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Sejuani Build Guide by Izamito

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Izamito

Sejuani Support: All aboard the choo choo train

Izamito Last updated on May 23, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello summoner,

I'm Izamito, and since S2 i've been a big fan of Sejuani. This will be the first guide I've written, so feedback would be appreciated.

I've done some jungling with her, but jungling is not really my thing. In S2 I had a set-up that worked for top lane (in normals only). With Support Sejuani I think there is a possibility for ranked (I do not play ranked anymore though).

So I hope someone will have a bit of enjoyment out of this guide.

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Sejuani, The true queen of Frejlord, is a mobile, cc heavy tank. She can take a lot of punishment and can engage in a lot of situations. When you know how much she can have, and are in sync with your ADC, the sky is the limit. You have to get to your target to do most of the scary stuff though.

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Pros / Cons

    3 forms of CC (Knock-up, Slow, Stun)
    Very mobile thanks to her Q
    Suprising amount of damage via her E
    Great ult to initiate teamfights with
    Capable of zoning opponent

    Her abilities feel like they have impact (on their face and in the game)
    No heals
    She must land an ability or AA for her most reliable CC (her E)
    Ult can be tricky to get used to for when it stuns and when it slows

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Summoner Spells

I take Flash to get in range for my charge or ult, or to make sure I get away after a risky tower dive. You can also use Ghost but this won't be as useful in the laning phase.
I take Ignite for the added kill potential to a lane. It can be used to snowball in solo-queue and is useful against supports like nidalee, soraka and sona. Taking Exhaust is kind of a waste since you are pretty much a walking exhaust.

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Passive: Frost Armor: This passive gives Sejuani a lot of her tankiness in lane. In combination with the free money from Relic Shield, you can safely engage or farm.

Q: Arctic Assault: This gives you CC in the form of a knock-up and basicly a low cooldown flash.

W: Flail of the Northern Winds: This is an AOE DoT around you. It scales with health which comes in perfect with support items like Relic Shield and Sightstone. In combination with Permafrost, you get a lot of aoe damage and CC out of it.

E: Permafrost: Your heavy slow. By having a point in this you will start adding a debuff that will activate when you press your E. It slows for 50% to 70% and makes getting rid of the woman on the boar that much harder.

R: Glacial Prison: Your skillshot CC ult. It stuns people in the center of impact, and it shatters and slows people for 90% when it misses and reaches it's maximum range.

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Suggested playstyle

Apart from a few champions like Tresh, I mostly play like this. Before you play like this though, learn what damage you take from what, what your movement speed is, the delay on your E and what not.

I play Sejuani Support pretty much all-in. Whenever there is not more than one minion to last hit for my ADC I try to get in range for my charge to connect with the adc and permafrost him/her. It is wise to have an understanding with your ADC that he follows your engages like you are holy. Keep river warded and most of the time you can save the engage when you see the jungler coming.

Ofcourse try to feel the situation and keep vision on when you take too much damage.

If the opponent has some junglers though I try to play more safe though:

Lee Sin

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Lane Opponents: Supports [WIP]

Still have to try this against some supports like Zyra, Alistar, Morgana, Braum and Taric

Difficulty: HARD
Thresh is a hell to lane against. The hook looks you down for to long, the flail kicks you out of your charge and a good tresh lanterns his ADC to get him away from you and your ADC. If you see his lantern is on CD you can make an engage though.

Difficulty: MEDIUM/HARD
Leona can be tough to lane against, but doesn't knock you down as hard as tresh does. Keep the bushes warded to see her engage to dodge in time and you will be fine.

Difficulty: MEDIUM/HARD
Lux can be pretty tough to lane against. Her magic damage goes around your passive ofcourse, and she has a shield + lock down. If you play aggresive enough though, you can most likely keep her and the ADC at bay.

Difficulty: MEDIUM/HARD
Nami can be pretty hard to deal with. With her bubble, her poke/heal and her ult she can do shut you or your ADC down for longer, but without bringing herself to as much risk. Luckily the bubble is easily dodgeable and her ult is something to worry about later.

Difficulty: MEDIUM/HARD
Annie can be really hard to lane against with her poke and stun. Her magic damage can be really high, especially if her lane gets some kills.

Difficulty: MEDIUM
Nidalee is not that hard, but you will have to dodge her spears. Her heal can be usefull, but when you go in with Seju, you go for the kills most of the times and not for the harass.

Difficulty: MEDIUM
Lulu can be pretty heavy with the damage. On top of that she has Whimsy, which can shut down your engage. Her Wild Growth can be pretty annoying but if you managed to get an advantage, it will not be that hard to deal with.

Difficulty: EASY
Blitzcrank doesn't really impose a threat onto you. You got enough armor and HP to not really be scared of anything when grabbed and knocked up, and it leaves you with your charge to use. When he hits level 6 he can silence you for a few seconds, but then you will already probably engage with your ult.

Difficulty: EASY
Soraka may have a heal, armor buff and silence; but that ain't going to stop you. You have enough cc to kill her or the ADC she is trying to protect. They could try to play defensive and out sustain you. At which point you just try to put pressure on objective, the enemy jungle or other lanes. Should not be too hard to deal with.

Difficulty: EASY
Sona can heal, do damage or buff for movement speed. These should not really matter for you if you play aggresive enough. When she is lvl 6 though, you should watch out for her ult.

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Closing words

That is all for now! Thank you very much for reading my rambling and I will adjust the guide according to feedback.