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League of Legends Build Guide Author kSeidon

Semi-In-Depth*Trundle the Filth*

kSeidon Last updated on March 1, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome To the Forum's ;D

Today you're clicking this to read a Guide.-For Trundle obviously-
This is a simple Arm.Pen Trundle but with different items.
I made this guide with no experience what so ever first time i am making a guide... sooo i hope it doesn't suck to much.

A amazing Dps jungling Troll monster, And is one i had neglected to use for quite a while.
I was always more of a support type of person but Trundle just clicked for me.
Just win after win after win, I thought it was a fluke but to my suprise it was not!

The items listed here dont seem to well thought out or maybe odd to some, others may find the items i list here interesting or w.e they're just what i prefer hint the point of a build.

1.Great Early game damage with ((Rabid Bite))
2.Amazing early gank potential with ((Pillar of Filth))
3.Interesting Buff, nice mov. Speed, atk Speed and very nice CC reduction Excellent for escaping a gank.(Or catching up)
4.Ult can save you some times may also want a ((Spirit Visage)) as an optional Item for more heals from your ult and ((Starks Fervor))

1.Hard to harass early game unless you have a nice Stun in your lane.
(Morgana, Swain, etc....)
2.Will get focused because of short range and damage potential.
3.i honestly can't find many flaws with the way i play please feel free to leave some in the comments.

This build doesn't honestly do well till mid game but if you get fed early game you'll do fine.

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Skill Sequence

Decompose:Cool Passive doesn't help in team fights unless someone dies.
Further the healing done by using a Spirit Visage
Rabid Bite:Most important skill of course,good damage through-out the laning phase and team fights.Made stronger later with sheen(sheen procs are almost on time with the c/d on Rabid Bite making it a very strong.
Contaminate:An amazing buff skill. who doesnt like bonus atk speed mov speed and cc reduction hahaha like right :D. i also use this smart say my on c/d got my w and q got a sion 1/4 hp no mana i have 1/4 hp well then lets see ima go ahead and rape him with my e,w,q dead combo not hard to be honest.

In the order in which you should rank the skills is basic, max A.S.A.P. after which you can then take either or both are good for you but either way is fine.

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Runes + Masteries

Runes: Reasoning
Reasons are simple to my Rune's arrmor pen in red and in quints to get the most out of the rune's arm.Pen then Yellow and Blue for Atk.Speed i personally love high atk speed early game and it helps with the life steal of the
Also to maximize the Arm.Pen we get a Last Whisper for the specific fact of stacking as much Arm.Pen as possible to maximize your damage output with this build.

Now for my Masteries i Just go full atk spec with 2 in minions and i take 3 for less time spent and 3 in armor cause meh who doesnt like more armor right :D?

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Lets start off with i really only end up each game with a wirggle's lantern and a [trinity force]] so these other items to me are viable and well rounded for Trundle.
Since this is a user created guide of my playstyle and how i do thing's I'd respect it if any rude comments were kept to one's self and only give constructive criticism.

I start with a Doran's Shield then after a good 1000-1500(1500 gold if i get a kill)Gold i will get a pair of Boots of Speed and a Long Sword then continue back to lane.
Then I'll continue to lane untill i have 1300 gold or so then i finish my lantern
and start a small jungle on the lane im in top or bottom usually end up doing dragon then going back to lane.
Now i just jungle and lane and gank when needed.
IMPORTANTyou need to know that you need to jungle and gank to be a decent troll you need to harass 2 lanes at once and it can prove to be difficult at points.
I have my playstyle so that im always near a lane to gank while jungling and i know where im going to gank and what jungle is on the way how much gold i can accumulate. Alot of things go on in my head all at once.

Next is the almighty all around sexyness we call the
Nice health wonder slow from the nice crit and atk.speed from the and an AMAZINGGGGGGGG damage proc from the sheen ohhh boy gotta love this :D. its absolutely wonder ful for our all around troller =] now you have some extra damage behind your Arm.Pen rune's hehe.

Next on the item list is !!!!!!!!! awesome yes yes????? 40 damage +40 Arm.Pen = more damage good yes????????? i think so sir! ^_^
This will allow you to hit harder in damage and even harder with the extra Arm.Pen. Awesome buy on

Situational Items

Next is the An amzing little item 700 extra hp that you now have with 20+damage and a nice slow, this item is of course situational as is my core items were done already i just get these items as gags they are in no way affecting my core build.

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Summoner Spells

My summoner skills + Why

I personally choose between
or fTo catch up to a stragler and slow with Pillar of fulth
orfor a double slow also allows you to 1v1 a bit better
orGood for those almost kill we all FACEPALM cause they got away with 5 hp >.>
for map control and to suprise your enemy by teleporting to your wriggle's lantern ward.

i Don't bother with the other Summoner skill's unless im using a non melee champ. These are my primary Melee champ summoner skill's

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Team Work

This section will explain how to fix you're lane, so you can successfully Stay in and Harass them the f#@$ away from the gold.
I lane best with ,
any one who can stun or root is the best with go in Rabid Bite them like a BAUSSSEEE!!!!!! slow him Rabid Bite some more and more until he eventually drop's from rabie's and the clap. I had a game i was playing with my friend he was a Nunu i had so much fun haha he would hide in a bush, i would bait them and Nunu would ult i would slow his team mates inside with my and just beat on them they literally can't do anything unless they have a blink or flash up only kat could save herself, even then i caught up and ate her *** omnomnom na'mean?

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During my guide i have stated the essentials from laning phase to trolling in general.
As i become more skillful with i will constantly update the item's strategies and so on. But for now my mind is exhausted and i must re-fill it with more trolling info
So till my update
get out on those fields cause it's