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Shaco Build Guide by PHELYP

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League of Legends Build Guide Author PHELYP

Shaco Best Of The Best UPDATED AP

PHELYP Last updated on June 14, 2013
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Hi, I'm going to show you as best as I can how to play as shaco succesfully on crystal scar,
the dominion map. I've been getting positive scores mostly by playing like this (7/0,7/1,10/1)
to show u a few and u can too. The title isn't boasting, many people have said to me YOU'RE
THE BEST SHACO EVER!! So let's get started :p .

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The runes i displayed above arn't the runes I'm actually using right now. They are the runes I'm
working towards when I get enough IP. Right now i have these stats with my runes :
- +44 AP at 18
- +11% ATSPD (attackspeed)
- +3% Critical Damage
- +2.2% Critical Chance
- -2.39% CD (Cooldown Reduction)
The reason i have these runes is because i normally play AD champs only, I only started liking
AP champs when I first tried Annie, so I decided to get some AP runes and CD runes. the empty slots i filled up with the runes I had from my other champs.

Ok, now I'll tell u why I chose the runes i picked above:
Shaco is as u probably know VERY squishy, many champs can 3 shot him so staying hidden,
deceiving them by going into brush and sending your clone (which most players will think is u)
first and basically laying on huge amounts of burstdamage before they even noticed you is key.
That's why I got the AP and MAG PEN runes.
I also got some CD because its allways handy to have deceive ready for escaping or throwing
that last finishing shiv at runners.

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Summoners wrath and Summoners Insight to make your ghost and flash more effective, try escaping using only one of them, so that when one is on CD u can still use the other to flee.
Max out your AP masteries in your offensive tree to raise your burst damage. The goal is to kill
them or mortally wound them before they have a chance to react. I usually have a jack in the box
planted on my predetermined escaperoute to finish of th emortally wounded one that tries to chase or just for the fear to get away. Executioner mastery is a given for that purpose and to make your thrown shivs more likely to kill a near death runner. Works for your jacks in the box too ofcourse. Get some manaregen to help u last longer, escape more often and so on.
Finally max the movespeed masteries for escaping, chasing.pretty basic.

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Skill Sequence

Since it's dominion as u know, u will start at level 3. Put 1 point in every skill to give u all
the options u need to play the right way. your damage wont be that great yet, but u will be able
to surive pretty well and against squishy champs or damaged ones land the occasional kill.
After that u should prioritise your jack in the box and secondly shiv throw, when u get 3 box and 2 shiv u should put a second point in deceive just to lower it's manacost thus making it easier to escape.

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First we go with Boots of Speed and Blasting Wand, for escapability and some harrass damage.
Then we start building for Lich Bane to raise our damage, movespeed and mana higher.Also it has this neat ability to make your next auto attack give bonuesdamage based on your max AP ,so stacking AP will make that damage pretty high.That's why u want
to go purely for power by getting Rabadon's Deathcap or Void Staff, depending on wether or not the enemy team has magic resist. I mostly get rabadons first.When u get both rabadons and Void Staff the match is mostly won. I mostly dont even get to buying Void Staff, ending most games with 3 items. SHould the match drag on for too long u get items depending on the situation. You could get your clone some onhit items like
The Black Cleaver or Frozen Mallet, u could raise his ap even further by stacking rabadons.Defensive items are useless on shaco go for max damage.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost,This pretty much has the same basic idea : ESCAPE
Flash can be used as a somewhat deceive replacement for when its on cooldown or to help u get
further away when stealthed. Ghost is just awesome for chasing, getting away pretty much like all shaco's moves. I tend to use it when im stealthed and surrounded by gankers.

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Pros / Cons

PROS : - great escape artist
- big burstdamage mid/endgame
- jack in the box is very helpfull to defend places, make your escape, as an ambush AND
to disrupt the enemy team in a teamfight. when placed in clusters they even pack a
great deal of burst damage while preventing the target from running.

CONS : - very squishy
- pitifull damage against high mag res tanks
- a stun or snare mostly means the end for you

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Team Work

shaco is great to go through the jungle and capture the points alone while staying alive. I've
come to realise that the best strategy for me is to have the slowest teammember go bot. Have
the fastest go mid and after capture make him rush top too so u get 4 up there fast without
leaving mid easily capturable. A GREAT champ for this is rammus, he can go mid, capture it and then use his ballroll to rush top. It's important that he saves his roll for AFTER he captures mid to get there fast without using too much mana. I allways start off by using ghost to rush out of base to top through the jungle *important* run through the windspeed thing, u will get it
at the time ghost runs out. That way u can rush to right under the top capture point and place
a jack inthe box before the enemy gets there. That way they get feared for a bit giving your team time to capture a chunk of top and for rammus to arrive. Then u just stay back throwing shivs and retreating while placing the occasional box right in the outer ring of the top capture point so they cant capture right away or cancel your team's capture.

- If u have teemo on your team and he placed a lot of mushrooms in an area, it's a great idea
to add one or more of your boxes to the mix. the shrooms slow and poison plus your boxes
shooting will do tons of damage AND your fear may force them to walk into more shrooms.

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Tips for maximum Shaco effectiveness

Like with any champ understanding your moves and knowing when and where is very important. So here I will tell u all the tricks i use to annoy the **** out of the enemy team:

- hide in brush and make a clone, hold ALT and rightclick an enemy to make the clone go out
keep an eye on them, if they know its the clone, they will try to run. thats your que to
throw a shiv to slow them down. This is a great tactic to suprise them. I also use this
without going into brush sometimes for when theres one champ defending a point, that will
make him run in circles around the point at which time u should shiv throw so the clone
will be close when he explodes. If the enemy champ runs further u can capture the point
making it stop to shoot the clone, use ALT to make the clone chase or keep enemies at bay.

- place several jacks in the box in a small area and try to lure enemies into them, be ready 2
throw your shiv for when their fear is about to wear off so that they cant run to safety
quickly even after not feared.

- when u go to capture a point ALLWAYS place a jack in the box a small distance behind u in
the jungle. That way u can allways escape easily should someone try to stop u. if box is
on cooldown wait before going into the outer visible circle of the map. stay hidden, place
your box and only then come into view, u don't want them seeying u place it and go around it

- stay in the jungle, only surface to capture or gank and ONLY after u set your box on your
escape route.

- when chased by one or mulitple enemies its often a good idea to run in one way and deceive
in the opposite way. this way they lose track of u. for example u are running left and are
chased, keep running left then deceive to the right and keep running right. a sure way to

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Unique Skills

This build is great for the roguestyle shaco, strike, vanish, set up ambushes. Big burstdamage thx to all the AP and getting Lich Bane early means u get extra : movespeed, better chasing, escaping. mana, stay on the field longer, better chance to have eneough mana for deceive during
ganks.and yes, 80 AP to boot. when u add rabaonds deathcap and void staff after that, your damage will be insane on most champs. Even tanks can be melted away with a good ambush with
jack in the box and/or clone (ultimate). Obviously this build isn't a hybrid, but its only 4 items, so should the match drag out and u find you are doing hardly any damage, u can still
choose to get infinity edge and black cleaver or Sanguine Blade. Or if u find it very hard to survive against the highburst team with big hp and/or armor magic resist, you could get items that give hp/AP like deathfire's grasp which also has a handy lower enemy magic resist for even
more damage. I wouldn't recommend Malady because shaco is far too squishy to sustain hits to give malady it's full effects unless accompanied by his clone, and the damage increase isnt all that great.

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This build isn't all that good for farming, especially early game. That's why it only works
on dominion. Shaco can move so flawlessly around the map without ever getting caught, he doesnt need to farm minions, u get plenty of champkills/assists.

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So remember,
- 1)survival is a MUST. can't kill the enemy easily without getting hit? Retreat, try
to lure them into a cluster of your preset boxes. or use a clone and shivthrow to slow.

- 2)ALLWAYS save deceive to run. there's only one exeption and thats if there's nobody else close to you and the enemy is running with only one hit to kill him AND if u dont have a shiv to throw.Shaco needs somewhat mana help, descent movespeed and lots and lots of AP and Magic Penetration for the high burstdamage.

- 3)Shiv Throw is a great way to ensure your clone explosion hits for maximum damage, to help
u escape when deceive is on cooldown and also to slow enemies when they walk into your
jax in the box so they take mor hits from them.

-4) This build is purely meant for the playstyle I have Explained to you in this guide. Don't get close to an enemy champion unless you
are certain u will kill him before he kills you. Hit and run tactics people, PLAN YOUR ATTACKS set at least 1 box in advance so u get free reign to attack/escape, then shivthrow. At that point they will mostly come after u , at which time u can run over your box, making them run into it. Then take advantage of the fear and bonusdamage to reel in the kill.

-5) don't capture points before setting a jack in the box on your planned escape route, close to you, yet hidden in the jungle.

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That's about all I can think of right now, I will update this page whenever I think of more
strategies, tips and so on. Any feedback is appreciated, but try it before u judge.
Let me know how u did, thanks in advance, good luck and have fun !