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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Malzahar Build Guide by Ghelgath

Malzahar-The Master of Mid lane

Malzahar-The Master of Mid lane

Updated on February 28, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ghelgath Build Guide By Ghelgath 6,320 Views 2 Comments
6,320 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Ghelgath Malzahar Build Guide By Ghelgath Updated on February 28, 2012
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  • LoL Champion: Malzahar
  • LoL Champion: Malzahar
  • LoL Champion: Malzahar
  • LoL Champion: Malzahar


NOTE: The video i am mentioning in the guide is not yet ready.I decided though to realease the guide earlier and add it later in order to get some feedback.

What is up everybody!!!!My true nick name is Paradox but unfortunately it was already taken here so i went with a differend one.Anyway now that we got that out of the way let me introduce you to...OMG WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!!! " I AM MALZAHAR THE PROHET OF THE VOID ".

Can i talk now?..Yes?..Ok....Thank you Malzahar...Well you heard the man he is the Prophet of the Void.Anyway,Malzahar is an exeptional AP champion and a realy skilled Malzahar can dominate mid lane every single time.He is my first 6300 IP Champion and from the minute i bought him i knew i have found my favorite Champion.So without further ado lets get to the actual Pros and Cons list.
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Just in case:

CC=Crowed Control
SS=Miss or MIA(Missing In Action)
PuG=Pick Up Group(Meaning mach making teams)
AA=Auto Attack
MPen=Magic Penetration
CD=Cool Down
CDR=Cool Down Reduction
HP=Health Pool
MP=Mana Pool
mp5=Mana Per 5
MR=Magic Resistans
AP=Ability Power
AD=Attack Damage
AoE=Area of Effect
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Pros / Cons


Great Burst Damage on Single Target
Great Harashing capabilities in Lane Phase
Great CC on Single Target
Great Farmer/Pusher
CC on Multimple Targets


Most of your Abilities Make you vulnerable for a short period of time
No Real Escape Tools
No Potitioning = FAIL (Explained later on in this guide.)
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Summoner Spells

Ok so first things first.Lets start by analysing the Summoner Spells i take and also other options you have.

Ignite : This is a very helpful summoner spell since it provides you with that extra bit of damage that will make the difference between "Ahahaha Killed You" to "/all OMG HP?". Ignite has also one more thing that make it a very good choice.The healing reduction on the target.This will be a pain in the..."Watch your language!!!"...What?in the Neck."Oh...cary on then ".Anyway as i said its gonna be a pain in the NECK!!!("Ye Ye what ever...")...for most Supports out there.

Flash : Even after the last nerf Flash is still on of my top choices for most of the champions i play.Its great because it gives you an escape tool not to mention the great chasing capabilities.In lane phase this Summoner Spell gives me almost 100% a kill.

Teleport : In case you don't want to get Ignite, Teleportis the way to go.I also strongly recommend this one if you are new with Malzahar because its going to allow you to stay back,farm and with no kills,be able to leave your lane and come back in a matter of seconds.On top of that Malzahar is one of the top pushers in the game and he can clear out a few waves of minions before you even notice it.So use this cleverly and you are gonna be able to save turrets and push multimple lanes puting huge pressure on the enemy team.

Clarity : I normaly would not recommend this Summoner Spell for Malzahar since you shouldn't have that mach of a mana problem if you use your Malefic Visions corectly .Of course if you are new to Malzahar and you see that you can't control his Mana Pool well, feel free to use it.It will never be completely useless since you will be able to help your team with their Mana Problems,assisting them in some sense...WHAT?I don't do it...OK OK relax.But you shouldn't be assissting Malzahar anyway...Happy now?Sry Sry i will continue..

Ghost : You could always take Ghost instead of Flash .Its a very good spell to chase or get out of a sticky situation and its definitely gonna help with landing your abilities on enemy champions.Still most of the times i pick Flash because of personal preferences.

Exhaust : This a good Summoner Spell if you are against a lot of AAers,specialy melee, and an extra CC,if used well,its always good to have for your personal duels as well as for team fights!

Clairvoyance : This is an ok Summoner Spell to have,no matter who you are, if nobody in your team gets it.Malzahar's abilities don't have any great synergy with this Spell but if no one in your team has it,you can get it.Still it would be adviced someone who can actualy benefit from it,like Ezreal, to get this one.In general your Support should get it."Yes,because i am not a support!!!"...Yes Malzahar we know...

Cleanse : As an AP Mid champion Malzahar is very squishy so if you get CCed you will most likely die.This is a good way of removing that CC and save yourself.Still even with out the CC Malzahar dies prety fast if he get focused.

Surge : This is an intresting choice for Malzahar and you can take it instead of Ignite. It doesn't brake your ultis chaneling meaning you can pop it when you have the target under suppression and add a litle bit of damage.I haven't used Surge that much with Malzahar because i still preffer Ignite.

Heal : Even though this Summoner Spell recieves a lot of hate i think that if you like using it then go ahead and do so.But believe me when i say that you are better off with an other Summoner Spell than Heal .

Revive : I know that this spell might look appealing for the very new players but it's insane cooldown makes this Summoner Spell,in my opinion, pretty useless.

Smite : No.Just for the very new players,again,please notice that damage can only be inflicted upon creeps and pets,not champions.

My combinations are:




And in very rare occasions:


You should always test out different combinations of Summoner Spells until you find the one you are most comfortable with.Be smart about it though.For example,as i stated before, Malzahar doesnt have any real escape tools,so you should always try to have
Ghost or Flash in your picks.

Note:You don't have to get the exact same summoner spells i have in every build.I just put them there to show you the different combinations that i use.It would be a good choice though to get Teleport on the third build(explained later).
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Ok its time to explain the Masteries i am using.I preffer the 9/0/21 set up but you can always change them to fit your playstyle.

Offense: 9 Points

4/4 : This is a pretty obvious choice since you need all the AP you can get.The only reason not to take 4/4 on this one is to add 1 point on if you play Exhaust or Ghost.

4/4 : After the 4 points on i go for Sorcery because i want the 4% CDR and also to unlock .

1/1 : In my opinion this is what you always want to get when you play an AP champion.10% MPen is no laughing matter.I stop here on offensive tree because i feel that Malzahar can benefit a lot more from the Utility tree.

Defense: 0 Points

I do not add any Points on the defense tree because Malzahar is very squishy and a few points in this tree will not make much difference.Still if you feel that 9 points on Defense make you feel safer be my guest and use your points here.

Utility: 21 Points

1/1 : I get it because it gives me 15 Seconds CDR on my most important Summoner Spell not to mention that if you play you get Cast Time Reduction.If you don't play and/or you might wanna trade it for 1 point on .

3/3 : Ok before you say anything like "OMG NOOB WHY GOOD HANDS???YOU SHOULDN'T BE DYING!!!"...Well Duh!You shouldn't be dying indeed but if you scroll through you match history i bet you don't have many 0 death games if not none.That less 10% of the time you spend dead is more critical than you can imagine.If you die at lvl 18 you have aproximately 1+ minute to respawn.10% of of that is pretty good if you ask me.
Sure gives you 216 Mana at lvl 18 with Archangel's Stuff its translated in to +6.47 AP but still is not that much.If though you feel like geting some more AP/Mana again be my guest and pick it.It will not go to waste,thats for sure.

4/4 : I mainly take this one because i don't have anything better to get to go further down the tree.Still its not completely useless since Malzahar is a slow champion and a litle bit of Movement Boost is not bad.

3/3 : Generaly Spell Vamp is a little Meh on Malzahar,specialy only 3% of it, but again its your best pick if you want to proceed on the Utility tree.

1/1 : So here we are.The part where your points on Utility tree will pay off.This little guy gives you 20% more time on your Buffs from ,Nashor etc and as an AP mider you are gonna have the Blue Buff most of the time.

4/4 : This is extremely good for Solo Lane players.With you are gonna be able to out-level most of you oponents who will not have this one,since now it is waaaay down in the utility tree and because Malzahar is an amazing Farmer,you will find yourself ahead of the enemy in no time.

1/1 : I always go for the kill in my lane.So this i a great way to get even more exp from the enemy player's death.Also as Malzahar you are gonna have a LOT of Assissts and Kills throughout the game,meaning that you will boost your level-up even more and be able to out lvl your oponents is very important.

3/3 : I don't realy think this needs an explanation.6% CDR is very good and it helps reach the cap which is 40%.

1/1 : And here we are.The Coup De Grace of the Utility tree.15% CDR on your Summoner Spell.Do i need to explain why this is awesome?Well just to be sure.When you have that CDR on your Summoner Spell you are able to use them more often,obviously and since Malzahar ,as it was stated before, it doesn't have any escape tool on his own,its important to have / ready for use as often as possible.

This Mastery Build is aimed to give me extreme lane dominance by out leveling my oponent and give some decent Damage Output in the process.Feel free to make some changes here and there to make it fit you playstyle more.

Note:I added a forth build and there i use 21/0/9.As i will explain again later this is a huge burst damage build that i recommend only to more experienced Malzahars.
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Your Skills

Call Of The Void

This is your main harassing tool.It has a decent range and great AP ratio(0,8 to be exact).This bad boy in the end of the game can cut over 1/4 of an enemy Champion's HP if he doesnt have some good MR.There are many tricks you can do with it but first you need to learn how to use it.So lets start!!! :

First of all Call of the Void is a skill shot meaning that you need to learn how to land this.No mater how many blocks of text i write here only your own experience will make you handle this and any other skill shot in the game well.Nevertheless there are a few basic things i can tell you to speed up your learning curve.One of the most simple ways of landing this ability is this.Most players know that if Malzahar lands his Null Zone and Nether Grasp on them,they are dead.So they always try to keep a distance from you to avoid just that.This means that when you go closer to them they will go back and if you cast your Call of the Void a litle bit behind them they will either have to go through it,meaning silence and damage,or stay were they are.If they chose the second one they will probably die if you have your ulty ready.Please remember that this move is extremely dangerous to be used against high early burst damage champions like LeBlanc because they can kill you before you land your ulti if you come close to them.

Something to note about Call of the Void as well, is that the damage an enemy Champion will recieve from it changes depending on whether he will be caught in it fully or partialy.

An other thing that Call of the Void does well is scouting.When you cast it you get vision around the two small "gates",so if you are not sure what is happening in the other side of the "fence" just pop it and see.Also its great for bush checking because you silence everyone in there as well as keeping a safe distance from it.

Null Zone

This ability has the worst AP ratio(0,01) but for a good reason.That AP is translated in to % of health damage making it a late game power bomb.Truth is Null Zone doesn't deal that much damage early game on its own(since no one will stay on top of it) not to mention the fact that is not easy to trap a Champion inside of it and that is why i chose to max it last. Nether Grasp a Champion on top of Null Zone is prety much the most devastating combination of your spells.

Because Null Zone goes straight to HP % its a realy pain in the NEEEEEECK!!!!("pff...") for Offtanks and Tanks.Also one of the great effects it has when you cast it,is that nobody wants to stay on top of it for more than a tic meaning that you can use it to break the potitioning of the enemy team and kill them easily.With a good guess on where the team fight is going to take place you can pretty much win the team fight for your team.Last but not least is going to help with Baron Nashor and any other neutral monster you might wanna kill(exp Ancient Golem) since it deals significant damage to them(because of the HP % it deals).

Malefic Visions

This spell is what makes your Laning Phase a piece of cake and is going to provide you with many laughs..."Ooooh remember the time when..." DAMN IT MALZAHAR!!!I am trying to do something here...pff...Here get some cookies..."ooouuu cockies!!!"...Jeesus...Anyway back to our subject.Not only it has a grear AP ratio(o,8) but it also has a mana refund effect for every time it bounces on an enemy minion or Champion(Note:In order to bounce the target must first die).A well managed Malefic Visions can make you stay in your lane,with no mana problems, for very long periods of time.

On top of all that its gonna force your enemy to always stay in check not to get the bounce from one of his minions and a lot of times this means stoping his farm.One of the most common things that will happen to you as Malzahar using this spell is geting some out of the nowhere kills from a creep that had your Malefic Visions on it,died,the enemy Champion didn't saw it and BOOOM "You have slain an enenmy!".

PLEASE Note this: During the Lane Phase do not i repeat do NOT use Malefic Visions to simple harrass your opponent.I see many Malzahars do this and in my opinion is a very bad use of this ability.Not only you don't get any mana refund(which eventualy is going to empty your MP really soon if you continue to harrass with Malefic Visions) but you will make the other player be more careful.The only reason to cast this spell directly to the enemy Champion is if you are going for the kill,you want to force him to recall,planing a gang with your jungler or other lane and finally if you want your Voidling to chase him to open up farm for you or again to force a recall.

Also remember that your pet(from your passive Summon Voidling) will always attack first targets who have Malefic Visions on them.I am just pointing that out because many new Malzahars tend not to notice the discription saying "Malzahar's Voidlings are attracted to affected units." on Malefic Visions.

Nether Grasp

Even though all your other skills are awesome and they can distinguish a bad from a good Malzahar this is the ability that defines this Champion.If used well,its an amazing single target burst damage as well as single target CC.

During your Lane Phase Nether Grasp is going to make a force to be reckoned with because most Champions loose the ability to tower dive you not to mention the 1,30 AP ratio..."F**K YEAH"...ok...that comes with it.Its very important though to be very careful when you use it in team fights because it leaves valnurable to any kind of Damage and or CCs/Interuptions and a lot of times a bad caclculated Nether Grasp will mean your death.

As mentioned before the combination of Nether Grasp and Null Zone is one of the most deadliest single target burst damages in the whole game.Even though your ulty is amazing for killing Champions do not fear using it to interupt a Champion's ability that would otherwise kill or put in danger one of your team mates.Such examples are Karthus's Requiem or Katarina's Death Lotus.Later on this guide i will add a chapter on how to use your ulty.

Summon Voidling

Your personal pet that will come out every 4th spell you cast is not a bad deal.The only problem with this little fella is that he is uncontrollable..."Now thats a lie!"...what?but you can't order your voidling around..."Haha let me bring one to show you what i mean"...WHAT?!?!?! No...**Yyaaaa**...DAMN IT!!!THAT WAS MY COUCH....NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.... WHAT IS THE MATER WITH YOU!!!...CAREFUL!!! "Here he is" OMg its ALIVE!!! "What?Here good boy,whose a good boy" -eeeee-...Oh he aint that bad huh?Well...anyway i guess he can stay...Wohoa careful there..."He likes you"...Well lets get back to our subject.

As i said your Voidling is uncontrollable..."in game!"...Yes in game,but even then knowing how to use it is very important.A lot of times you want to keep track of when your pet is going to come out and use it to either help you push a creep wave, destroying a turret or even assisst you in killing an enemy Champion -EEEEEE "You like killing my enemies huh?" -EEEE "good boy,here have some cookies" -EEEEE....Ok...Later on this guide i am gonna include a section dedicated on how to control your Voidling.
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Skill Sequence

Generaly Malzahar doesn't have a certain skill sequence to maximize your damage like Brand.No mater when you cast your spells you are gonna get the same amound of damage.The only problem is that most Players will not just sit there to die by your spells.


As mentioned before the most devastating and quick spell combination is:


If you catch the enemy Champion on Null Zone with Nether Grasp you will most likely kill him but even you don't you can always finish him off with Malefic Visions and Call of the Void.


Since Null Zone dosen't have as a good damage as in mid and late game,the way i kill champions most of the time in early game is:



Ok so this is the best combination of your spells that going to maximize your damage on the target and if you ever actualy manage to do it its going to ensure a kill unless you are focusing the Tank who has a Force of Nature and tons of HP and still you might get him:

> > > >

Note:It doesn't realy matter when the Summon Voidling is going to be activated.

The reason you are casting Malefic Visions after Null Zone its because you want to ensure to have it on when your Voidling is going to come out.A litle but more realistic way to use this COMBO is:

> > >

This a litle bit more viable because you have more time to capture the enemy in Null Zone with Nether Grasp

In my opinion the best way to utilise your spells is to ensure your team's victory in every team fight.For example if you have to cast your ulti in the begining of the team fight to stop an enemy Champion like Tryndamere from reaching your AD carry do it.Be careful though to not waste your ulti if the enemy champion has out of CD something like Cleanse or Gangplank's Remove Scurvy.

Note : All your decisions should always be based on how the game is going.In the other words you will be the judge of how and when to use your abilities or if an ally is worth saving on that sertain situation or not.
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Your Ulty *| Nether Grasp |*

Nether Grasp is not just an ulti.Is one of the best single target burst damage abilities in the game.Not only it has 1,30 AP ratio but it also suppress the target for 2,5 seconds.Only downside of this great Ulti is the channeling.It leaves you valnurable for 2,5 seconds(or less if you cut your chaneling earlier) to any damage and interuption and that is why you have to learn when and how to use it.

During the Lane Phase you shouldn't have much problem on when to use it since the only Champion that can threaten you is the one you supressing,or is he/she?You must always take care of yourself.This includes knowing who is where and when.I know that normaly people should call SS or MIAS but i say if you don't watch your back no one else will.This includes the enemy jungler.This means that if you haven't got a clue of him being somewhere else like an other lane,being dead or farming in his jungle( most of the times through a Clairvoyance from your Support) you shouldn't take the chance of casting your Ulti and leave your self valnurable to him/her.

As the proud owner of 2 interupting abilities you need to use them accordingly.Generaly Call of the Void as a silence can interrupt pretty much everything so i would advice using that.Sometimes,though, it isn't enough for many reasons including the delay to apply the silence.If Katarina comes in with her Death Lotus that small delay of aiming and casting the ability as well as the delay of the spell to apply the silence can cost the life of a teammate or even worse a whole team fight.In that situation you are better off using your Ulti even if you don't stay to channel its full damage.

One thing you need to understand about your ulti though is this.It has the ridiculous CD of 80 seconds at lvl 16 meaning,with the 40% cap of your CDR is 48 seconds so you shouldn't be afraid spamming it to save teammates.I see a lot of Malzahars who will not use their Ulti unless they are going for the kill which is a huge mistake in my opinion.Remember saving an ally means loss of income for the enemy team and in the long run is gonna make a huge difference.

Note: You can cast Nether Grasp over walls.
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Utilising your Voidling

Ok,its already been stated that the way to control the actions of your Voidling is through Malefic Visions.So far so good,but how are you actualy gonna Utilise it and exploit its full potential?Thats knowing when to "cast it".

Do you remember the combo i told you i kill champions with, in the early Phase of the game?Well the reason that is happening is because i make sure when i cast either my Malefic Visions or Nether Grasp for Summon Voidling to be activated.This means that the target will not only receive my Ulti's and Malefic Visions's damage but Voidling's auto attacks as well,while suppressed."Yeah thats right boy you did it!" Hey! WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH MY CHAIR!!! "Well...he was hungry" AND YOU FEED HIM MY FREAKING CHAIR?!?!?! "he needs something to chew on" Omg!...i better get over with this before you two destroy my whole house.

Sorry again for the interruption guys.As i was saying,this is how i ensure my early kills.One more cool thing you can do with Voidling is make him chase off an enemy.Remember how i told you that you shouldn't use your Malefic Visions directly on the enemy Champion except some occasios?Well this is one of them.If the enemy is low on HP but for whatever reason,you can't kill him,you can just cast a Malefic Visions on them while your pet is out and enjoy farming in peace.

The last way i found to utilise my Voidling is when i try to destroy a turret.If you ever reach an enemy turret even if there is no enemy minion wave nearby,you should spamm spells until you activate your Summon Voidling.Believe me your Voidling is a great turret destroyer not to mention it can actualy tank turret hits for you,since its considered a minion and the turret will target it first.
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In this build i am using some pretty standard Runes for any AP mider.

9x + 3x

This Marks and Quintessences are going to provide you with 14,22 MPen and in conjunction with Sorcerer's Shoes(34,22 MPen + 10% of the top from Arcane Knowledge ) they will allow you to deal almost true damage to most of your enemies through out early and early mid game.I wouldn't really advice to take any other Marks over this.

As for the Quintessences though there are some other good choices. Greater Quintessence of Scaling Cooldown Reduction are a solid choice on Malzahar as well.They will give you some extra CDR that will allow you to cap 40% that much easily.(On the section Blue buff i have some explanations on why i don't get them).Also Greater Quintessence of Health can be used on Malzahar to provide you with some extra HP for more survivalability since you don't have many escape tools in your possession.


CDR is very important for any caster so taking some early is very important.The reason i don't use Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction its because you need to get to lvl13 in order to reach Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction.In the section Blue Buff i am also explaining my stategy on CDR so be sure to read it.


I consider these Seals my top choice for Malzahar.They will add to your mp5 and in early game is going to make a huge a difference.Other seals you might want to consider are Greater Seal of Replenishment since,as i said, the mp5 from Seals is only helping early game,but if you do the math by lvl6 with Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration you almost much them so why not take some extra mp5 with you?
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Starting Items

_______ + 3x __________________________
____ I always like to start with this _______________ This is an other good way to
__ items simply because Health Potion__________start your game with although i
__ gives me crazy sustainability in lane and ________find it one of those high risk
__ Boots make dodging skill shot _______high prize type of items so i don't
__like Pillar of Flame or Orb of Deception______realy recommend it to new players.You
__ a piece of cake.If you find any problems with_____ get some very good stats for early game but
__your mana pool feel free to switch on one of_____with no Health Potion you are gonna
__the 2 other choices. ______________________often find you self in tough situations.
________________________________________If you combine this with Teleport
___________________________________________you get a very strong combination.

_______ + 2x
____In case you just want some more mp5 this
___is the way to go.As i said before when you
___ learn to use your Malefic Visions you
____will not have any mana problems but in
____case you do Meki Pendant will take care
____of it and the 2 Health Potion will give
____you some good sustainability in lane.
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Core Build

Note: The Deathfire Grasp i have in the end will replace Banshee's Veil.

What i consider Core Build for Malzahar are the following 4 items:

This will solve any kind of Mana Problems you might have and it will let you spamm all your spells as much as you like.I generaly rush this item because as an AP caster you need that extra mp5 and AP that comes with it.

Even though i sell this item in the end i consider it one of the top choices for Malzahar for Mid to Late Game.It will provide you with some MR,Health,Mana(which translates in to some AP from Archangel's Staff passive) and the great bubble every 45 seconds that can save your..."Watch it!!!"...hide..."Oh...yeah continue"...pff..from a Requiem or Javelin Toss / Takedown.

This is the bread and buter of every AP Damager out there.140 AP combined with increased 30% of your ability power is no laughing matter.I always take this as my 4th item unless the game goes extremely well in which case i might take it earlier.

In the end game most enemies will have stucked some MR for sure. Void Staff makes that little problem go away.In my opinion a Must-To-Get item on Malzahar.
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Personal Preferences

Generaly i always use Sorcerer's Shoes,its the most standard pick when it comes to AP damager since you need all the MRpen you can get.In the boots section i have some other choices though.

I really like this item and why wouldn't you?You get 100 AP for your killing needs,50 Armor for you survival needs and 2 seconds invalnurable for you loling needs."Ehem Ehem...Have you ever tried carrying an Hourglass in a battlefield with out breaking it?"...eeeem no?"Then don't say why wouldn't you..."....I guess.

In all seriousness though Zhonya's Hourglass can save you from many difficult spots not to mention you can do many tricks with it.I realy enjoy this item,specialy when the enemy team doesn't seem to notice that you have it on.

This is a fantastic item that will allow you to bring down even the bulkiest of enemys while giving some good AP and mp5.This is a very good choice if the enemy team has more than 1 offtanks and in that situation i usualy make it ASAP.Also it provides me with 15% CDR which isn't bad at all.

If the enemy team's AP damage is very high i usualy go for this.It gives me very good MR as well as AP and a great Aura that can actualy help my team...YES WE KNOW MALZAHAR!!!YOU ARE NOT A SUPPORT!!!!...which gives 20 reduced MR in enemy Champions near you.
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Other Good Item Choices

A very good item for Malzahar Rylai's Crystal Scepter will provide you with some HP,AP and a slowing effect on all your abilities.I consider this item realy useful since landing Call of the Void and Null Zone becomes a trivial matter not to mention the great AoE possibilities you get with it.Remember CC can never be enough in this game.

A prety decent item.It gives big chunks of everything you need.Only problem this item has is the price and you need to make it realy early to benefit from it.Still Malzahar can farm it with no problems so if you like it feel free to swap it with any item except your boots and Rabadon's Deathcap of course.

If you want to reach your CDR cap this is the item for you.Its very cheap and provides you with AP,mp5 and 20% CDR.I will explain on the section Blue Buff when you want to take Morello's Evil Tome.

I find Lich Bane a solid item for Malzahar.It gives you some much needed mobility,MR,Mana obviously AP and a passive that gives you a unique power.If you actualy manage to get this item out you are gonna become the ultimate lane pusher.Not only creep waves will annihilated beneath your feet but turrets will tremble at your sight!!!100% Of your ability power on your next auto attack after casting a spell is insanely good and its gonna help you finish off a lot of enemys.

I am not a huge fan of Spell Vamp on Malzahar but Will of the Ancients will give some good AP as well as Spell Vamp Aura.The good thing is that with this item you can just heal from creep waves and some time it can save you since you got some HP back while channeling your ulti.

This is going to be a very solid item for mid game.It will allow you deal almost true damage to most of your enemies and it will also give you some AP and HP.It would be best to sell this item in late game though.

If your games goes extremely well you can always consider Mejai's Soulstealer.This is a snowballing item and its going to make the game a walk in the park if you max it.Be careful though.Items like this can easily snowball you to Deafeat instead of Victory.So if you see you can't have more than 11 stacks on it just sell it.You will do your self and your pocket a favor.

If you are suffering from an enemy AD Frozen Heart will make sure not only to reduce his damage on you with 99 armor but also to slow his attack speed down.On top of that you get 500 mana which is translated in to 15 AP,not much but better from nothing.Oh yeah and 20% CDR.I consider it a decent item in times of need but definitely not a main build item for Malzahar.
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Some other thoughs on Boots

I know most of you will be wondering 'What other boots can you get?'.Well after testing i found out some pretty intresting choices.Because i don't want to shock you i will start with the most easy one to digest..."Ahm by the way to you have some..." No malzahar i dont have any Digestive now...I'll be sure to have some when you come back...WHAT IS THAT YOU VOIDLING HAS IN HIS MOUTH!!!"I think its a remote..but.."OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO YOU HAVE A CONSOLE?!!!" Yeah i do i have a PS3..."And why didn't you talk earlier?!?!?!" Well i..."Dosent mater i can i have the boys here for a quick COD tournament?" The Hell?You play Call of Duty?"Oh no after you done killing each other we just sit around and wait for your lazy butts to play again..Of course we play damn CoD.Now can i have the boys over?" When you say boys?"Ssssss Hey Kass,what its hapening bro?I have an awesome set up..." Jeez....Anyway lets start:

If the enemy team has very good CC(specialy AoE) this item will come in handy.Not only it provides you with some early MR but it also give you some tenacity.When you are facing teams with Galio or Amumu (always considering that they will also have an other Champions with some CC as well) you will find Mercury's Treads a very useful item.

Before you dismiss this item completely hear me out.The mobility you get from Boots of Swiftness is more valuable than you can imagine.First of all when you start using it you will imidiately feal like your Call of the Void has increased its range since you will be able to go back and forth very quickly.For now you got the upper hand since Boots of Swiftness are not expected on Malzahar and a lot of Players will not realy know what to do with your increased mobility.It will also allow you to escape from many difficult situations and be able to potition your self easier during team fights.

Ok and now here comes the item which you would never expect to see on Malzahar.If you chose to buy this boots you must also understand that your whole role changes in the game.First of all you must become AP roamer.This means often leaving your lane and ganking either lanes or even the enemy jungler as well as doing some counter jungling.But it doesn't stop there.If you chose to use Mobility Boots you should deffinately include Lich Bane in your build.As one of the top pushers in the game you can use your extreme mobility to take down enemy turets and Lich Bane will give you the ability to do just that with the awesome passive.

Note:When it comes to non-premade public maches i would recommend sticking with either Sorcerer's Shoes or Mercury's Treads because a lot people tend to get waaay too agressive when they see something that they consider completely wrong on a Champion and they will blame you for whatever is wrong in the game.It will take way to much time to explain why you chose to get either Boots of Swiftness or Mobility Boots and that is time you spend not actualy playing the game.I know this is not always the case but experience has taugh me that most of the time you are gonna be mached up with people like that.
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Item Builds

Well of course the one i am sugesting on my first build is :

> > > > > > (Replaces
Banshee's Veil)

If the game goes extremely well though your build can go like:

> > > etc.

The second build i am sugesting is very agressive but also very expensive and it goes more like:

> > > > >

It will give great AP as well as a lot of survivability.If you find yourself low on cash,for what ever reason, you can consider swapping
Abyssal Mask with Banshee's Veil.

Also i want to give you a quick taste of how an AP roamer Malzahar can look like:

> > > > > >

What this build does is that it gives you great mobility to be able to move through lane and also
Lich Bane gives your the ability to deal your AP as physical damage after every spell you cast(with some cd buts its like 2 sec) making you extremely potent turret destroyer since you are one of the best pushers in the game.Also Teleport is essential for filling the role of the AP roamer because you have a solo lane and allows you to leave mid with no fear of loosing your turret since you can just teleport back fast.

Finaly we have my 4th build.Actualy i decided to add this one after a thread i made in the forums about the guide.This build refers only to more experienced Malzahars that can control well their Mana Pool and also when you have a team the you can rely on:

> > > > >

This is what i like to call my "Face-Melting" build.The only reason i didn't add this one from the start its because i consider it to be an "advanced" build and you might have some mana problems with it if you are new to Mazlahar or the game.At this point i would also like to credit j3rk0ne(forum name) for sugesting to me to add this build.
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The Ancient Golem and his Buff

___________________________________ ______________________________________ ______________________________________
____________________________________The Ancient Golem_______________________________

Spawn Time: 1:55
Respawn Time: 5:00
Gold: 72 (+0.324 per minute after spawn)
Exp: 231 (+2.5 per minute after spawn)
Health Pool: 1372 (+90 per minute after spawn)
Assistants: 2x Young Lizards
Buff: Crest of the Ancient Golem

As an AP mider you have the privilege of geting Ancient Golem's Buff Crest of the Ancient Golem.Since Malzahar is not a mana hungry champion you will most likely let your jungler get the first one.After that though you should take it for most of the game.Only problem is that if you don't play with a well organized and knowledgeable team you will most likely found yourself in matches that you will not even take Crest of the Ancient Golem once.

Since you are limited by your CDs as an AP caster you must always try to cap or reach close to the cap of your CDR.If you play with an organized team the 5,85% CDR from
Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction + 10% from Sorcery and Intelligence (15,85%) are going to be more than enough since you can take the Crest of the Ancient Golem and with the 20% CDR reach 35,85% CDR which is relatevely enough.In the end game if you buy Deathfire Grasp you are going to have a flat 30,85% and with the buff you are gonna over cap it.That is why i don't get Greater Quintessence of Scaling Cooldown Reduction because you don't realy need that much CDR from your runes.

Now in the non-rare occasions where your team doesn't really care and anybody goes and gets the buff with out asking,then you need to find an other way to have good CDR.You can either ignore your team mates and "steal" theyr blue(which i don't advice because making people angry will ensure you a loss) or Take an item to compensate for it.My best advice would be geting Morello's Evil Tome even if later on the game you sell it.It's going to provide you with the much needed 20% CDR.In a situation like that Greater Quintessence of Scaling Cooldown Reduction would come in handy but because i mainly play premades with my friends i don't realy have that problem,if you do however feel free to use them.
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The Hustler

I have a special technique to counter the most feared enemy miders and i call it The Hustler.Its fairly simple and with this you can counter easily both Kassadin and LeBlanc.Lest start:!!! :

Call of the Void has a range of 900.Why does this matter?Because it has greater range than Distortion and Riftwalk.This is what makes my technique work.Before you execute it though you need some preperations:

When you want to execute The Hustler you want to take Null Zone asap.If you feel like it you can even start with Malefic Visions and take Null Zone at lvl2.Most of the times though you want to take it at lvl3.The reasons you want to do this its because you need to keep a distance from your enemy.Champion's like Kassadin and LeBlanc will try to harrass you prety bad before they get their ulti and try to kill you(Specialy LeBlanc since she has a dash).You try to stop that by building distance between you by laying down Null Zone and making them go back or stay on top of it and lose a lot of HP since they will be in place for a Malefic Visions as well.

Also remember.Malzahar can farm from a distance so you want to take precautions when you fight an enemy like LeBlanc who have a dash since they can overcome your Null Zone and harrass you.This means that if you play against an extremely skilled LeBlanc you must try to use your Malefic Visions in order to get your last hits from a distanse which is very difficult to do and you need some calculations on the enemy creeps HP in order for it to work.Here though is where my Boots and 3 Health Potion come in handy.First of all most early burst damagers go for full AP meaning that they will most likely get Doran's Ring and their rune page will be consisted by flat AP runes.This means 2 things:

A) They will be slower than you

B) They will not have any kind of regening any HP lost during the time they stay in lane.

The reason this works great its because even if they take Teleport to counter B,as Malzahar you are a great pusher meaning that you will either damage their tower a lot or you will force the enemy jungler to come and fill the spot for his mider giving a gang free lane phase for your teammates.

But after all this block of text where is the technique it self?Well here we go.So i am asuming that you are lvl 6 and have some good HP left and so does the enemy.What you do is that you find a believable spot to stay still,preferably auto attacking a creep, which would leave your target a litle bit further away from the range of Call of the Void.You keep it open and pointing it towards your enemy.

So what does your enemy sees?A squishy champion who just stand there like a fool and auto attacks a creep.So his first move will be to come towards you and try to kill you by "flashing" near you.So what do you do?Simple.Just cast Call of the Void.If your enemy sees it he will either back off really quickly so no harm done or he will be silenced and quickly retreat which migh open you a chance to kill him but it probably won't.But what does happen 98% of the time is your enemy walking through your Call of the Void trying to cast his abilties, failing,realising what is happening and trying to back off.Only problem is until he does all that you have laid Null Zone on the ground,throwed an Malefic Visions and on top of that Nether Grasp him.What does this mean?


I will also include this trick on the video i am going to provide in the end of this guide so be sure to check it out.
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The Hustler was a good example of how Positioning is extremely important when you play Malzahar.The truth is i can't teach you how to potition yourself in every single situation because there are simply too many.What i can do though is give you some pointers to help you learn it easier and faster.

Here we go!First you need to understand why positioning is important for Malzahar.There are 2 reasons for that:

A) No Escape Tools

B) Your abilities suppress you as well.

This means that in team fights,and fights in general, you need to always find that spot that will allow you to rain down hell on your enemies while still be protected.I know it sounds easy at first but its not(of course some people might find this easier to understand for whatever reasons than others but you get my point).

Generaly the most regular right potition for you is near the Support and behind the Tank.Thing is it will not always be like that because if you don't pay close attention to your mini map a Xin Zhao or Tryndamere who were farming on a lane appear suddenly from behind and take you out in a few seconds before your team is able to even turn to help you.This is a simple example of what could happen.

Also if the enemy team has gap closers like Nocturne you need to always be in check to be near at least one teammate because even if you cast your ulti to save yourself if none of your teammates come to your rescue you will die(of course late game you will have Zhonya's Hourglass which can help the situation a lot).Here also comes the problem when you play with PUGs.People are very uncoordinate and it can some time work towards your favor but a lot of times is going to back fire in your face.I can't count how many times i stopped a Tryndamere or a Xin Yhao with Nether Grasp in order to not allow him to come from the back in the team fight and died because nobody turned back to help me.I mean of course because of that we win most of the team fights and we end up taking down who ever killed me but its not very pleasant to die because people don't pay attention.

Anyway,as you can see it would take me a book to explain every different situation and the thing is that you need to always set up your own Positioning style.The only thing you need to understand is that your Positioning Style is going to be dynamic.Meaning that it will change through time and with every new meta but believe me,is going to feel very natural after you figure it out completely for the first time
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Wards and You

Ok now that malzahar is not in the room listen.We all know that warding is mainly the job of your Support and Jungler but you got to understand that if you ever have some gold to spare you should also help out with it.You don't even have to put wards to help your teammates but yourself.You will be safer and also help your team have vision over a spot normaly they wouldn't.That is a huge advantage especially for your jungler.

Also if you finish your build and you have
Elixir of Brilliance you MUST buy wards..."ARE TALKING ABOUT ME BUYING WARDS?!?!?!?"...No no relax i am just saying that your support must buy wards..."Huh...Good then...So can Xerath make it?But..." Feww...Anyway,when you are that late in to the game and you have the money Wards are EVERYTHING.In high elo games things can change at the last minute since players are very very good but i understrand if you have some problems seeing how you need good vision if you are wining the game at that point.

In general i use the mind set of -I must win-.This is something you need to pick.Are you the guy who wants to win?or the guy who can play it knowitall in the chat?Thats your choice.If you chose the second i hope you are really good and find a good team to play with because PuG's must be very frustrating to you.I know because i used to be that guy until i got an arrow to the KNEE!!!! OOOOOOOOOO GOT YOU !!!!!!!No please guys don't downvote me for the joke XD.
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Some thoughts on Smart Cast

For those who don't know what Smart Cast is fear not because i am going to explain you here.The basic idea is that all you skills become like Karthus's ability Lay Waste.Whenever you press a button you imidiately cast the spell where your cursore is.So for example you no longer have to prees Q aim Call of the Void then press Q again and cast it.You imidiately cast the spell when you press your first Q where your cursore is.I hope i explained it well enough.

The default setting for smart cast is Shift+[Button of the Ability] but you can alter it in the option's tub and make your QWER buttons to do it.Only problem is smart cast is not good for every champion and a lot of times you will find your self reseting your keys after every game which can get very tirying after a sertain point.The upside on the other hand is that the champions that you use it are gonna instantly become 100% faster.

Personaly i am not a huge fun of smart cast but there a few players that smart cast just MUST be used like Ezrealetc.

On Malzahar Smart Casting,in my opinion, is realy a matter of preference.You can do fine with out it but it will certainly give you an edge.Thing is,first you need to get familiar with the range of your spells.If you do then smart casting is going to be a peace of cake to get used to.
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Notes for Low Lever Summoners

This is dedicated to people who are starting out and they are from level 1-20 who still haven't started purchasing Tier 3 Runes.If you are over that and you have already bought your runes feel free to ignore this Chapter.

Ok guys listen up.First of all,don't buy any runes until your reach lvl 20 to unlock Tier3.My advice would be take any champion you want up to lvl 17 or 18 and then start farming IP for Tier 3 runes.Some people preffer to buy Tier 2 because their cheaper and they are only a litle bit lesser to Tier 3.I believe though that having even the slightest advantage is worth the invesment.

Now the reason i made this chapter though is not to preach you on how to spend your IP.I want you to understand that before you get all your Runes and more importantly all your Masteries you gonna have to build your champions with a differend mind set.For example rememeber how i said that Malzahar as a caster want to cap 40% CDR?Well if you don't have many Masteries or any runes you are gonna start with 0% CDR.This mean that you deffinately need a good CDR item.So what do you do?You include in your main build items with CDR.A good one would be
Ionian Boots of Lucidity.Its cheap,you can make it very early since its your boots and it has a good amount of CDR.Also Morello's Evil Tome could work well.

Also you are gonna be missing in some MPen as well if you haven't even got Arcane Knowledge .So what do you do?You also include in your main build Haunting Guise.It will give some MPen along AP and Health.This litle fella will be solid all through out mid game.

For Malzahar MPen and CDR is the most important thing that Masteries and Runes take care,so, since you don't have any of it you need to take care of them in game.I hope this will help you improve your game in your grind to lvl 30 period..."Hey YO man do you have any beers?"...What?..."Do you..."...No i mean what do you want the beers for? "The boys are over we need something to drink man"....The boys? "Yeah Kassa is here,Brand,Ezreal,Olaf is runing to the store to get some Gragy Ice..." but We don't have Gragy around here..."Hehe we know "...well F**K IT.I have some in the fridge i will be there in a few min "That's the spirit!"
"Hey Guys we got beer" **YEEEEEEEEEAH*** --CAPTAIN TEEMO ON DUTY-- "Damn it Teemo.You came again drunk?You need to handle your **** man"...
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Some Words About Making the Guide

This was my first ever guide.I had realy fun making it and if i get some positive feedback i will defenatly make some more.I tryed my best to make it as informative as i could but at the same time enjoyable to read.I hope you all like what i did here and please any constructive cristisims is welcome.

Also it would be awesome if you want to check out the gaming channel on You Tube me and a friend has.We are called SpoofGaming and i go by the nickname Paradox there(my friend's is Micro).Anyway again thanks for reading my guide and i hope it will help you to own in the fields of Justice.I got to go play the host now.Paradox over and out!

HEY MALZ W8 UP I AM COMING "It was about time we were ready to start without you" YY what team i am on....
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