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Shyvana Build Guide by phate83

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author phate83

Shyv jungle AS/AD pwnage

phate83 Last updated on November 27, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Updates and Changelog.

None yet.

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This build is well designed to be used in ranked or in unranked matches

I have used since the day she came out and haven't looked back. I have been working on a good build for her ever since then trying various builds and item types. This is my second build for Shyvana the first is more designed to fill the roll of a tank where this build is designed for dealing tons of damage quickly.

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Pros / Cons

  • Very strong throughout the game from early to late.
  • Arguably one of the best escapes in the game.
  • Great consistent and burst damage.
  • Takes down squishy champions in a couple hits.
  • Great movement speed with the use of Burnout.
  • Dragon's Descent Hi, I'm a dragon.
  • The fastest jungler in the game.
  • Shyvana will probably be nerfed within a few weeks.
  • No built-in CC

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The runes are designed for jungling but can be used very well in lane as well. They are all top 2 tier runes for their type and help you to do loads of damage early game to make the jungling so much easier at the start. The runes give attack damage, armor penetration, magic resistance and armor. All of these will help you immensely early game for jungling other than the magic resistance runes, those are more designed for late game fighting.

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The masteries are designed to make jungling easy and for dealing lots and lots of damage later in the game.

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Summoner Spells

This part is simple, you're jungling, so you grab Smite

Now for the hard part, what do you use second?

There is a lot of room for choices here, I prefer to use Exhaust with Shyvana since she has 0 crowd control. The only other feasible option I see here is Flash, but I choose not to use it since Dragon's Descent is like a souped up Flash I want something that will help me, not duplicate one of my existing Champion spells, but of course Flash is still a very viable option.

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Skill Sequence

This is very easy to explain, after you get the base (first 6 levels), you'll max Burnout first, Twin Bite second, and Flame Breath last.

You max out Burnout first because it levels so much faster with you and deals a lot more damage as you level it. Leveling Twin Bite doesn't increase damage as much as it should which is why it is second. Flame Breath is last because it's only practical purpose when jungling instead of laning is to drop armor and the armor drop doesn't scale as it levels up.

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Skill explanation

This is for those that haven't used Shyvana at all or much to further explain all of the skills.

Twin Bite - This is her main ability for dealing burst damage to enemies. The biggest thing to remember with Twin Bite is that it doesn't reset the swing timer, so when jungling and attacking enemies you'll want to hit Q immediately as you land an auto attack so in essence you will do three attacks and the bonus damage that Twin Bite deals. Also when in dragon form this attack will splash, which is great when you have 2 enemies that you are fighting together, this will hurt them both a ton, combine with Burnout and you could have 2 dead enemies quickly.

Burnout - This is your all around ability and the one that needs to be maxed out first because of how well the damage scales up as you level it. You'll want to have this running as much as possible when fighting anything, it will deal a ton more damage to everything near you. The other trick to remember with Burnout is to always activate it before you activate Dragon's Descent so that when you drag an enemy it will drag them along the fire trail you will leave. Also using this in combination with Dragon's Descent when running away is very helpful as well because anyone that chases you will damage themselves as they run along it.

Flame Breath - This ability is helpful for dropping armor down which is why it's something that should be used before attacking anything as it will help you deal a lot more damage. One thing to remember is when not in dragon form this will hit and stop at the first thing you hit, so unlike some other champion's abilities it won't go through a minion into a champion. When in dragon form it shoots in a cone and does go through minions, so it will hit everything nearby.

Dragon's Descent - In my humble opinion the best and most fun ultimate in the game, it is great for turret diving champions hugging turrets, even better when done from the jungle over the wall so they don't even see it coming, combine this with Burnout to deal even more damage and leave a fire trail behind as you fly into your dragon form.

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Ok this is where this build is different than my tanky Shyvana build.

Jungle Phase
First things first, grab a Vampiric Scepter, after you back the first time, you'll grab a Cloth Armor and Health Potion. After the 2nd back you should have almost enough to finish the Wriggles Lantern depending on if you got a kill or an assist and if you stole some of the enemy jungle or not.

Next you purchase boots, there are a variety of choices to go with here. I typically will go with Mercury's Treads if the other team has a lot of CC. If they don't have much CC get Berserker's Greaves instead so that you can start hitting faster right away.

After purchasing your boots you will work on your Infinity Edge and start dealing a lot more damage. Next you should purchase the Zeal to start getting movement boost early which will leave you with two open spots for items which is perfect for buying both pieces of The Bloodthirster to start getting some more lifesteal and a lot more damage. Always remember after you have The Bloodthirster to stack it up to get the maximum damage and lifesteal with it. Next you will want to finish the Phantom Dancer. At this point you are dealing a lot of damage very quickly and will critical strike most of your attacks.

Here is where things start to get sticky, more often then not I will purchase another Phantom Dancer here, but this is very dependent on how the game is going and the other team, if they have a few thornmails, you may want to grab The Bloodthirster instead. If they have stacked armor you may want to purchaser The Black Cleaver instead.

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Ganking and Team Work

After you get to level 6 you need to be watching your map religiously so you can see easy ganks or easy kills, with this ultimate you can already dive turrets to one or two hit someone for a kill and make it out alive. You'll also want to go into their jungle to take their creeps and buffs and kill the enemy jungler since you should be at least one level higher than him at this point.

When ganking, always remember to activate Burnout before Dragon's Descent so that it leaves the trail of fire to damage the enemy champion even more, then hit them with Flame Breath before attacking them with Twin Bite to deal even more damage. Always remember Flame Breath only has two true uses. 1. Last hitting minions in lane. 2. Dropping enemy's armor to deal even more damage.

If you push a turret alone, ensure you always have Dragon's Descent and Burnout available to use to escape if they send 3 champions at you, also don't forget that Twin Bite does work on turrets, so use it whenever available when hitting a turret. Dragon's Descent is a great spell to use to kill a turret hugging champion with low HP and can be used to jump over a wall to get them at that turret.

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First things first, I will post a video for this section as soon as I have an opportunity to get one recorded and uploaded, so for now I'll just explain it.

First run
Start at wolves, ask your mid to hit the big wolf once and run away. As soon as the wolf is in range start attacking it, but DO NOT activate Burnout until they are about to start attacking you, otherwise it will wear off because of you chasing him instead of attacking him.

After the wolves you will be almost level 2, go to the wraiths, and Smite the blue wraith, then run behind the bushes so the small wraiths don't attack you. Put your point into Twin Bite and then go attack the small wraiths, with Twin Bite the swing doesn't restart, so the best way to use it is to attack, then use it, then activate Burnout you will have killed the first of the 3 wraiths by doing this, the other two will die shortly after.

Make your way to the golems and remember when you initiate to attack, then as soon as the attack lands activate Twin Bite and then activate Burnout. After killing them recall and purchase the Cloth Armor and one Health Potion

Second run
Activate Burnout at your base and head to the blue buff, same as before for initiating, and use Smite at the appropriate time, your Burnout will die off shortly after the small minions die, when Burnout is available again, the blue golem should be almost dead, so normally I just save it for the wolves.

Do the normal attacking for the wolves and wraiths, then go to the red buff and attack it the same way you attacked the blue buff. You will NOT have Smite available until the red buff is already dead if you went through the jungle properly, but don't worry, you don't need it. After killing the red buff get the golems, use Smite if you plan on backing, if the other team doesn't have a jungler, or a weak jungler, this is a GREAT opportunity to go to their blue buff and take it if it's there, you'll have Smite available to use to drop it quickly, and you will have plenty of HP to survive through it and the enemy wolves if they are there as well. Afterwards recall, you should be almost level 6, if you didn't go to their jungle you will want to gank immediately or invade the enemy jungle since your jungle won't be up for a bit.

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is a GREAT champion, and very fun to use, you definitely must try this build if you like her, and if you haven't used her, try her, and you will see how amazing she truly is when built properly.