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Shen Build Guide by evilarlekin

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author evilarlekin

Shen, the Tan"king"!!!

evilarlekin Last updated on November 29, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Shen: "I´m still a tank´s God!!"

After a lot of nerfs, some people says that shen its just a feeder, useless tank, ****. I can tell you guys, this its not true, shen its the best support tank ever (even better than taric) his "R" its so anoying to the enemy and specialy for spellcasters like Annie, Vladimir, Ryze, Mordekaiser etc... becouse they use theyre combos to beat up, an example, if you shield some one while vlad gets over confided that his Stand United its going to kill his opponent, forsure he will be writting something like : "Fk UUUUU SHEN!!!!"

Shen its an awesom tank, it takes a lot of practice to amster his taunts, keeping an eye on all map once u are lvl 6, farming its hard, but no imposible, but once you know what u do, thats a lot of wins on your scoreboard

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Shen as tank, have low health early game, and is pretty squishy, just early game.
So, this runes are perfect for him becouse it gives just waht it needs to be tanky early game and almost guarantee the Firstblood if pick taout as first spell, and that lil extra defence and resistences, are great late game

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well, thos items i put in the start, are kind of your final buiild.
That build its so general, you can change some items for extra armor or a Force of Nature for more movement speed and magic resistence as any other build, it depends on your enemy team.
To start I use a Ruby Crystal and then Heart of Gold, that health will help u to stay in lane a good while and extra gold.... Its extra gold.
After this, you can pick between Mercury's Treads or Wriggle's Lantern, personally i pick the Wriggle's Lantern becouse of pasive efect helps you to farm normally, gives you life steal (more time in lane becouse life steal and you Vorpal Blade heals you atleast 50 - 55 per hit) and defence, but the boots are ok too.
Note: Wriggle's Lantern its an esential early item for you. Your runes, that health regeneration Vorpal Blade and lifesteal of Wriggle's Lantern will make you a great tank early/Mid game, so dont underestimate it

at this point you are tank enough for dont be able to be beated in 1 vs 1 even 1 vs 2, so now you dicide between getting health or resistences. Normally i pick both, buying items to later upgrade them, like Giant's Belt and Negatron Cloak to later get Warmog's Armor and Force of Nature, but if you need something just buy it.

Once you get lvl 18 you can sell the Wriggle's Lantern and buy W/E you may need.

Finall Notes from items:
Going whit a high armor its good to be greedy and turret dive enemies, so dont be afraid of going to much armor, its alwasys needed

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Spells and how to use it

Ok, to play shen good first you gotta know how your spells works:
Vorpal Blade: This spell, make base + magic damage to a target champion or minion, also alows you to gain some health for you and your friends by hitting the target marked for this spell. This spell has a erally low cool down, so try to last hit minions whit this and also a good use of this spell its from the bushes, hide in a close bush so enemy cant see you, and spamm it, it doesnot deal too much damage early game, but if you do it constantly you can take more than half health from your enemy.
Feint: This spell will shield you to block some damage (magic and physical)and it also increase whit your Ap. Some says that this spell its useless, but i think its a great spell once you know how i can works, i can blobk a full ignite, may helps you to regen some health when laning againts a ranged, you use your Vorpal Blade and your Feint so you get health and no damage, even blocking minion waves to hold your lane.
Shadow Dash: This its the second most important spell on shen. Shadow Dash its a taunt of a shor duration that may affec multiple targets on a straight lane. even when the duration its so short, you can use it to counter back those greedy and squishy rangeds that try to hits your turret on lvl 1-5, a taun, your Feint and a Vorpal Blade will make them run whit almost none health becouse of the turret hits if you dont pick up the kill. Also its a way to scape, you can go through most of the walls in 5 vs 5 and 3 vs 3, so besides beig hard to kill just for your job and shields your hard to catch ´couse of your movement speed and mobillity through the map. Rememver, your taunt may stop any spellcaster from making spells, so if the enemy its getting one of those feed, aim your taunt and tell your team to help you.
2 main targets of your taunt, ap or ad carries or highest damage.
Stand United: This its your Ultimate, and its awesom. Stand united its a great that you can use on any allied in the map and also teleports you to his/her location. The useage of this spells makes the diference between pro shens and nooby ones. this spell, will make your team pick up a lot of kills and aboid dead too. even when its cooldown its no so short, dont be afraid of use it when you see some one its having troubles, helping lane, saving lanes, or just getting into a team fight whit your taunt, vaporal blade and feint.
The trick on this its that you would have to check all the map all the time, whitout leaving you vulnerable to atks of nervy enemies. You can also use this spell to safe a teammate from dying when turretdive.

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Dont forget

This build its focused on armore, movement speed and health reggen, but you will have enough magic resistence to handdle any magic casters arount. This its becouse turret (as you must know) hit whit physical damage, even when your loosing, if you have a teammate physical dps you should be able to tank even the 2 turrets in the nexus, so backdoring, its a great option, also turret diving enemy to ace them, the key on your succed its your team, if they deal magage enough and work as a team you can win any game.