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Shyvana Build Guide by Creap

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Creap

Shyvana goes where she pleases

Creap Last updated on July 26, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello summoners this is Creap with my first champion build. I chose shyvana because she was my first 6300 champion to buy and play a lot. I like this build because i feel it works great in either the jungle or solo top though i usually use it for jungle.

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the runes are pretty basic giving magic resist and armor for the early level sustain to go along with your warmogs and attack damage and attack speed for a little more damage. you can go double attack damage if you like, however shyvana's passive allows her to benefit greatly from attack speed as each attack she lands helps her abilities.

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I choose to get Warmog's Armor first because it makes you a huge threat to anyone in the early game. with warmogs shyvana can solo almost any champion 1v1 this early and lets you roam freely to farm and gank when and where you please. it also makes turret diving easy at a low level to ensure those kills for your laner or yourself. i feel that i am able to finish warmogs before finishing my boots because Shyvana has a built in speed increase and should have no problem catching other champions. Heart of Gold is an option to get if you are hurting on gold or just like the extra health. i usually dont feel like i need it but it can't hurt. and you can always turn it into a Randuin's Omen.
Next i turn my boots into Mercury's Treads because the tenacity is just so great and i prefer it over having more attack speed or armor from Ninja Tabi howver these are always an option especially for an ad heavy team.
next get Phage for some more health and to keep people around while you and your partner attack them. at this point your ganks should be very strong as you can come in and catch up to the enemy, slow them with phage and turret dive them if necessary as you should have about 2.5-3k hp depending on your level.
Next is a The Bloodthirster so you can be putting out some damage and sustaining in the jungle. after The Bloodthirster i finish my Frozen Mallet. at this point you have a lot of health and some decent damage and these are your four core items that you will almost always get. the last two items are up in the air and depend on the team. you will want more Magic resist and more armor because at this point you have built nothing but health other than your mercury's treads. form here i usually go wits end because right now you are lacking in damage and of course need that magic resist if you plan to be very tanky. the attack speed and on hit bonus form wits end covers both of these things.
finally i usually finish with an Atma's Impaler because you need armor and the 45 armor is a pretty fair amount. also with this build you should have about 4200 hp at level 18 with Warmog's Armor fully stacked, this gives about 63 damage and it gives a crit chance so it will help your damage as much as most other items plus giving you that armor. with her ult's passive Shyvana will get up to about 150 armor and magic resist with this build making her incredibly tanky especially when she pops her ultimate. however there are always other options. if want to just even more tanky i sometimes replace Atma's Impaler with a Guardian Angel giving even more armor and magic resists along with the passive of course. also if you are just that rich you can replace wits end with Madred's Bloodrazor as it will increase your damage significantly and change atmas into Guardian Angel to makeup for the missing magic resist and armor, this build is more recommended for killing tanky teams as you are able to take out 12% of someones health with an auto attack immediately followed by a q totaling 3 very quick attacks.

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Here i will provide a strategy to be used with each of shyvana's abilities.
First shyavana's q is Twin Bite. Twin Bite is a single attack the counts double for shyvana's atttack damage. this attack instantly resets her auto attack timer so attacking once and then instantly hitting Twin Bite allows for 3 attacks to be done almost instantly. when playing solo top it is good to pop your W Burnout which gives a movement speed increase, attack your enemy once press q and get out. this is very quick damage and most enemies wont be able to match the damage when you run away so fast. while in dragon form this attack hits everyone in front of Shyvana making her damage in team fights sky rocket and making it easy to clear minion waves very quickly. shyvana's passive lowers the coold down on Twin Bite by half a second with each attack so getting high attack speed allows you to almost spam it. although building to much attack speed makes you squishy and almost useless so i don't recommend it.
Shyvana's W is Burnout which gives a speed increase up to 50% and does damage to all nearbyt enemies in the fire, it lasts longer as you attack. does decent damage to enemies as it stacks off of attack damage. it also increases her movement speed by up to 50% making her difficult to escape from. however remember that this speed increase only lasts 3 seconds unless you are attacking someone. so using it to chase someone who has a large gap on you isn't that effective. it is much better for chasing people you are in range of or just out of range of. try not to pop it to far away from enemies when coming in for a gank as they will be able to get out of range before you land a hit on them and your speed increase and damage will be gone. after activating Dragon's Descent, Burnout will leave scorched ground behind her that does damage to enemies. this often makes enemies to afraid to chase you as they see their hp dropping. it also allows for a very useful tactic on shyvana however. when shyvana's w is active and she then flys into dragon from the fire will be left behind her flight path. so if you think you are going to lose a 1v1 fight but the enemy is low you can someitmes activate your W and the ult over them. if the damage from your ultimate gets them low enough the fire on the ground will often kill them before they realize what has happened getting you to safety and netting a kill.
Her E is Flame Breath. this ability does not do a ton of damage and is sometimes overlooked, however using it is very vital to playing Shyvana. when she hits an enemy with her E their armor is reduced and her next auto attacks will do extra damage. i always use this first when beginning a 1v1 fight and while in dragon form from dragon's decent, in team fights you should shoot it so it hits as many people as possible as it becomes an AOE that goes through enemy targets. while in Dragon's Descent i also use this to finish off low hp enemies that may escape as it is easy to land and does decent damage.
Finally shyavana's r is Dragon's Descent which lets her fly forward dealing damage two all enemies she comes into contact with and bring them with her on her flight path (usually). the number one mistake many people make with this ultimate is flying in at an enemy thinking it will nuke them down. however this leaves you with no escape or chasing mechanism and usually the enemy will escape. the ultimate is best saved for low hp enemies that may escape or fleeing from a fight over walls or just at max range. it is also good for saving your teammates if they are about to die you can push people away from them or just catch up and slow them with your froze mallet to keep them off a teammate. it also cancels channels such as Warwicks ultimate or fiddlesticks life drain. it is also usually a good idea to activate your w before using her ult as it leaves the trail of fire behind her and dont forget the more you attack the longer you stay a dragon. finally dont forget that she can fly over walls, this spell is actually better than flash imo because it lets you go over walls from a longer distance. you can fly over thick walls without even being right next to them as long as the arrow reaches near the outer edge of the wall she can usually fly over it. practice with this to learn its limitations.

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this is my first guide, i have edited it to make it look neater and easier to read. i hope the changes are helpful and i still welcome any and all advice or constructive criticism. i plan to keep updating the guide and make more in the future. i hope this guide leads people to many victories.