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Olaf Build Guide by ARTHEO



Updated on July 12, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ARTHEO Build Guide By ARTHEO 10 0 9,068 Views 0 Comments
10 0 9,068 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author ARTHEO Olaf Build Guide By ARTHEO Updated on July 12, 2021
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Grasp of the Undying
Second Wind

Nimbus Cloak
Gathering Storm

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Jungle Role Ranked #32 in
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Hi, I am ARTHEO also known as ARTHEO BEAR I am a Volibear 1 trick that plays Olaf when my main is banned. I'm also starting a new thing on Twitch: ArtheoBear every Wednesday I will be playing champions other than Volibear to increase my performance on how to play against these champions.

I have 1 mission and that is to play Freljord - Ice or Snow theme skins with my STORMBRINGER RUNES known as the SHRINE BREAKER playstyle that I use for Volibear top lane. I will talk more in depth in this guide on how it works with Olaf and how you can dominate the top lane and crush every tower in the game!

I will talk about everything in this order for everyone to fully understand why I use all of these for this playstyle!

1. Playstyle
2. Runes
3. Spells
4. Build

I also love to add 1 tricks that I can duo with when I am playing my main Volibear, so please feel welcomed to join in while I am streaming. We can show how truly badass of a Olaf player you really are!


SHRINE BREAKER playstyle is all about breaking every tower in the game until there is nothing left! Early game taking down the first tower and collecting those plates for gold will allow you to buy these items to deal more damage to towers. After that you want to focus on getting the 2nd top tower then rotate to other lanes to take down those towers. You can use the Eye of the Herald to help clear towers faster. While they are busy with drake , is the perfect time to break down the gate tower and the inhibitor. This will free up your chance to get baron nashor buff and win the game.
Scales with health increasing the damage, but also granting each legendary item 100 health thanks to the mythic passive. This will increase damage with Demolish and Titanic Hydra allowing you to land more on-hit damage because of the slow.
The more health you have, the more damage you will deal in a cone hit to towers and targets. This is the most important damage item to scale with to split push, break towers, and kill anyone who tries to stop you.
This makes it extremely easy to break towers with Demolish and Titanic Hydra thanks to the passive, but also increased health and physical damage. The resists that it gives you while no allies are nearby synergies well with Frostfire Gauntlet's resists makes taking damage and diving towers much easier.

I use this for the bonus permanent health and heal combo with Vicious Strikes. The bonus health will increase the damage with scaling health items Frostfire Gauntlet and Titanic Hydra as well as the rune, Demolish. Other items that go well with this is Bloodthirster and Warmog's Armor.

Health items increase the damage to towers, which synergize well with Titanic Hydra and Hullbreaker that deal increased damage to towers. health + physical damage will destroy towers fairly quick and only gets stronger as the game goes on! Diving is the best thing with Olaf because of Ragnarok, which gives quickly with Vicious Strikes to kill the tower or kill enemy.

The more health you have, the more you will regenerate and heal while kiting out using the slow from Undertow and charge back in with Ragnarok + heal with Grasp of the Undying + Vicious Strikes combo. Also goes well with Doran's Blade omni-vamp.

This will keep you relentless with tenacity and slow resistance, which increases the less health you have in fights making it difficult for them to control you as you will always be able to stick to them with Frostfire Gauntlet, Undertow, Ragnarok, Ghost, and Nimbus Cloak. Even more with movement speed items such as Boots of Swiftness, Dead Man's Plate or Force of Nature and Wit's End.

Increases movement speed when using a Summoner Spell and the best spell is Ghost giving you the ability to move through units aka minions allowing Olaf to easily stick to multiple targets with Frostfire Gauntlet, Undertow, Ragnarok, or movement speed items Boots of Swiftness, Dead Man's Plate, Wit's End or Force of Nature.

Scaling adaptive damage, which increases your damage towards the late game. This will give Olaf more damage with his auto attacks because of his passive: Berserker Rage, Vicious Strikes, and Ragnarok. Most powerful with Titanic Hydra for the on-hit auto attacks. This power increases as the game goes on!

Help secure kills and snowball the lane and collect tower plates with Demolish. Also increases your chances to win 1v2 when the enemy jungler decides to gank your lane giving you the perfect opportunity to gain buffs, crest of insight + crest of cinders to increase your sustain and damage. Killing the enemy jungler will not only give you buffs, but allow you to gain level advantage over top lane making it extremely easy to kill and snowball.

Increase your ability to chase and reduce kiting, which pairs well with Frostfire Gauntlet + Undertow + Ragnarok. Nimbus Cloak ramps up the movement speed a the start of using a Summoner Spell, which can cut the time that Ghost needs to ramp up to its full movement speed, making it very easy to reach ranged champions with dashing actives or abilities. The most unique is Ghost's duration is continued after a takedown, which allows Olaf to move onto the next target with ease with no interruption. This pairs even better with movement speed items such as Boots of Swiftness, Dead Man's Plate, Wit's End or Force of Nature giving you the ability to chase a target or escape multiple enemies coming for you.

Slows synergize well with Olaf's Undertow with movement speed allowing him to always stick to enemies when he applies a basic attack in-between Frostfire Gauntlet's cooldown, burning targets nearby, which increases with health items. The magic damage aura synergizes well with Undertow and Ragnarok dealing damage to secondary enemies around him. The slows also increase his chances of always being able to execute his target with auto attacks or Reckless Swing.

Staying mobile will allow you to keep applying slows + burn damage with Frostfire Gauntlet as well as apply on-hit damage from Titanic Hydra. Sitting on a Winged Moonplate will grant you 419 movement speed early game, which will be built into Dead Man's Plate or Force of Nature into the late game. Also goes well with Nimbus Cloak, and Ghost if you are looking for maximum chase, dive, dodge, and escape.

Slashing Olaf axes deals lots of damage with his auto attacks to targets and towers with Demolish. Synergizes well with his passive: Berserker Rage, Vicious Strikes, and Ragnarok landing big cone hit auto attacks. With all of the movement speed options of Boots of Swiftness, Nimbus Cloak, and Ghost as well as slows from Frostfire Gauntlet will allow you to keep applying this devastating damage that scales with health that will only get stronger as the game goes on! This also gives Olaf the ability to clear waves with ease and save his mana for only when he needs to use it on a champion or to quickly split push.

Increasing damage to towers synergizes well with Titanic Hydra + Demolish's damage to towers and Frostfire Gauntlet's resists + Vicious Strikes' lifesteal making Tryndamere very tanky to dive targets under tower with Undertow, Ragnarok, Nimbus Cloak and Ghost.

Momentum stacks deal physical damage to target as well as to towers. This gives Olaf the ability to chase, dive, and escape with ease with Undertow and Ragnarok. Even easier with Nimbus Cloak, and Ghost.

Attack speed and on-hit damage/mobility synergy with Berserker Rage, Vicious Strikes, Ragnarok + Titanic Hydra shredding towers and anyone in your path. With Frostfire Gauntlet slow combo with this mobility on-hit, Olaf will stay glued to his target.

League of Legends Build Guide Author ARTHEO
ARTHEO Olaf Guide
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