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Sejuani Build Guide by SolidTuned

Tank Sejuani, my way

Tank Sejuani, my way

Updated on August 5, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SolidTuned Build Guide By SolidTuned 9,753 Views 16 Comments
9,753 Views 16 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author SolidTuned Sejuani Build Guide By SolidTuned Updated on August 5, 2013
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Hello everyone, and welcome to my Sejuani guide!

Sejuani is by far my favorite Jungler. She's very tanky, mobile and has very fun skillset. She can dish out a lot of AoE damage lategame while being able to peel or CC enemies. Her ultimate is one of the best in the game, allowing your team the perfect engagement if aimed right!

Her earlygame is quite weak however, and mana wise she suffers a lot.

  • Very tanky
  • High mobility
  • Lots of CC
  • Lots of AoE
  • Strong %dmg gapcloser
  • Very strong lategame

  • Mana hungry
  • Slow first clear
  • Weak early game
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By far the best boots on Sejuani. It helps her get around the jungle quicker, and for lane ganks you are at your opponent faster. Once you are on them your stuns + slows will keep them close.

Core items on Sejuani. Spirit of the Ancient Golem gives you Tenacity, Mana regeneration and Health. Sunfire Cape's AoE damage, next to the awesome defensive stats, helps a lot. Lastly, seeing as Sejuani scales nicely off Max Health, gettting Warmogs is always a good idea.

So yeah, Liandry's Torment, AMAZING item on Sejuani. Little bit of Health, but the passive, oh the passive. Engaging on a group of enemies, hitting them with your Ultimate will already shred 12% of their HP before the fight even starts for them. After that you let loose with your W, and watch them melt away. Amazing teamfight item!

Tanky items for Sejuani. You normally want to get at least one of these in combination with your standard setup of + . Get both and skip Liandry's if you need to be heavy heavy tank and your foes have a mix of AD and AP.
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Skill Sequence

Unlike most guides, as I state in the Skills notes, I max (Q) on Sejuani first. Why? Well does a surprising amount of damage on single targets compared to . During early game lane ganks are all about single target damage. Coming in at level 9 with a maxed out will easily shred 20% HP off a ADC. Not to mention its amazing for finishing off foes.

does amazing damage, especially combined with , however it does not shine until actual teamfights. For earlygame, is much better. Plus the shorter cooldown helps you get around the map faster, it helps you getting into position for ganks easier by being able to leap over walls (Dragon pit -> enemy tri-bush for example).
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Sejuani's runes and masteries are pretty straightforward. A standard AP 9/21/0 tank build works very well on Sejuani. The extra magic pen is always nice. Remember that you do pick up the creep specific masteries! Sejuani has a very weak early jungle clear, and these masteries help a lot with her first clear.

As far as runes go, Movementspeed Quints are a must have, as well as Armor seals. For glyphs you can go either flat MR or MR per level.
Personally, I prefer attack speed marks, it helps your early jungle clearing a lot. However, magic pen marks are also completely viable.
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As noted, Sejuani has a relatively weak earlygame. Be careful about being counterjungled when you are facing the likes of Lee Sin, Udyr or Shaco. Don't hesitate to ask you team for help and don;t be afraid to start red if you fear you might get a buff stolen! Most counterjunglers assume Sejuani starts blue and will go straight to your red after they do their blue, counter this by starting red and heading straight to blue afterwards.

In general, In the current meta I advice you to pick up your two buffs first asap, not only will it secure your buff but it will also put you on level 3 before anyone else in the game, this makes for extremely strong ganks on either top, mid or bottom lane. A level 3 Sejuani might not be the fastest opponent but a surprise from unwarded bushes (Especially toplane tends to have no wards in the first early, earlygame), followed by slow is almost a sure first blood if your lane pertner is even half awake. Sejuani's damage is not amazing earlygame so don't expect to 1v1 anything!
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As noted, Sejuani has one of the strongest lategame's out of all Junglers. Her ult can completely turn fights around if used properly. The cooldown is not too bad, so don't be afraid to use it!
If Sejuani can catch a (almost) full team in her stun the fight is pretty much over instantly. It is also great to catch unsuspecting splitpushers due to its huge range.

During the actual teamfight, focus on being as annoying as possible. Keep up, while either peeling for your ADC or helping to finish off foes with artic assault. Her does amazing damage and the slow from can secure most kiters due to its huge range.
League of Legends Build Guide Author SolidTuned
SolidTuned Sejuani Guide
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Sejuani, my way

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