also profit from the Magic Penetration of this item but however the passive of this item is the best thing about it. It will proc with 3 of your 4 Abilities. (Not Flail of the Northern Winds (W))
This will give you a huge power spike and should make the first teamfights quite easy.

After that build tanky like recommended above!
If the enemy is mostly AP take the Abyssal Scepter first.
If it is a heavy AD team reliant on auto attacks then take the frozen heart.
Because of the fact that you are always in the middle of the fight you want the guardian angel as the last item.

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Sejuanis Time To Shine!

Like already said her ultimate is a game changer.

Wait for the right moment to use your ultimate on the squishy targets like the adc or the ap mid.
Don't waste it!

Your ultimate should be the initiation of the fight and if you land it on 3 or more people its mostly a won teamfight.

Use it when your team is around so they can also profit from it!

After your ultimate landed -> (Q) into the enemy team and activate your (W) and (E) for massive AOE damage!

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Thank you for reading my first guide I have ever made.
Give me as much critic and suggested improvements as you can!


EL Mazine