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Shyvana Build Guide by jordanb3113

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League of Legends Build Guide Author jordanb3113

Shyvana - Her true form

jordanb3113 Last updated on April 5, 2012
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Hey everyone, Jordan here. I am going to show you how I play Shyvana. This is my first guide so if you have any ideas on how to make it better or comments please let me know! Shyvana is a very unique champion.

Dragon's Descent
is her ultimate that allows her to transform into a dragon. As soon as I saw this on her abilites I knew I had to have her. It turned out to be one of my best champion buys ever.

I believe Shyvana scales best as a AD fighter with a little bit of HP so shes not so squishy and so she has sustainability. I will tell you how I play her and give you tips along the way. With this guide by mid to late game you will be dominating your opponents.

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Pros / Cons


-Very good damage at any point in game
-Great mobility
-Dominates squishys
-Turns into a Dragon
-Very fun champion

-No natural CC
-No escape abilites
-Can be harassed by range easily

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For runes I take all attack speed glyphs, seals, and marks. Then for the Quintessences I take Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage to give me a little extra attack damage. Her Q benefits from attack speed which is why I choose these runes. You can also go with Greater Seal of Armor if you want to build her more tanky or Greater Glyph of Magic Resist if you feel the need for more magic resist.

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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells

I love this summoner spell. IMO it is a must have. It helps you catch up to those champions who manage to outrun you, and it also allows you to engage enemies under the turret, get the kill and flash out. There are too many uses for this spell to list.

This is also one of my favorite summoner spells. This allows you to ignite those champions with 50 hp who flash away and know your going to get the kill without risking your death under the tower.

this is a viable replacement for flash because she has no other escape abilities. With Burnout you can catch up to enemy champions, but this helps you secure the kill or secure your getaway.

These are the three that I use. Other choices may be Ghost or Cleanse but IMO the three I listed will be the best choices.

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Ability Explanation

This is Shyvana's passive. It reduces Twin Bites cooldown by .5 seconds with every attack. Burnout will last longer for every attack you land up to a maximum of 6 seconds. Flame Breath Your attacks will deal 20% of the ability's damage to every unit hit by it. Dragon's Descent each attack gains fury which helps you stay in your Dragon Form longer.

This allows you to attack twice on your next attack. This is where your AD comes in because your hitting your opponent twice causing massive damage if you have AD built. Also it works well with AS because everytime you hit someone the cooldown is lowered by .5 seconds. I pick this up at level 2, and max it second.

The reason I take Burnout at level 1 and max it first is because this is going to be your main damage early game. Your attack speed is going to be rather slow because your a low level, so Burnout is going to help you get those champions down for ignite. Also because your attack speed is so slow that makes the CD on Twin Bite not reset as fast so your opponent could get away without you having the damage to kill them. Burnout is also GREAT for farming/pushing your lane. Turn it on, stand in the middle of the minions, and watch the magic happen.

Flame breath is a skillshot that deals magic damage to the first enemy hit. This skill is pretty much useless except for the nice armor debuff. Sure you can harass enemies in lane but not worth maxing right away. For this reason I get this at level 4 and max it last.

This is the coolest ultimate you will ever see. You get to transform into a dragon and literally tear your opponents to shreds. This is a game changer in team fights because it causes all of her basic abilities to deal AOE damage. Twin Bite now hits every unit infront of Shyvana. It is also a great escape tool. You can use it to fly over the trees to get away, or you can use it to follow someone who just flashed over the wall.

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The reason I chose these items is because I believe Shyvana scales best with AD and needs some survivability. I usually start off with Boots of Speed and three Health Potion. Early game you should beable to get yourself 1 to 2 kills or maybe your even doing quite well and you have 3 or 4. I usually go back and either buy a B.F. Sword or continue on with my Berserker's Greaves. If you can manage to get yourself a B.F. sword early game, then your in pretty good shape. I then continue with The Black Cleaver because it gives attack damage and attack speed and armor pen. Everything shyvana needs right there. When you get this item, it really helps with ganks early on.

Now once you have The Black Cleaver I go with the Frozen Mallet because now you slow down every opponent you hit tearing them apart with The Black Cleaver. Now its time for some survivability. After buying Frozen Mallet you have plenty of HP for now. Once you get The Bloodthirster you should beable to survive any 1 on 1 runins with any champ unless of course they are more fed then you are.

By end game you should have all of these items and can continue on with Trinity Force and Madred's BloodrazorYou can switch up the order of items too depending on how your game is going.

I don't worry about magic resist because with this build you will be tearing them apart so fast and (thanks to lifesteal) surviving everything they throw at you. I do not suggest, however, that you engage 1v3 and expect to win. Choose your opponents wisely unless entering a team fight.

If you are facing a AP heavy team and what that extra magic resist without losing all of your damage, you can go with Wit's End instead of The Black Cleaver or even switch out your boots Berserker's Greaves for Mercury's Treads.

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Laning with Shyvana

Playing with Shyvana in lane you kind of want to be agressive, yet not overly aggressive. If you push to far up your opening yourself to ganks from the other teams jungler or mid lane champion. If the other champions in lane are ranged you might just want to sit back and relax until you get your ultimate. Once you hit leve 6 and get Dragon's Descent its game on. You can either go behind them at river or beside them in the brush next to the wall, hit them with an exhaust or a stun and nail them with your ulti. OR you can initiate with Burnout and start chasing them. Once you have them about half HP use your Dragon's Descent for that extra punch to ensure the kill.

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Tips and Tricks

Shyvana is an excellent gap closer. With Burnout she can pretty much catch up to any champion if they are not master yi and don't have ghost. Her early game ganks are what she thrives on. With your laning partner using exhaust and you using Burnout they are sure to go down quickly. Then finish them off with ignite as they try to run away.

Team fights. This is where Shyvana shines. When you use your ultimate you are most likely to get focused down by the other team, which is where you extra HP and lifesteal come into play. Do not initiate team fights with Dragon's Descent though. This will ensure your death before you can even attack, unless you are fed to no end then go ahead and tear them apart.

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Shyvana excels at early game ganks if she has someone with her in lane who can stun their opponents. Even with an exhaust Shyvana and another dps can tear opponents apart. This makes for a fed Shyvana and a GG.

I appreciate you taking the time to go through and read my first ever guide. Again if you have any ideas on what to improve please post it for me.