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Sett Build Guide by KimJongW

Top Sett Lifesteal Guide (Never Die)

Top Sett Lifesteal Guide (Never Die)

Updated on January 29, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author KimJongW Build Guide By KimJongW 41 2 52,121 Views 0 Comments
41 2 52,121 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author KimJongW Sett Build Guide By KimJongW Updated on January 29, 2020
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Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Bone Plating

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Champion Build Guide

Sett Lifesteal Guide (Never Die)

By KimJongW
Hi guys, I am a low elo player who recently got into the game and wanted to share with you guys a Sett build which I thought was cool and broken. I don't know how effective it would be in high elo, so if anyone can try it out and inform me, that would be great. This is my first time making a guide so forgive me for my lack of pictures and videos, I will try to update the guide after some feedback and after I learn how to navigate Mobafire.

The first rune is Conqueror. This is a great rune for Sett because it allows him to do more damage when his skills are down and lets him heal during fights. The 15% is huge since Sett does a lot of damage, allowing him to continuously beat down his opponent. This rune makes long trades favourable for Sett, if he can get all stacks in.

The second rune is Triumph. This is a great rune for Sett because this build was made to outlast your oppponent. After you eventually kill them, not only did you regen health because of your items, but you also gain 12% of your health from this rune, furthur boosting your unkillable status. This is great for high hp characters like Sett, especially during teamfights.

The third rune is Legend: Alacrity. The reason I chose this rune instead of Legend: Bloodline is because I believe the attack speed is more important. Without this attack speed, laning phase may be a bit hard. Plus with the bonus attack speed, you can regen more from your items, minimizing any lifesteal loses you may have from not choosing Bloodline.

The fourth rune is Coup De Grace. This is an amazing rune for Sett because this allows him to dominate low health opponents as he regenerates. This will help out along with Alacrity because Sett has low mobility, so finishing off your opponents is the best for him.

The fifth rune is Demolish which basically just allows him to take down towers faster, making him dominate laning phase more.

The last rune is Bone Plating which is a crucial rune for Sett because it makes him take more hits and be more tanky. This is really useful because this can allow Sett to regen his health faster then he takes damage when he starts building his items.
The first Summoner Spell is Flash. This is very crucial for Sett, and MUST be taken for him. Without it, he loses a lot of his pressure because of his lack of mobility. With it, he can chase after enemies to get the kill as well as to escape.

The Second summoner spell is Teleport. This is a good spell for Sett because it can allow him to return to lane earlier, protecting his tower. It can also allow him to join team fights easier or spilt push.

The third summoner spell is Ignite. I don't usually take this spell because I like teleport better for Sett, but you can take Ignite if you want to pressure your opponents more and get more kills off of people who try to escape.
Pitt Grit (Passive): Sett attacks with his left hand first and then his right. His right hand does more damage, attacks faster and has a longer range. Sett also gains health regen, with more health being regenerated for every 5% of health he is missing.

Knuckle Down (Q): Active: For 1.5 seconds, you run faster towards enemy champions, and do bonus attack damage with your next two basic attacks (must be within 5 seconds, using an attack resets the timer). This skill also resets Setts attack timer so he can start at left punch again.

Haymaker (W): This is Setts most powerful skill. Has great range, builds up your grit and does a decent amount of damage.
Passive: Sett stores up damage as grit. Sett can gain up to 50% of his max hp as grit. Grit will slowly decay away.
Active: Sett sends out an attack in front of him. It does physical damage, but anyone inside the middle takes true damage. He also gains a shield afterwards equal to the grit he used on the skill.

Facebreaker (E): Active: Sett pulls pulls enemies from opposite towards him. If enemies are only pulled from one side, they are slowed. But if enemies were pulled from both side, they are stunned for 1 second.

The Show Stopper (R): Active: This is a good ult because Sett can use it to catch up to fleeing enemies, using an enemy champion. This skill has a small radius of activation, but when you use it, you travel a decent distance. If the slam down an enemy champion on other enemy champions, you do damage. The more hp the enemy champion you grabbed has, the more damage you do to the others in the slam radius. So grab the tanks. You can also use this to isolate an enemy from a group fight.

I always max out W first. Then I usually max out Q next as the more damage you do, the more you heal. Sometimes I max E out before Q, because the enemy champion may have more range then me, or I might be getting ganked a lot.
Starting Items: Doran's Blade and a hp pot. If you will face an enemy champion that will counter you (many any poke champion), get a Doran's Shield.

First Item - Ravenous Hydra: I like this as my first item because you do a lot more damage, and the lifesteal it provides is what beginnings your journey on outliving your opponents. It's also a great starting item because you build tiamat early on, allowing you to farm better.

Second Item - Black Cleaver: This is a good item for Sett because it allows you to kill tanks faster. A massive bonus of this item is the health it provides you, making you more tanky and your lifesteals more meaningful. It also provides you 20% CDR, which is important as it really helps out. A very good replacement for this item is Trinity Force. Trinity Force provies you the same amnount of CDR, it increases your attack speed. Gives you a bit of health, makes you a bit stronger. The biggest advantage of Trinity Force is the movement speed increase as it will allow you to chase enemy champions better. There is also the sheen proc for your Q. The only cons are that you lose a bit of health and attack damage.

Third Item - Berserkers Greaves: This is an important item as it provides you the movement speed and attack speed you will need. You can replace it with Ninja Tank for damage resistance. You can also replace it with Mercury's Threads to be more resistant to stuns, slows, etc. I would recommend Ninja Tank or Berserkers over Mercury because you can always get Mercurial Scimitar.

Fourth Item - Blade of the Ruined King: This is very good item for Sett and when you build it, your pressure will spike. It slows down the enemies, provides you lifesteal, gives you more attack damage and increases your attack speed. This is a important milestone in items.

Fifth Item - Frozen Mallet: This is another item that will greatly benefit Sett. Its passive will slow down the enemy for Sett to chase after. It also provides him 700 hp, making him a lot more tanky. It also provides attack damage, making Sett all the more threatening. You can replace this item with Frozen Heart. It will give you a 20% CDR and give him a lot of armour. It also slows the attack speed of enemies in his radius. I highly recommend you take Frozen Mallet instead as it fits Setts kit more. Another good replacement for Frozen Mallet is Streaks Gage. Streaks will allow you to gain more grit, which will make your W not only a great defensive tool, but also an offensive tool.

Last Item - Death's Dance: I like this item a lot because it allows Sett to be more tanky by provide him more lifesteal as well as making some of the damage he takes turn into a bleed effect instead, prolonging his life. it also provides him 10% CDR which is very useful, and some attack damage. If you want, you can replace this item with Phantom Dancer. Phantom Dancer is also a great item for Sett as it provides him movement speed, attack speed and a higher crit chance. It also provides you a shield when you are below 30% health to make you a bit more tanky.
During the Laning Phase, I usually play more aggressively on enemies I know I can beat in a trade with. At level 1, I look to farm and to pressure the enemy, maybe hitting them a bit. After I hit level 2, I actively look for trades because of my stun. Once I reach level 3, I usually play really aggressive now, unless I'm down in farm or kills. Once I hit level 6, I play the most aggressive as I know I can tower dive and bring the enemy champion away from the tower. I only play aggressively against champions I know I can win in a trade with and the enemy jungler isn't ganking me. Once I get my first item, my farm increases and I worry less about the Jungler unless they are able to counter me.

After laning phase is over, I begin to join teamfights as I know I can play a massive role in them. If I have a massive lead over the other team, it is very hard for them to take me down because I heal much faster then they can damage me. Add on my insane damage, and I easily win 1v3 or 1v3 situations. If you are on the same playing field as them, then join teamfights where your team isn't disadvantaged so that your team can back you up. Also, go for objectives.

During the late game, you should play more passive, only going for teamfights where you have a good chance of winning, going for objectives or destroying a tower. At this point of time, the other team probably built most of the items and can do a lot of damage to you. You can still soak up a decent amount of damage, but if you can't enter melee range of your opponents or get CC'ed a lot, then you will most likely lose that fight, so always fight with your teammates around.
All in all, I just wanted to share a build I think is great on a champion I really enjoy. Hopefully, you will all enjoy him as much as me. Any criticism is welcome as everyone is still figuring out this character. I will try to update this guide as I learn more about the game and the character. Thank you for reading my guide. If this guide is helpful to you or you have some criticism feel free to comment. I am a low elo player and am new to the game so I know I am lacking in knowledge in a lot of areas.
League of Legends Build Guide Author KimJongW
KimJongW Sett Guide
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Sett Lifesteal Guide (Never Die)

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