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Shaco Build Guide by Shaconator

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Shaconator

Shaconating The lane!

Shaconator Last updated on December 4, 2011
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Hello there, YOU, are having the pleasure to read my beginners guide to lane Shaco. Let me tell you something before we set off, this guide is not written in great detail and is made for those, that have not yet had great experiences with Shaco.

!I Am Aware that i am still quite low level, but i still think that my build is worth sharing!Important

Your oppinions are more than appreciated, i would be grateful if you took the time to share them :)

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Pros / Cons

Shaco, that sneaky stealthed Shaco, comes with Pro's and Con's:


- Nice damage output early-, mid- and late- game
- Assasin and chaser - this guys everywhere were thers low hp :)
- He's fun to play ;) (especially with my build :P)


- Squishy. Squishy, squishy. (if you do nothing about it)
- He's not easy to play!
- He NEEDS them items. So GET them KILLS!

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Playstyle - Short but Informative.

Okay, its time for part 2 of this Shaco lane guide:

A few things to mention before i start with the actual gameplay are:

- Please do NOT go mid, shaco is squishy and has no chance against any ranged char this early, especially because they will prevent him from farming!

- Dont try to mix Jungling and laning to much, it will result in poor efficciency, low level and incoming QQ!

So lets begin, shaco is an excellen team player, his 'jack in the box' ability is very useful early game as it fears the opponent and deals sufficient damage, place them in the grass when hiding there with a friend to grab a nice team bonus. Furthermore Shaco is equipped with his private version of 'Flash', 'Deceive', which not only flashes him away but stealthes him additionally, this results in you being OP at escaping and then 'potting' early game. 'Deceive' also grants Shaco a defenit crit, i'd advise you to flash behind the opponent with Deceive and then make use of Shacos passive, Backstab, granting additional damage if you are behind the opponent.
'Two Shiv Poison' is also very important, it slows the opponent and therefore gives you time to damage before they tower dodge or do something similair. In late game it aids you when Chasing.
Shacos Ulti is pure awesomeness.'Hallucinate' helps you dodge, tower dive, kill, escape and what not!

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Explaining My Item choice!

For this guide i'll keep the items pretty definite offering limited situational items, but clarifying when and why to buy them.

Your core build:

Doran's Blade
---> Health Potion only if its not going well, e.g 2 melees vs 2 ranged^^
Berserker's Greaves
Phantom Dancer

This is your core build that should be acheived asap. Dorans Blade being your first item, it is not to much ;)

Mid-Late Game MUST

Infinity Edge - This item just goes with Phantom Dancer. Crit that HIT!

The Bloodthirster - Life Steal + damage. Need i say more?

After having accquired these items, sell dorans blade, it will no longer be needed!

The 2 Builds, The Black Cleaver or Trinity Force

I advise you to pick Trinity Force in most cases! It gives you the power of sheen + 50% more and is generally and Pro-item.

If you choose the cleaver, get it before the Guardian Angel. The Trinity Force is to expensive and would interrupt that part of the core build, which offers good survivability - Guardian Angel has the overwelming passive after which shaco should always be able to flash out of with Deceive!

If you choose cleaver before the Guardian Angel and after the guardian angel start stacking MONEY - $$$, replace The Black Cleaver with the epicness of Trinity Force.
Don't forget to get Sheen before Guardian Angel in a direct Trinity Force build!

Situational Items:

Nashor's Tooth - this item offers you CDR + attack speed + AP. If you want less time for abilities, without loosing attack speed take this instead of The Black Cleaver or Trinity Force.

Boots of Mobility - More speed! this means no ghost is required, drop the Berserker's Greaves for this. You can then Deceive and outrun people without ghost! Summoner spell choice should then be Ignite!

Trinity Force - Do NOT hesitate to get this item, it gives shaco the extra survivability he needs and is an very nice package that offers a-hell-of-a-lot. Drop Black cleaver for this!

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Summoner Spells - Take/Dont Take

Okay So here are the good Spells:

Ghost - Increased speed + combines excellently with 'deveive' when chasing!

Exhaust - Exhaust lowers the opponents speed and damage output. This is good to open a fight and to end one, when the opponent had an advantage with which he would have won, if it were not for Exhaust!

Teleport - Good for fast shopping and is epic way of joining teem fights at the last second, i love it on most chars.

The Ye-nos

Flash - For most characters it rocks, its a good spell but DONT take it for shaco, he has [[Deceive]!

Heal - Best way of securing a first blood/dual kill at the beginning, but its useless late game.

Ignite - Finisher + Op first blood. A pretty good choise, due to it dealing true damage its still quite effective late game!

Cleanse - Well, this one is always a why not, gets rid of pesky CC's

The BAD:

Revive - you dont want to die..this sucks..

Smite - No, this is a lane shaco guide...

Clairvoyance - Support spell

Clarity - Were not to mana reliant in this guide.. don't take!

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Okay, Thankyou for reading!

Ive written this guide because ive been searching for one on this topic myself, if you guys like this, then vote for it. It will help alot of people to play lane Shaco - especially the beginners, one of which i am as well.

Please do not forgot to Vote if you liked this guide, spread the link, spread the word and dont forget to Try the guide.

Constructive Criticism is VERY Welcome! Please help me Improve this guide, which ill keep updated anyhow!

Kind regards, and enjoying trying!