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Volibear Build Guide by ARTHEO



Updated on June 13, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ARTHEO Build Guide By ARTHEO 442 51 1,226,299 Views 59 Comments
442 51 1,226,299 Views 59 Comments
League of Legends Build Guide Author ARTHEO Volibear Build Guide By ARTHEO Updated on June 13, 2024
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Volibear
  • LoL Champion: Volibear


1 2
Press the Attack
Presence of Mind
Legend: Haste
Cut Down

Second Wind

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+10-180 Bonus Health


1 2 3 4 5 6
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite



Welcome to my SHRINEšŸ‘ŠBREAKERāš” VolibearšŸ»Guide! I'm a 3 million plus Volibearmastery one trick that has been playing for fun in college since season 2. After college, I decided to rank up, but then the rework happened.

Everyone was trying to learn the new Volibear, all the sudden I got raided by Trick2g pretty early in my journey to climb. He is widely considered the Volibear šŸG.O.A.T. in my eyes because he was one of the first streamers and everyone learned how to play Volibear watching Trick2g.

At the time he raided me was when he was addicted to the "crack build" back when Turbo Chemtank existed into Nashor's Tooth. I tried my best to follow his instructions, which was to max E Sky Splitter first and I had a hard time breaking that habit of maxing W Frenzied Maul. After several games, I finally was able to get it right.

After stream was over, he asked if I had a mic and I said to him, I can't use it because my daughter is only a few months old and that I don't want to wake her up. I am a father of 2 kids. I have a son and a daughter. Trick2g was understanding because he has a daughter at that time. He just had his son this year. šŸ»Cheers to one gamer dad to another!

What I learned from that build was how Nashor's Tooth interacted with his passive: The Relentless Storm. With Trick2g's breaching knowledge, I was able to apply what I learned into a playstyle build that destroys towers. Here's my story!ā¬‡ļø

I created the SHRINEšŸ‘ŠBREAKER name which was based on Volibear's quote "Your shrines will fall." and Volibear's story where after he fought with his brother Ornn, he made a vow to tear down all civilization and bring back the old ways to theFreljord.
Iceborn Gauntlet symbolizes who and what the Volibear is as he is from the lands just north of the Freljord. Volibear is all about true ice and lightning. This is the birth of the SHRINE BREAKER playstyle, which earned the name "STORM BREAKER" as in Volibear's lore he made a vow to tear down all civilization and false idols they call shrines, marching his way towards the ARAM bridge growing in size and power!

Iceborn Gauntlet most important stats are Spellblade with a slow ice zone that provides crowd control along with Q Thundering Smash, E Sky Splitter, and R Stormbringer limiting the enemy's ability to kite him.

Riftmaker is the most powerful for the SHRINE BREAKER playstyle, which earned the name "RIFT BREAKER" as at the beginning of the Volibear's rework, they hinted a possible canon story that is no longer canon anymore, but at the time, they hinted that he becomes corrupted or formed a duality form fusing his power with theVoid AKA the Watchers frozen in time at the ARAM bridge turning him into his form known as the Thousand-pierced Bear. Even the color of the swords in his back and the lightning was the same color as the Void. It made playing AP Volibear fun and popular to play with this skin utilizing the Void creatures on the Summoner's Rift, the Void Grubbies, the rift herald and baron nashor to tear down shrines.

So even though it is no longer canon and they decided to erase that part from history, I will still honor this playstyle as Riot has missed out on a huge opportunity to pursue a storyline between the Freljord and the Void. I will honor this because it takes place in history of the AP Volibear meta.

Riftmaker grants omnivamp while in combat at max stacks, which synergizes with Volibear's passive: The Relentless Storm allowing him to heal off the the target. The more AP he has, the more attack speed he gains, and the faster he will heal.

The SHRINEšŸ‘ŠBREAKER name was actually created before Hullbreaker was born. Once Hullbreaker came out, it just made the playstyle even better. Back in the day, I used to build Frozen Heart, Frostfire, which is now Iceborn Gauntlet, Warmog's Armor, Sterak's Gage, and Titanic Hydra.

Ever since Hullbreaker came out, Volibear only needed 3 items to end the game. At the time of mythics using either Riftmaker or Iceborn Gauntlet into either Nashor's Tooth or Titanic Hydra or both. Then Once you had Hullbreaker + the Baron Nashor buff on the jacked supers, you were ready to go. This is what I consider to be one of my greatest SHRINEšŸ‘ŠBREAKERāš”VOLIBEARšŸ»clips. The point of this is to show you how powerful 3 items can be on Volibear. Be sure to turn the šŸ”Šsound on.

Now that season 14 has no more mythic items, with some new additional items added, we can build literally anything with the Hullbreaker and call it a BREAKER build. The best thing about this season is we can now FUSE the STORM BREAKER and the RIFT BREAKER playstyle together. We can play Iceborn Gauntlet and Riftmaker together!

In this guide, I will show all my BREAKER builds that I am currently playing with per patch. Volibear is an incredibly versatile champion. He can go AP, AD, and Tank or even hybrid. This allows him to adapt to situational matchups. The rule when it comes to the BREAKER style, you can build whatever you want as long as you have Hullbreaker. If you love a build from another Volibear one trick, you can create a BREAKER build version of it. I love seeing what everyone else is cooking up out there on the Rift!

When I joined the Volibear main server on Discord at the time of when Volibear was reworked, there was literally an AP controversy on the server. Anyone who dared to talk about AP Volibear was hit with a command !ap (which is no longer there anymore).

As a few months rolled on, AP Volibear started to become meta. The thing about it is if it is not played in pro play or someone in high elo, they don't care. Not even Trick2g was considered a viable source of optimal Volibear builds, which was appalling to me. How could they disrespect the šŸG.O.A.T. like that!?

It was until OYO, a famous Korean Volibear one trick starting going with Riftmaker and Hullbreaker.

Then finally the Volibear server started to listen more and be open minded to AP builds. It actually made meta thanks to those who listened to me, Trick2g, and OYO, and many others. It was no longer a meme and an actual meta to this day! I enjoyed watching countless videos grow on YouTube, but the one that caught my eye beyond appreciation was seeing this thumbnail.

Feel welcomed to join my Discord to meet some really cool Volibear players and streamers of all kinds.

This season we don't have the cookie cutter builds now that mythics are no longer a thing. We have so many options available to for the Volibear. My advice to you is to find what build helps you for situational matches and the playstyle you want to use. For my playstyle, I like to BREAK towerstop and jungle. You will find 100s of videos of me on YouTube BREAKING the Nexus towers with the šŸ»BEARšŸ‘ŠSPECIAL! Be sure to follow me on Twitch and Subscribe on YouTube to learn how you can too win games by BREAKINGšŸ‘ŠSHRINES!

These are the Volibear streamers that I watch most of the time. I am always looking for more Volibear streamers out there, other than that, I tend to watch Volibear content onYouTube.

Trick2g plays Volibeartop. He is famous for the breach playstyle mostly playing Udyr. I have adapted my playstyle based on a lot of his. I watch his stream and study his lane phase, runes, and items vs certain champions, and most of all I try to perfect my split push macro skills.

Cookiemanman is a jungle Volibear one trick who is one of the top best in NA. He plays the standard style following the standard runes and usually recommended items to climb to high elo on. He is known for duoing with Trick2g. He reached out to me to help format a Mobafire guide. I highly recommend that you guys go over there and give an upvote.

Volibear_OYO plays Volibeartop. A lot of people tend to look up to this Korean Volibear one trick when it comes to optimal builds or introducing new items into meta. Recently he has made Unending Despair, Fimbulwinter, and Spirit Visage with Ingenious Hunter reducing the cooldown on the items. This allows Volibear to sustain and drain his enemies thanks to the ability haste on W Frenzied Maul, but also Unending Despair's insane healing + damage combo. Sometimes I will turn one of his builds into a BREAKER build with Hullbreaker.

KingKongLoL plays bothtop and jungle Volibear. He's a Wukong main, but often plays the bear when he wants to or needs to. He is usually up to date on the latest next big hot thing or builds on the champions that he plays, which is great content for all of us.

SirBerlinStyle is a German Volibear jungle one trick that I love to watch and learn from.

The legendary BrotherBerk famous for reacting to my SHRINEšŸ‘ŠBREAKERāš”VOLIBEARšŸ» playstyle and he is the voice in my intro. I don't think there will ever be another person as good as this guy's reaction. I'm already callin it the šŸG.O.A.T. of streamer reactions. Be sure to turn on the šŸ”Šsound!

(Passive): The Relentless Storm Volibear gains attack speed scaling with AP when fully stacking his passive dealing AoE magic damage lightning chain to multiple targets minions, monsters, and champions.
(Q): Thundering Smash Volibear gains movement speed towards targets and less when running away, which allows him to quickly charge back in when his other abilities are back up stunning the target.
(W): Frenzied Maul Volibear marks his target then within 5 or less seconds depending on ability haste, he can apply the 2nd mark, the bite, to deal bonus damage and heal himself.

(E): Sky Splitter Volibear summons a lightning bolt to a location slowing and dealing the target's % health in magic damage. If Volibear is inside the area, he gains a shield that scales with AP and health. Targets cannot see the animation when casting from a bush.

(R): Stormbringer Volibear transcends himself as the storm gaining health, leaping to the sky and crashing down on targets, slowing, and dealing damage to them. If under tower, he can disable them for a few seconds. Less in the early game, but more into the late game making it easier for him or his teammates to kill targets under tower.

AoE damage is what makes Volibear a deadly juggernaut using his E Sky Splitter, R Stormbringer, and Passive: The Relentless Storm on multiple targets. This is why items like Riftmaker, Titanic Hydra, Nashor's Tooth, Sunfire Aegis, Hollow Radiance, Morellonomicon, Thornmail, or any other AoE item are very strong items for Volibear in combat.

Press the Attack does bonus adaptive damage and amplifies Volibear's damamge by 8% until you leave combat. Volibear can easily proc Press the Attack with Q Thundering Smash, W Frenzied Maul and one basic attack.

Conqueror is also a good option if you need the extra damage and healing sustain in addition to Riftmaker's omnivamp. Good into other Conqueror users like Mordekaiser who can sustain and drag fights out.

I tend to take Triumph in the jungle since you already have decent mana sustain there and are mostly a part of team fights. That health restoration has too much value there as with Press the Attack you'll be able to get that damage from all sources in team fights and ensure a takedown health restoration. This means your allies will do more damage and if they kill the target, you will heal allowing you to stay alive to mark the next target.

I tend to take Presence of MindTop lane since mana sustain is very important there because recall times are very critical as you want to make sure you don't miss any waves or give plates for free. Every time you land your combo, you will get mana back and upon takendown, you will get mana restored. This allows Volibear to keep the pressure on the lane after killing his target.

Absorb Life is a new rune that will heal you as you are killing the champion, which could be a nice rune, but for Volibear Presence of Mind just has way more value for Top lane and Triumph has more value for jungle. I think personally probably a better rune for manaless champions, but it is a decent rune if you wanna run it.

Legend: Haste is a new rune that I am actually starting to take since the BREAKER style builds tend to lack some ability haste (not that it is required to have any) this rune mainly focuses on reducing Q, W, and E's ability haste, which is really good for combat. Espeically with Riftmaker.

Legend: Alacrity's attack speed on Volibear is really good with his passive: The Relentless Storm. Not only you will be able to stack that faster, but it is also really good with either AP or AD builds. AD builds espeically lack attack speed more so than going AP since it scales with the passive. Hullbreaker and Titanic Hydra are really good with attack speed. Hullbreaker's skipper passive is every 5th attack so the more attack speed.

The NEW changes to the Cut Down rune is actually viable now on Volibear. It now does damage to the target as long as they have above 50% health. This means Volibear can do more damage on the first trade and kill the target with the Q Thundering Smash + E Sky Splitter Flash Ignite combo on the 2nd trade. Also when you proxy behind tower and the enemy walks up to you with full health, you will deal more damage to them. This makes it easier to kill them. This works with all matchups, but the most effective will be against tanks since you want to get their health down as fast as you can. In combination with Riftmaker, you will shred tanks even more.

Last Stand is a great option here as the Volibear will likely lose some of his health before reaching targets and when he marks the target with W Frenzied Maul he can sustain himself around 50% health or so and shield himself with E Sky Splitter allowing him to use this bonus damage with Press the Attack's bonus damage.

Coup de Grace is also a good option for lower health targets. This option works really well for jungle ganking Bot lane squishy targets. I still would take Last Stand since Press the Attack should be enough damage including your allies, but it is an option if you prefer it.

You can see why these runes are so good on VolibearTop lane. All of these runes have high value when it comes to dealing damage and sustaining.

Here is an example using Cut Down rune. The damage applied is fairly decent and probably my new favorite to start abusing now.

Grasp of the Undying synergizes with Volibear's W Frenzied Maul since they are about the same time when they both proc, he gets double heal and damage. This keystone is to scale Volibear into the late game with scaling health damaging items like Riftmaker, titanic, and Hullbreaker. When attacking minions or monsters, Volibear will deal bonus magic damage, gain health, and heal using a basic attack or Q Thundering Smash or W Frenzied Maul.

Aftershock is also a good option that is good for engaging in team fights or diving towers. This keystone works on Volibear's Q Thundering Smash allowing him to gain bonus resistances during that time. It has good synergy with E Sky Splitter which gives him a shield after the resistances wear off. Aftershock will burst targets in the area afterwards is why it is really good with the Q and E combo.

Demolish is what makes the SHRINE BREAKER playstyle. Without it, you'll be slower at taking down shrines. It scales with health dealing physical damage to towers. Titanic Hydra, Hullbreaker, and Elixir of Iron are the best items that scale with this rune and deal bonus damage to towers.

Font of Life is an alternative option that does work on Volibear if you wish to be more of an engage team support. Shield Bash is also another option if you wish to deal more damage after recieving a shield from E Sky Splitter. Demolish will always be the supieror rune on Volibear with his ability to dive and deal damage to towers with R Stormbringer that gains health making Demolish deal more during that time. At the end of the day, the best way to win the game is by taking down towers and the Nexus!

Second Wind has the best value on Volibear because he requires up close combat to deal damage, which means he will take damage before reaching his target. Being able to regenerate some health before and after trades help him sustain between his W Frenzied Maul heals and E Sky Splitter shields.

Conditioning is a great option that I recommend swapping if you're in the jungle since you have better sustain there with the red and blue buffs.

Bone Plating can be good into heavy combo dependant trading like Riven, Aatrox, Renekton, Jax, and etc reducing the amount of burst they do in that trade. I don't really use this rune ever and think Second Wind does a good enough job, but its an alternative if you wish to take into some matchups.

Overgrowth is the best rune option when playing the BREAKER style because the more health you gain, the more you deal with Demolish, Riftmaker, Titanic Hydra, Hullbreaker, or any other health scaling item. Volibear is a champion that scales with health. This rune endlessly grows stronger into the late game and is extremely deadly on a huge jacked super minion wave giving Volibear an overwhelming amount of damage towards targets when pushing up to towers.

Revitalize is a good alternative if you're looking to constantly fight all the time or against a matchup where you need to compete with the target's healing abilities to out sustain them.

Unflinching can be a good alternative espeically if you decide to swap to Aftershock or Shield Bash or Conditioning. Whenever you get CC'd in team fights, you gain bonus resistances.

As you can see I prefer to go with Overgrowth because at the end of the day my mission with Volibear is to scale and end the game as soon as possible before some champions scale and become dangerous.

Ignite and Flash is what I take most of the time forTop lane with Press the Attack. Majority of the time as Volibear you should be able to easily get level 2 with your E Sky Splitter and passive: The Relentless Storm then quickly go in and burst the target down with the Q Thundering Smash + E Sky Splitter combo with Press the Attack.

On the 2nd trade when abilities are back from cooldown, you should be able to do the Flash + Ignite combo by positioning your E Sky Splitter as you run towards the target with Q Thundering Smash then Flash to quickly stun the target inside the E Sky Splitter's burst area and Ignite the target following up with several basic attacks or W Frenzied Maul marks. Most of the time I get first blood and generate a lead.

One of the main reasons why this works the best right now is because Volibear's early game R Stormbringer disable has been nerfed. We need a way to quickly kill the target under tower and gain a lead. After level 11, that's when the R Stormbringer will increase the disable timer as well as into the late game.

This is my favorite to go to build when I am snowballing. Riftmaker and Titanic Hydra are Volibear's best scaling damage items that give him a lot of AoE damage to the minion wave and enemies nearby in combination with his passive: The Relentless Storm, E Sky Splitter, and R Stormbringer.

Titanic Hydra does damage to structures and Riftmaker gives the passive a bit more attack speed to quickly shred these towers down. In combat this gives everything the Volibear needs up front with the Q Thundering Smash and W Frenzied Maul. Then delayed magic damage with E Sky Splitter and the passive with Riftmaker's bonus damage plus omnivamp sustain.

Riftmaker and Titanic Hydra both scale with health, which means he does more damage during the time of R Stormbringer to everything around him.

Hullbreaker's Skipper passive benefits greatly from attack speed and from health. You'll win most 1v1 or 1v2 situations and melt towers with Demolish and Elixir of Sorcery in the early game. Into the late game Elixir of Iron will be useful for Hullbreaker to deal damage to the inhibitor and nexus.

The last two items can be your choice of full damage or 2 tanks items. I recommend 2 tank items since Hullbreaker doesn't have resistances like it did last season. Iceborn Gauntlet and Spirit Visage are my choices most of the time, but some situations call for other tank options.

Stormsurge is usually what I like to take into AD or AP squishy champions or champions that have a lot of movement or kite abilities. Teemo, Kayle, Kennen, Shaco, Rengar, and etc. Basically anyone that builds a lot of AD or AP and doesn't have much health or resistances.

The beauty of this playstyle is that Stormsurge gives 8% movement speed, which is really good for these type matchups where Volibear typically puts a few points in W Frenzied Maul and E Sky Splitter so he can max out Q Thundering Smash, which grants more movement speed the more points he has.

The other beautiful part is Stormsurge's first and 2nd passive gives another lightning bolt of damage that scales with AP. This passive also works with allies that assist in damaging the target. If multiple targets are in the area, they will suffer Volibear's AoE damage and the burst from Stormsurge.

Movement speed is one of the best stats on Volibear when it comes to split pushing. It helps avoid the AVENGERS coming to stop you from taking towers down. You will be fast enough to out run them or take one out quickly with Stormsurge and run out.

You can use any rune page I have listed, but this is the BEST with the STORM BREAKER runes using Celerity and Gathering Storm. The more movement and AP scalings is what makes this build pretty strong with those runes. Hullbreaker gives movement speed and benefits from all the attack speed that it gets from the passive: The Relentless Storm.

In the early game, Elixir of Sorcery with Stormsurge does a lot of damage to targets with a mix of true damage and magic penetration. Most importantly a lot of attack speed and tower damage. Into the late, Elixir of Iron will be used for Hullbreaker's scaling health to deal more damage to the inhibitor and nexus.

The STORM BREAKER playstyle used to be Iceborn Gauntlet, but since this season there are no more mythics, Riftmaker has been the most dominant item to run on Volibear and the brand new item Stormsurge fits this playstyle to a key. So, for resistances we definately want to have Iceborn Gauntlet as your armor item because the slows from this really helps Stormsurge's passives. Iceborn Gauntlet's slows ensure that Volibear's E Sky Splitter lands on the target increasing the chances of setting off Stormsurge's passive.

As for magic resist, I will always recommend Spirit Visage since Riftmaker has omnivamp and it increases his W Frenzied Maul heal and E Sky Splitter's shield. However, some situations might call for other magic resist items.

Nashor's Tooth is why we call it the RIFT BREAKER playstyle. The classic iconic Void items with the Void themed Summoner's Rift is what makes this playstyle extremely fun to play. Even more so now that they added new boots, Synchronized Souls which is Void looking boots with a baron nashor recall. I love playing the Thousand Pierced Bear with this playstyle.

Nashor's Tooth gives Volibear extremely high attack speed since it scales so well with his passive: The Relentless Storm and with the early game Elixir of Sorcery, Volibear can easily shred towers and 1v1 almost anyone in the game. Riftmaker and Nashor's Tooth are like bread and butter. In combat the more attack speed you have with the omnivamp, the more Volibear will survive.

Hullbreaker's Skipper passive with Nashor's Tooth will quickly shred towers including the inhibtor and nexus with every 5th attack.

This playstyle is iconic because by the time you have Nashor's Tooth will be just in time for the baron nashor buff. Nashor's Tooth is literally the tooth of baron nashor. This buff grants bonus AD and AP, which makes it extremely deadly with Nashor's Tooth.

Heartsteel is the SHRINE BREAKER playstyle on steriods. Stacking health only means Demolish will 1 shot towers into the mid-late game with a much bigger Skipper passive on Hullbreaker.

Riftmaker scales with health, so the more he gets, the more AP he will have, which is good for his passive: The Relentless Storm, which also makes it good for Hullbreaker. Espeically early game with the Elixir of Sorcery and then at the nexus shrines, we want Elixir of Iron, which will BREAK those towers in a matter of only a few hits with all of the health scalings.

I like going with this build vs another colossal top laner like Ornn, Tahm Kench, Cho'Gath, Malphite, and etc because I know getting stacks will be easy, but it also depends on if there are not too many champions building Blade of the Ruined King or Liandry's Torment. Another thing to note is that Heartsteel's damage proc doesn't do much to tanks, but Riftmaker does. The more health only means the bonus damage will melt them even more.

Other matchups you could take it into AD or AP if they do not build % health damaging items because they can suffer a lot of damage from the Heartsteel proc.

Fimbulwinter is the classic team fight split push playstyle because of the double shields you can abuse on Volibear. When Volibear engages in team fights with Q Thundering Smash stunning a target will activate Fimbulwinter's shield, which increases the more enemies nearby. Then the E Sky Splitter shield after allowing him to soak in more damage as he waits for the 2nd W Frenzied Maul heal.

This combination when diving towers allows him to eat more tower shots and barely ever run out of mana allowing him to keep fighting and spamming his abilities.

Riftmaker and Elixir of Sorcery in the early game will make Volibear's E Sky Splitter stronger since it scales with AP and health. Then the omnivamp from Riftmaker keeps him alive until Fimbulwinter is back from cooldown to grant him a shield when he applies CC to a target. This is what makes this the classic God of War build on Volibear. Hullbreaker no longer requires to be alone like last season. You can actually be a part of team fights and dive towers with them. This is the ideal playstyle to do this.

I tend to take this into matchups that tend to drag fights out or champs that have a strong engage trade where I need to eventually soak some of that damage. Usually tanks or fighters that are difficult to kill.

For the last tank items, Iceborn Gauntlet is a must have with Fimbulwinter because his W Frenzied Maul is the only ability that does not CC the target unless it has Iceborn Gauntlet. He will be able to gain a shield from Fimbulwinter just by applying the bite. Then for magic resist, we want Spirit Visage to increase the shielding, but of course some situations might call for different resistances.

Thornmail is a situational item vs AD heal like a champion that builds Blade of the Ruined King, Ravenous Hydra, or Sundered Sky. Some build all 3 items. Other matchups could be if the enemy has healing in their kit like Darius's Q Decimate. When he starts to use basic attacks, the grievous wounds will apply and he will heal less on the next Q Decimate and if he misses, he's screwed.

Ignite and Thornmail on top of Riftmaker's bonus damage will melt them down pretty quickly and prevent them from healing every time they try to attack.

Plated Steelcaps are the best boots to go vs basic attackers, but also Thornmail scales with armor. The more armor you have, the more magic damage will be sent to the attacker.

In some situations I will go Spirit Visage after Hullbreaker since we already have armor, but I only do this if there is a mage that is fed on the enemy team. Otherwise just get Iceborn Gauntlet to scale more armor onto Thornmail.

Morellonomicon has good stats. A fairly cheap AP and ability haste grievous wounds item. I usually take this into situational AP or tank heal matchups like Mordekaiser would be the most common, but also good into Gwen, Dr. Mundo, Vladimir, and etc.

Oblivion Orb is the grievous wound item under Morellonomicon which works with Volibear's E Sky Splitter and his passive: The Relentless Storm hitting multiple targets and can reach the target using minions.

Mercury's Treads to give you early game magic resist until after Hullbreaker you can decide to rush Spirit Visage or Kaenic Rookern before Iceborn Gauntlet if you want to.

Morellonomicon gives the passive: The Relentless Storm quite a bit of attack speed in combination with the early game Elixir of Sorcery with the Hullbreaker to help shred those towers. Then Elixir of Iron for the inhibitor and nexus.

Jak'Sho, The Protean is a situation where you're awkwardly dealing with mixed damage. For example, Tahm Kench Top, Kindred jungle, and Vel'Koz Mid. So Tahm Kench being a magic damage tank, Kindred AD, Vel'Koz AP.

Jak'Sho, The Protean has both armor and magic resist and once you have it, you can stack resistances while in combat. This works nicely with Riftmaker's bonus damage and omnivamp in combat making it difficult to kill him. Makes an excellent front line for the team.

Once you have Hullbreaker, you can dive and take out towers fairly quickly and the bonus resistances that you stack allow you to tank more tower shots and to live long enough to take out the nexus.

After Hullbreaker I tend to build two resistance items, which will stack really well with Jak'Sho, The Protean since it scales with any bonus resistances. I usually go for Iceborn Gauntlet and Spirit Visage, but some situations might call for the other options.

Doran's Ring grants mana regeneration, but also Volibear's passive will gain 1% attack speed at level 1 and once you have E Sky Splitter, he will deal so much burst damage. With Second Wind, W Frenzied Maul, and if you're running Grasp of the Undying, the healing in combination with Doran's Ring will help keep Volibear healthly in both his health and mana plus the 2 Health Potions.

I usually like to start proxing when I have Haunting Guise because that will give me more clear with E Sky Splitter and Volibear's passive: The Relentless Storm, but also a stronger shield to protect myself from the minion's damage.

What is the art of proxy? Proxing behind tower getting an entire wave sets you ahead in cs in a sense, you're now in the "future" catching the next wave and the next. If you manage to kill the enemy jungler in the process, will set you into a snowballing lead.

I typically like to proxy when the dragon aka drake is up because I know at least if I do get ganked, my jungler has the advantage to take the dragon or gank a lane or counter jungle camps. If I die on a wave, their next wave will take too long to crash into my tower. Spawn timers early game are very short so I'll be back to lane without missing anything.

The reason I wait for Haunting Guise is mainly if I do get ganked in the process, I will have bonus damage ready to go to take out the jungler who is typically a level or 2 behind for an easy kill.

voidgrubs and voidmites are very important to have and makes split pushing a lot easier. You don't want too many of these in the hands of the enemy because then anyone can take down towers pretty quickly making split push harder to win games with.

voidgrubs are the 3 little monsters that spawn. Killing those will give you voidmites that spawn when you attack the tower with a minion wave giving you extra damage to them. There are another set of 3 [[voidgrub]s that will spawn in total of 6. Having at least 3 or more is considered good.

If the enemy has more voidgrubs then you might want to consider playing defense and BREAKER items later. What I mean by that is instead of rushing the usual build of Riftmaker, Titanic Hydra, and Hullbreaker, instead you want to build your 2 tank items like this: Riftmaker, Iceborn Gauntlet, and Spirit Visage. Then push the wave and flank Mid lane or join up for team fights. With these items you will be a GOD and will be able to engage in team fights. The more fights you can win, the more you'll be able to open up a lane as early as possible with your team in time for the BREAKER items.

The voidmites are a lot like a mini verison of Elixir of Sorcery applying damage to towers. This is why it is very deadly to have on Volibear. It basically doubles his amount of damage to towers with each basic attack.

The SHRINE BUG AKA SHELLY THE rift herald is very important to snatch because with a lead, you'll be able to set yourself up for a BEAR SPECIAL every game by opening up a lane. You should be able to knock at least 1 to 2 towers down solo.

In situations where the enemy has more voidgrubs than you do, you might want to use this rift herald with your team and plow an entire lane down to make the window easier for you to end the game since split push is harder against an enemy that has more voidmites than you.

This season you can now ride the rift herald and drive it into towers. I like to ult the tower after I crash into it only if there is a target there defending it just so I can keep it alive using Demolish to delete the tower before the disable wears off. Then drive it again into the 2nd tower. If there is no target on the first tower, save your R Stormbringer for the 2nd tower.

Another strategy is if you have all 6 or most of the voidgrubs, you could flank a team fight and plow an entire lane up to the inhibitor before getting the rift herald and use it on the next objective team fight. Drive it into the inhibitor, then drive it into the nexus shrines, and perform the BEAR SPECIAL Stormbringer and try to end the game. Otherwise your team will be able to get an easy dragon or baron nashor.

The baron nashor buff empowers the wave and gives bonus AD and AP. With the Hullbreaker buff on the cannon or jacked supers, is basically applying a double buff, making it harder for the enemies to stop that wave. Volibear is at his strongest on a double buffed wave with multiple cannons or jacked supers marching their way to the nexus shrines.

AP items are extremely deadly with the baron nashor buff. Items such as Riftmaker, Nashor's Tooth, Stormsurge, but also AD items like Titanic Hydra that instantly deletes waves with the shockwave active. Whenver you get your hands on the baron nashor, do not waste any time whether you'reTop or jungle. Push a lane and try to end the game solo or with your team.

Setting yourself up for a BEAR SPECIAL is all about patience and timing. Wait to see all 5 enemies on the map. The best time to go is when they are all busy at an objective whether it is drake or baron nashor. You don't need to be there when the inhibitor is exposed or taken already.

Your job is to distract the enemy team into making a decision to stop you or fight for that objective. If they don't stop you, Volibear will just end the game. If they do stop you, your team will likely win the objective. Either way you are doing your job. A lot of times the enemy will lose because some went back while some stayed for the objective leaving them vulnerable.

If its a baron nashor buff, those who went back will suffer the double buff of baron nashor and Hullbreaker. Volibear may not be able to end the game, but those shrines are falling one way or another!
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