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Shaco Build Guide by BrownHawk

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BrownHawk

Shaco - A different way : OWNED

BrownHawk Last updated on December 4, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey ! I wanna show a different side of Shaco. With a lot of attack speed and damage Shaco can be really dangerous. So i'm writing this build. Just try it. You will see it works good.

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I ve choise those runes because of the items. Attack speed runes works like hell with your build. Armor runes are useful cause Shaco doesn't have a lot Armor. And cd runes are useful too cause faster abilities are important for Shaco =)

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Berserker's Greaves : For more attack speed
Madred's Bloodrazor : For attack speed and extra damage. It's really effective if there is a tank in the other team.
Zeke's Harbinger : You need lifesteal and attack speed. This item is great for you !
Youmuu's Ghostblade : Armor pen is let you kill the other team's tank. You ve got Bloodrazor and Ghostblade.OMG! And ghostblade's active is really good.
Trinity Force : For sheen's passive and the other things. This is a really good item.
Infinity Edge : For damage. It may looks unnecessary but with lots of attack speed this damage is really good =)

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Creeping / Jungling

I ve give the first point to the boxes cause i'm always start at blue. Take ur boots and pots then run to the Blue Buff place 4-5 boxes and get it. Then go lane. It's gonna help you at early game. You can throw your dagger however you want. You can take last hits easily and can make harass.

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Backstab - 20% more damage... if you attack the enemy from the back. This can make a massive difference in your DPS and also will make the enemies dig their own grave when running away from you. When playing Shaco it is very important to install a psychological advantage to your enemies, make them fear you. Make them scared. Shaco feeds off this fear and it only will make him stronger, consider this idea: if you scare the enemy, his natural instincts will be to run away from you, an attempt which is quite foolish when you think about all the abilities you have to catch up to them, whilst the enemy is running away his back is turned to you... this means when auto-attacking you will deal 20% more damage so you kill them faster.

Deceive can be used for chasing and dealing crucial damage to a single target. Deceive makes your next attack have 100% crit, and therefore its best to attack the enemy from the back to get the 20% increased damage from shaco's passive.

Jack In The Box is your only natural way of disabling the enemy. Many starts with this ability so they have some time to place them around the map, stacking it in 1 place, or even take neutral monsters (Lizard for example). The reason why i only take a skill in JitB at level 4 is because i play much more aggressively instead of placing boxes for defensive uses.
You can use JitB if you are getting chased and if your deceive is on cooldown to get away. Place the box infront of the direction you are running, and run around it till the enemy gets feared, start running again, and deceive whenever you can.

Two-Shiv Poison The passive effect on this ability makes you able to stay close to your enemy when you are hitting them. It also gives the enemy a chance to miss his autoattacks, which is pretty awesome in 1v1 fights.
However, I only use the active effect if im out of range of the enemy and need to slow them from distance. Two-Shiv Poison is also a great ability to finish the last bite of health on an enemy.

Hallucinate is a really good ulti. You can have a great fun with it. Go into a brush us your ulti. But be care both of you should stay in the brush. Then use ALT+CLÄ°CK and control your clone. Attack with him to the enemy champion. I have seen so many champions used their ulti to my clone. After they used their ultimate use deceive and got them !

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I have never complete my build cause the other team always gone surrend =D

The Custom game was a 2v1 vs team. This build could take olaf and poppy.