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Hecarim Build Guide by glizdka

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League of Legends Build Guide Author glizdka

Short Hecarim guide for lazies

glizdka Last updated on May 7, 2012
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So many Hecarim builds, so many wrong builds.
Let me show you the TRUE way to play him.

You have 2 builds here - 1st is good buid. 2nd is bad build.

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Why bad build is bad?

Becase everyone looks at Warpath and tries to abuse it with movements speed items.
It's just your cheap way to increase damage, increase while you are tanky.
It makes you not so damage-hungry.

On top of that. most builds just make Hecarim a glasscannon.
The worst thing ever. Jump in. Die fast. 0 survivability = 0 damage. Period.

Hecarim can't jungle. He's weak earlygame. He clears camps slowly = jumps into mid-late worse.
Jumps worse to the part he should rule, part that is THE TIME OF HECARIM.
The part where Hecarim really shines.

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Why good build is good?

Because you are tanky. Tanky enough to kill everyone.
Spirit of Dread Makes you indestructible with Hextech Gunblade
Bilgewater Cutlass is good item, especially that most lifesteal nerfes didn't affect him.
Ult in. Use Bilgewater Cutlass. Target can't escape.
Randuin's Omen doesn't only simply make you tanky, it gives huge slow.
Ult in. Use Randuin's Omen. Target can't escape.
Hextech Gunblade makes your Rampage heal you like crazy. Add Spirit of Dread. Immortal.
Force of Nature is extra health regen. Huge health regen. Extra movement speed = AD = damage.
And some nice magic resist. Take it, it's good item.
Trinity Force is another slow in addition to 2 you already have. Extra movement speed = AD = damage.
And little bit of survivability.
Frozen Heart is your cooldown reduction. Spam Rampage more, heal with Rampage more.
Frozen Heart added to Randuin's Omen = Autoattackers are mad.
Huge armor and magic resist with amount of heal you have,
means every bit of health regeneratet needs more to be taken away.
Mercury's Treads because you want to be unstoppable. No silly CC can stop you = target is dead.
Sometimes, although, you may want Ninja Tabi.
You say AP from Hextech Gunblade isn't needed? Think again.
Spirit of Dread has very good AP scaling. Onslaught of Shadows has extremly good AP scaling.
Kill squishies faster. More Burst damage. Add active of Hextech Gunblade. +500 Damage is good.

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How to play that Hecarim.

You simply charge Devastating Charge.
Onslaught of Shadows behind target to be focused.
Push target to your allies with Devastating Charge.
Make target unable to escape with Bilgewater Cutlass/ Hextech Gunblade and Randuin's Omen.
Spam Rampage
Be beefy, be cocky, laugh at them trying to hurt you.

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How to lane with Hecarim?

Come to the contestor. Launch Rampage and eventually add auto-attack. Walk away. Repeat.
If hurt launch Spirit of Dread. Run into as many creeps as possible.
Rampage as many creeps as possible. Run. Repeat.
If jungler comes to gank use combo mentioned chapter above.
If you are ganged launch Devastating Charge, add Onslaught of Shadows if needed. Trolololol.

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Why flash not ghost?

Flash is generally better summoner's. On top of that Flash + combo = surpise = kill.
Ghost adds some AD with your Warpath and mobility you won't need with all the slow you have.
Flash is just better.

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Why exhaust?

To make your target even more unable to escape. Also helps before you finish Bilgewater Cutlass.
And makes your target even more useless against you.

Sometimes you may want to take Ignite but i won't recommend it.

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Why that runes?

Cooldown reduction is good, but you need magic resistance.
That's why Greater Glyph of Magic Resist.
You might want Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist instead.

Mana regen is nice, but you need to be tanky.
That's why Greater Seal of Armor.
Greater Seal of Health isn't as goodm do NOT take it.

AD works better for low AD champions. You will be such. Don't bother taking armor penetration.
If you want to know why it is better, you can read my another guide about runes. [CLICK].

That's why Greater Mark of Strenght instead of Greater Mark of Desolation.

And you need movement speed. It's not to abuse Warpath.
It's because movement speed is good. Helps you stick to your target. Helps you move around the map.
And isn't so easily itemizable. I just don't see any other option.

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Test it. You won't play any other way again. Period.

Please don't forget to vote.