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Shen Build Guide by Ghelgath

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ghelgath


Ghelgath Last updated on February 23, 2012
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What's up everybody?My name is Paradox and in this guide i am shwoing you how i play Shen,the Eye of Twilight.I bought Shen two or three weaks before his rework/buff(however you wanna call it) and i found out that he was awesome.So naturaly when i heard that Riot was buffing him i was completely stoped.The Ninja would make his...OMG!!!!Why didn't said something when you walked in to the roum?"A Ninja can only be seen when he chooses to".Oh well at least you seam to be less anoying than Malzahar.

Anyway as i was saying...Yes,Shen you can sit where ever you want...again,as i was saying Shen was a good tank and now he is a beast.But i am not gonna waist more of your time in the introduction lets get to the point!

Note: At this point i also want to mention that i have a Malzahar guide here on Moba Fire but because i accidentaly publish it before finishing it i had to archived it and so i lost my place in the new guides.If you would like to check it out that would be awesome.

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Chapter 2

Just in case:

CC=Crowed Control
SS=Miss or MIA(Missing In Action)
PuG=Pick Up Group(Meaning mach making teams)
AA=Auto Attack
MPen=Magic Penetration
CD=Cool Down
CDR=Cool Down Reduction
HP=Health Pool
MP=Mana Pool
mp5=Mana Per 5
MR=Magic Resistans
AP=Ability Power
AD=Attack Damage
AoE=Area of Effect

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Pros / Cons


-AoE Taunt
-Abilitie that can go over walls
-Great farming capability since you can go split push the whole game and still be there for your team.
-Can be everywhere
-Very good damage for a tank
-Great sustainability and surviviability


-Huge energy cost on Tautnt if you don't land it consistantly
-Only one AoE abilitie
-You need a lot of farm in order to utilise his full potentials
-Depending on the player he can be hard to master
-Potential problems against ranged champions

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Summoner Spells

Ok so first things first.Lets start by analysing the Summoner Spells i take and also other options you have.

Flash : Even after the last nerf Flash is still on of my top choices for most of the champions i play.Its great because it gives you an escape tool not to mention the great chasing capabilities.In lane phase this Summoner Spell will make you ungangable and even ensure you a kill or two.

Heal : The new Heal is actualy pretty useful with Shen.You can use it to ensure a team figth or even save allies.After you telleport with Stand United on anyone, Heal can ensure his/her safety not to mention you can use it to do many other things like turret dives or traps.

Ignite : This is a very helpful summoner spell since it provides you with that extra bit of damage that will make the difference between "Ahahaha Killed You" to "/all OMG HP?". Ignite has also one more thing that make it a very good choice.The healing reduction on the target.This will be a pain in the Neck for most Supports out there and/or lifesteal/Spellvamp/HP regen champions like Swain, Vladimir, Dr. Mundo etc .

Teleport :

Clarity : I normaly would not recommend this Summoner Spell for Malzahar since you shouldn't have that mach of a mana problem if you use your Malefic Visions corectly .Of course if you are new to Malzahar and you see that you can't control his Mana Pool well, feel free to use it.It will never be completely useless since you will be able to help your team with their Mana Problems,assisting them in some sense...WHAT?I don't do it...OK OK relax.But you shouldn't be assissting Malzahar anyway...Happy now?Sry Sry i will continue..

Ghost : You could always take Ghost instead of Flash .Its a very good spell to chase or get out of a sticky situation and its definitely gonna help with landing your abilities on enemy champions.Still most of the times i pick Flash because of personal preferences.

Exhaust : This a good Summoner Spell if you are against a lot of AAers,specialy melee, and an extra CC,if used well,its always good to have for your personal duels as well as for team fights!

Clairvoyance : This is an ok Summoner Spell to have,no matter who you are, if nobody in your team gets it.Malzahar's abilities don't have any great synergy with this Spell but if no one in your team has it,you can get it.Still it would be adviced someone who can actualy benefit from it,like Ezreal, to get this one.In general your Support should get it."Yes,because i am not a support!!!"...Yes Malzahar we know...

Cleanse : As an AP Mid champion Malzahar is very squishy so if you get CCed you will most likely die.This is a good way of removing that CC and save yourself.Still even with out the CC Malzahar dies prety fast if he get focused.

Surge : This is an intresting choice for Malzahar and you can take it instead of Ignite. It doesn't brake your ultis chaneling meaning you can pop it when you have the target under suppression and add a litle bit of damage.I haven't used Surge that much with Malzahar because i still preffer Ignite.

Revive : I know that this spell might look appealing for the very new players but it's insane cooldown makes this Summoner Spell,in my opinion, pretty useless.

Smite : No.Just for the very new players,again,please notice that damage can only be inflicted upon creeps and pets,not champions.

My combinations are:




And in very rare occasions:


You should always test out different combinations of Summoner Spells until you find the one you are most comfortable with.Be smart about it though.For example,as i stated before, Malzahar doesnt have any real escape tools,so you should always try to have
Ghost or Flash in your picks.

Note:You don't have to get the exact same summoner spells i have in every build.I just put them there to show you the different combinations that i use.It would be a good choice though to get Teleport on the final build(explained later).