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League of Legends Build Guide Author Robo Ninja Monky

Shurikens of Death! ;) (AP Rush - Troll Build That Owns)

Robo Ninja Monky Last updated on May 16, 2012
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Before I start, this guide is for skilled Kennen players almost exclusively! It requires you to play him as an assassin to truly assassinate fools.

**This build is not for Ranked**

Hello fellow rift prowlers! This is my first guide and I hope to make many more (However, I only make a guide if I feel I have verily mastered that hero).

I will make this introduction short and sweet (To keep the attention of those who don't just scroll past it =P)

Kennen is an AP carry, there is really no other way to play him. There are, however, styles of playing an AP carry, especially with this little ninja. This guide I am making is NOT for those who are inexperienced in the beautiful world of League of Legends.

Important Playstyle Tips


If you are planning on using this build please be confident in the following areas before criticizing this build. (This is a hard to master build but very effective when done right)

- Must know how to use his spells to not only damage the creeps but the enemy hero as well.

- Must be confident in the area of skill shots (His shuriken will be most of his harass damage)

- Must be confident playing as an extremely squishy hero (This build makes kennen more of an assassin AP than someone who will be initiating)


I will explain, in-depth, how to use this build correctly in my Early-Mid-Late game portions of this guide. If you are wondering about how to approach fights please refer to these portions.

On with it!

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I. Why These Runes? Because...

Okay so, the runes are pretty straight forward. This build makes Kennen an AP power house, bear that in mind.

Thus leading us to choose a mix of Flat AP runes (For early game control and power) and Ability over time runes (For sustainability)

Now, you might ask why would AP over time add "sustainability"? Well it's simply really, having just the seals will give you +1 AP per level, combined with your base stats and Flat runes you will be able to stay in your lane and compete damage wise until they get a real item or a few.


Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Scaling Ability Power

Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

Beginning with Glyphs we go for Greater Glyph of Ability Power x9. This is obvious, we want as much ability power as we can get.

For Seals we get Greater Seal of Scaling Ability Power x9 (For steady AP gain and sustainability in the lane; our goal is to farm a needlessly large rod asap).

For the marks we without a doubt go for Greater Mark of Magic Penetration x9 (This will make your early game harass incredibly potent).

Lastly we have our Quintessences; for this we finish with Greater Quintessence of Ability Power x3 (This again will increase the potency of your early game damage output, allowing you to farm that needlessly without many, if any, trips to base).

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II. Masteries (Explained)

I will only comment on the optional aspects of the masterys (Most are required as you need to build the AP side of the offensive tree)

Summoner's Wrath - This one is because we choose Ignite + Heal, I advise taking this point and using your ignite unsparingly in the early game, just get that opponent out of your lane, you have the Ability Power to do so + ignite with heal to aid in any sticky situations. Having this point will give you that little boost of AP + AD to finish creeps easier as well as avoid those 5-life-get-aways people tend to do against burst characters.

Summoner's Resolve - You should be choosing Heal as a spell (This is because kennen requires some level of initiation despite being squishy, heal will fill in that dangerous gap as well as aid your team, a nice fringe benefit). This mastery will simply increase the heal amount by 10% which can and will make the difference.

Expanded Mind - The +10 energy is invaluable, take this instead of less time dead (you shouldn't be dying often as Kennen)

Improved Recall - Obvious, lol, please don't ask, take it if you want it. (Otherwise go for a point in Good Hands .

Swiftness - Lastly we have the movement speed bonus, this will help you close the gap between you and your opponent as well as get away from dangerous situation early game.

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III. Optional Summoner Spells

Ignite is almost a must for this build as if someone has a sustaining source of health replenishment (Life Steal/Spell Steal/Healing Abilities) your assassin like burst will have a much harder time taking them out and they will slowly dwindle you.

Heal is currently my most preferred secondary spell on Kennen (Exclusively important to this build only). You are squishy when usually Kennen's rush Rylai's or something to make themselves more of a sustained damage source; opposed to a burst assassin. Because of the nature of this build having Heal also allows you to trick people into charging you thinking you are low enough, you then pop Heal and begin your stun/burst combo to get an easy baited kill.

Flash is also an amazing spell to have for Kennen. You can flash over walls to escape danger, flash over the Baron wall with your combo/team ready to steal and ambush them, as well as many other uses such as flashing into the team if they are escaping your Slicing Maelstrom range. Take this spell instead of Heal if you feel like you never really utilize the benefits of Heal in-game or if you need some extra mobility.

I could see Ghost being useful on Kennen. However, with this build you are bursting people and playing an assassin like role. This means that having a lasting speed boost is not very effective considering you should be on the side of the fight anyways. In terms of escaping, I would take Flash over Ghost. But if you like Ghost it's not all bad, take this if you get caught A LOT while harassing and I could see it being a good choice for you.

Any other spells are really just not for Kennen, these 4 are interchangeable and are the most effective summoner spells for an AP Assassin with Burst.

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IV. Pros/Cons


~ Extremely powerful (Capable of multi-kills with the ultimate alone!)
~ Mass stuns as well as focused stun (for those pesky carries like yourself)
~ Incredibly fun to play
~ Some of the best harass I've seen yet. (You can harass people to death from behind bushes, remaining invisible to them)
~ His Thundering Shuriken can kill squishies in as little as 2-3 hits.
~ Many more bonuses!


~ Quite squishy even with the full build (Spell steal will some-what negate this later on)
~ Skill shot dependent (Shurikens)
~ Very skill oriented, takes a lot of practice to master this build.
~ Requires the ability to dive in and out of fights with some level of prescision.

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V. Build 1 (Pure AP Assassin)

Purchase as many of these items as you can each time you go back to base...but it will likely go down like this...

Make sure to rush a Needlessly Large Rod, this is important as if you manage to rush it, you will be over powered at level 6 or so...which is just plain fun!

Purchase at the Beginning

First Time Back

2nd Time Back

3rd Time Back

4th Time Back

5th Time Back

6th Time Back

7th Time Back

At this point you can get begin building 1 of 2 items

If you are being focused down in team fights and need the invulnerability and armor.

(My personal choice generally) Take this if you aren't dying and you will be slowing everyone on top of your god-like stuns and damage output...If they aren't surrendering yet, this will push them to beg to concede.

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VI. Build 2 (Defensive/Safe)

At this point it's going to depend on how well you're doing and if anyone is focusing you.

If you are having issues/being focused get the Hourglass.

Get the Void Staff for that oh-so-fearful magic penetration.

You can get the Rylai's here if the enemy team seems to be getting away from you and your team too often/your team lacks slows.

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VII. Early Game [Levels 1-5]

I'll tell you how you should preferably play Pure AP Kennen, or as I like to refer to him when I play this, "Shurikens of death" (Because you can literally farm kills with your Thundering Shuriken taking CHUNKS out of enemy squishies as well as a lot of tanks!).

First off, Pure AP Kennen (Shurikens of Death) is a MID ONLY build...I can't stress this enough, any other lane is not preferable.


This is because you are too squishy to handle the harassment at bottom (If they have support + ranged AD) and you won't do enough damage to the tanky solo top to have an easy time. (They will power through you and eat away at your minimal life).

Mid is where you will thrive and dominate.

At level 1-2 you should be farming your mid creeps with auto attacks while throwing your Shuriken at the enemy champion [Pro Tip] - Try to aim your Thundering Shuriken harassment in such a way that if they miss the hero they hit a creep for quick farm and minimal waste.

Once you hit level 2 you can then really try to target the enemy hero with your Thundering Shuriken (running back and forth is a good way to bait someone into range) [Pro tip] - With 1 point in Electrical Surge you can watch your stacks and save a charged auto attack for the enemy hero, this can give you the ability to stun even at level 2!

Once you hit level 3 you can take a point in Lightning Rush. This opens the field a LOT for Kennen. Now you want to try and Thundering Shuriken the enemy mid player and once you land one (provided you have the energy) you can Lightning Rush through all of the creeps (DON'T FORGET TO HIT THE CREEPS WITH IT!!!) and position yourself JUST behind the creep wave. At this point use Electrical Surge to give the enemy a second stack (and to damage the creep wave), by this time your Thundering Shuriken will be off cooldown and you can get a third stack + A LOT of damage on the enemy hero as they retreat.

This pattern is consistent with your farming throughout the game, it simply gets stronger and it also gets the addition of your ultimate later on. This strategy maximizes his pushing/farming/killing ability! Supah OP!

Repeat this process forcing the enemy champion to retreat to base to heal as you stay in the lane and farm enuogh gold to purchase a Needlessly Large Rod when they are just finishing their boots or less.

Wait until level 6 before you Recall and Buy. (Unless you are going Hextech Revolver due to heavy harassment to you) and recall after a big push or mid champion kill so your lane won't suffer from your absence.

So you've made it this far and you're wondering what's next, on to Mid-Game!

Guide Top

VIII. Mid-Game [Levels 6-11]

Once you hit Level 6 and you get your you are ready for some Ganking!

[Item Note] - Level 6 is preferably where you want to do your first Recall. Use your ultimate to get a kill before you back if it's applicable, otherwise save it for when you return with items.
Try to have your first item be a Needlessly Large Rod If you return with a Needlessly Large Rod your shurikens will take 1/3 even up to 1/2 of their life in one hit. Smashing yeah!? ;) Combine that with all of yoru other spells...and you can rule the kingdom...of LoL...despite not having boots. Also pick up some Boots of Speed if you have the extra money.

Side note:

( Health Potion x3 is a good idea as well if the harassment is decent or if they are ganking you but not doing enough damnage to validate buying a Hextech Revolver )[/color]


Now, you're probably wondering how do I go about ganking as Pure AP Kennen? It's actually incredibly simple, it just takes wit and practice.

You want to Lightning Rush your way up/down to either top bush or bottom bush, then ping the enemy heroes pinging on whoever you will be focusing the most (The most dangerous champion of the two or more).

Wait for your teammates to advance until they are able to get to the enemy within 1-2 seconds, otherwise they will escape.

Begin by throwing a Thundering Shuriken missing or hitting, it doesn't matter too much.

Then run to where you will be able to Lightning Rush and hit every champion + position yourself in the middle of them all. (Most likely they will be retreating, so expect that).

Once in the middle of them all use Electrical Surge then imidiatlely hit your ultimate (assuming they are in range, otherwise just harass them out of the lane and to base without wasting your ultimate). This will cause MASS damage and MASS stuns, if you don't kill anyone, your teammates surely will.

Once the dirty work is done, immediately return to your lane, the best part about Kennen is that he can be in and out of a lane in no time at all.

Continue farming the recommended build and repeat this process as much as possible (Kennen ganks are godly, don't waste that talent!) all the way to level 11.

[Item Note] - By level 11 you should have Sorcerer's Shoes and a Needlessly Large Rod. If you're doing Well, you might even have a Blasting Wand if you're doing extremely well you will have Sorcerer's Shoes and a Rabadon's Deathcap by level 11-12.

Usually the other team will concede because you can deplete the life of their entire team while at the same time stunning them all for the other 4 champions to free farm them. If you're still going...move on to the Late-Game portion of this guide!

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IX. Late-Game [Levels 12-18]

[Item Note] - Once you have Sorcerer's Shoes and a Rabadon's Deathcap the next step is to build a Hextech Revolver rushing it into a Will of the Ancients for much more sustainability and bonus AP. Then just follow my item build, but this is to give you an idea of where you should be items wise by this points in the game.


If you went the more defensive route I included please refer to my item priority section to see what you will be purchasing at these points.

Okay, at this point, you know how to gank, you know how to farm, and you know generally how to use Pure AP Kennen. The only thing left to teach you is how to play Kennen when it's Team-Fight -Time =P.

Roam around with your team, you will thrive the most if you are with your team, late game your going to have to use your ultimate in order to get an effective takedown in 1v1s, so have at least one strong champion rolling with you if not the team.

Ward dragon and baron if you have the extra money, or tell your support to do so. If you can catch the enemy team in a condensed zone you will rock their world by yourself let alone with a team.

How do you go about entering battle? This is how...

Run in circles (Haha) and evade all skill shots sent your way (Using Lightning Charge to escape if you must), while spamming Thundering Shuriken at the enemy squishies. If you land a Thundering Shuriken quickly use Electrical Surge to get some extra burst in before the champion retreats out of range. Once the enemy teams health has been dwindled down, ping telling the tank to go in.

Once the tank charges in it's time for you to be right behind him at a safe distance. If the enemy team has any HUGE nukes you should wait for them to be used while harassing at a safe distance. Then Lightning Rush hitting all enemy champions, not just a couple (Sometimes unavoidable, however). Then BEFORE using Electrical Surge pop your Slicing Maelstrom to get early stuns going since there is a lot more damage threat against the whole enemy team. Now hit your Electrical Surge giving them all yet another stack as your Slicing Maelstrom rips their health to pieces.

This is it! It's simple and Really fun! However, if you get focused by people while inthe center of it all, run out and begin to pick people off with your speed and dexterity.

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X. About the Guide-Maker (Robo Ninja Monky)

My in game name is "Robo Ninja Monky", don't mention how I left the "e" out of "Monky", there was not enough space and I felt it was the best letter to leave out =P.

Please vote this guide up if you enjoy the build. This is my first build on mobafire so others won't see it if it doesn't get voted for =)

I have been playing League of Legends for a long time now and have mastered quite a few heroes, some naturally, some with dedication and effort. If you enjoyed this guide please up-vote it =).

This is my first guide so I'm sure I left some important things out. If you feel anything is missing please comment and I will try and address it.

Now go throw some Shurikens of Death at people! It never gets old!

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XI. Update Notes

5/3/2012 - Updated the overall aesthetics of the guide to make it easier for people to navigate and understand the information presented. (The thorough explanations of play are still a bit messy, I will get to them when I do the next update.)

5/3/2012 - Added the "Optional Summoner Spells" section to appeal to those who may not want to use my preferred setup.

If you have any questions or input pertaining to the guide please do comment! Don't forget to up-vote please!