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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheMcDanee

Sejuani - What do you mean cold?

TheMcDanee Last updated on February 6, 2012
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Introduction, The begining

This is my first guide here on MobaFire.

This guide is about Sejuani as you know. It's a work in progress and I will add more items as I continue to experiment.

I haven't tested this build in Ranked or Dominion, all the testing have been made in Normal games.
Now, lets get started shall we?

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Pros / Cons

There are a few pros and cons for Sejuani and I'll only list a few of them...


  • Extremly tanky mid-lategame
  • Can disable an whole team
  • Can gank very well
  • Can be a pain in the ***
  • Focused in teamfights, instead of your squishy carrys
  • Slow jungling early
  • Need pull at blue
  • Slow untill you get lvl 2 boots
  • Expensive items

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Runes, Small round stones

For Runes i recommend;

The Mr and Armor is so you'll take less damage from minions and champions alike.
The Ability Power Marks is for her abilities since she is a Tank that scales with AP, and the Hp Quints is for general sustain and her W.

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Items, Armor of choice

When I play Sejuani I play her as a Tank jungler.
So your job is to take as much damage as possible and to help your team in teamfights, chasing and disabling tanks or squishies.
You can't be afraid of dying either... And you must make sure that your squishies survive and their's don't.

For start I buy Regrowth Pedant and a Health Pot, on my first B I upgrade the Pedant into Philosopher's stone, after that I pick up my first set of boots, later on I start building Heart of Gold.

After I finnished buying Heart of Gold, I start on my Warmog's Armor this will be your only pure Hp item.

After I've bought my Warmog I start on completing Shurelya's Revirie. This item will help you chase down those who run away from teamfights or if it goes bad, it will help you and your team escape.

When I have finnished Shurelya's I complete Randuin's Omen. This item will help you and your team in teamfights slowing their team even more, this item is also great if you are chasing someone, this plus Ghost and Shurelya's will make sure you our someone on your team get a kill.

Now when I finnished Randuin's Omen I get Frozen Heart, you will get a huge Armor boost, Mana boost and cooldown reduction, the finnished item will also slow the attack speed of those disturbing melee champs.

The final item I get is Frozen Mallet, I think it's a great item for Sejuani because it grants you extra hp and your attacks slows your enemies even more. Frozen is a great item for Sejuani since you get so much HP and it will also slow the other team, the only thing that Mallet offer for your W is Hp, since your W scales on hom much max hp you have, thus meaning; more hp = more damage

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Optional Items, Backup Weapons

If you happen to face a team with most Ap or their Ap carry is getting fed in mid, you should consider buying MR.
Here are a few items I recommend getting;

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Skill Sequence, Spells that kill

When you start jungling with Sejuani you'll need to take you Northern Winds as first spell, since your W is the spell that do most of damage early game, when you reach level 2 you need to take Arctic Assaultfor more speed when jungling. When you go to gank a lane you should start out with letting the lane knowing that you will gank, after that you should aim your Q on the squishiest target, if they start to run, just ult them and your team will get a kill, or two(if you gank bot).

In teamfights you should aim to come in from the side and charge in to their ad carry, then you'll activate Northen Winds and Permafrozt, when you see that you will win the fight or loose you should use [[Glacial Prisson], aiming for the one with the most allies around them, since your Ult is an upgraded version of Ashe's Ult, which slows anyone around, your's stuns them for half the duration of the one you hit.

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Summoner Spells, Spells that can save your life

For summoner spells i recommend;

  • Ghost; Because you are quite slow at early and mid game, and it will help you alot.
  • Smite; Because you are jungling and you need it more than support need CV
  • Exhaust; Take this if the enemy take champs like, Tryndamere, Vayne, Warwick and Master yi, because it will reduce their damage with 70%
  • Flash; Only take this if you think you won't be able to escape, but with this build escaping should be rahter easy

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Jungling, Running in a forest

This is the rout I take when im playing Sejuani and I suggest that you do the same.

I start at blue, when starting the jungle you'll need help from your mid carry, preferably Morgana, Lux if you are talking on Skype or any other voice chatt would be best as it will help you take down the blue golem faster.

After blue you should take wolves, if you are low on hp you should B and buy 2 Health pot and 2 Mana pot, but if you can afford a Philopherer's stone and a Health pot you should take that instead.

After you've cleared wolves you should go and clear Wraiths, after you have cleared Wraiths you should go to Red.

When taking Red you should make use a health pot and smite it when it gets low on HP.

After getting the red buff you got a choice, either you go and take golems or you gank mid, if you gank mid you should ping the enemy champ and say to your mid carry: "I come gank mid, let him push or try to force him to me."

When taking dragon you should have your AD carry helping you out, 'cus you can't take it alone, since it does more damage than you and have more hp.

When your team is doing Baron, you should be closest to him so he focuses you instead of your squishy team, an easy way of doing this is dashing through him with Arctic Assault and Northern Winds, make sure that the enemy team does not try to kill you or your team, as it will probably end with your team dying and they getting baron aswell, this applies also when doing Dragon

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Warding, Putting up tiny tiny cameras

Warding is very important as a jungler, both you and the Support has to put up wards at sertain points and locations, here is where it's best to put wards

When warding Baron or Dragon you should place out Vision Ward's, since it will reveall all their wards in the area and it will also reveall stealth champs like; Talon(Only Ult), Shaco's Decive, Evelynn's Shadow Walk and Twitch's Ambush

Other places you should preferably place Sight Ward's since they are much cheaper and have a longer range. But if they have a Shaco and he is jungling you could place a Vision Ward in the bush at top mid or bot to prevent ganks

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I will post pictures of games that I will post pictures of games with this build, I will also like if you posted some pictures well, as it will help me with my guide and I will mention you in the credits.

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Summary, The End

Thanks for reading my build guide for Sejuani.
I'll add more to it when I have tried out some more items on her.
If you find any grammatical errors don't be afraid to point them out to me, as English isn't my Native language.


  • Ganking Locations
  • Recommended Items

  • Lawlipopzingo - For helping me with picking out items


  • Removed Rylai's, added Frozen Mallet - 2012 - 02 - 06
  • Added Warding Locations - 2012 - 01 - 24
  • Added Jungle Route - 2012 - 01 - 24
  • Added optional MR items - 2012 - 01 - 23