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Shyvana Build Guide by Y0dastyle

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Y0dastyle

Shyvana: Soaring The Jungle

Y0dastyle Last updated on November 4, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Shyvana the terrifying dragon

Come one, come all and welcome to my Shyvana build/guide. This is my first guide on this website so please don't be afraid to leave comments and suggestions below ^_^

I suggest that you keep on reading if you like to jungle, get in your enemies faces while breathing fire, and or if you just like dragons.

Shyvana is a jungler no matter how I see it. The way she clears it so quickly and flawlessly makes it her home. Jungler Shyvana is by far the best way to go.

EDIT: Switched the items in the build. Merc Treads instead of greaves, mallet instead of tforce, and sunfire cape. Also incorporated it into the items section.

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Pros / Cons


    Great damage throughout the game
    Nice burst with E
    Has great escape
    Good Aoe damage
    Great farm with W
    Short CD's
    Can spam abilities
    Clears the jungle quickly
    Is a dragon

    People tend to focus you (Jealous of you being a dragon)
    Range will kite you
    Very short range on E

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For runes I run with the standard tanky dps build with flat armor penn red, magic resist per level blue, armor per level yellow, and last but not least flat armor penn quints.

Greater Mark of Desolation Armor pen will help you late game.

The magic resist will combat your weakness against range AP.

Greater Seal of Defense Gives you more survivability against those AD carrys.

Greater Quintessence of Desolation Gives all the armor penn you need early game.

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For my masteries I run with going down the offensive tree making sure to pick up smite and alacrity. Smite will help you clear the jungle quicker and the alacrity will help you reach Dragons Descent quicker while also allowing you to clear the jungle quicker. I don't run the defense tree because in the utility tree Awareness is a must have because it will allow you to level 2 gank when everyone is level 1 still.

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Your abilities

Her passive is what synergies her abilities and throughput. All of Shyvana's melee attacks have a bonus effect that contributes to her abilities. Her Twin bite's CD is reduced with each melee attack, making CDR on her unesesary. Her Burnout's duration is increased with each melee attack which ends up with people asking you "how long does that last?!!?" 20% of flame breath's damage is added as bonus damage when you auto attack someone who is debuffed by flame breath. Her Dragon's Descent's rage bar fills up quicker with each auto attack. *This is where the misconception comes into play where people think you HAVE to build Shyvana attack speed* Your ulti is a really nice tool but Shyvana is very effective in her human form. Your rage bar fills up by it's self and you can fill it up between team fights via jungle and creep waves. Also teamfights don't last long so the default attack speed you have is actually quite enough for her to do good damage.

This ability is where you get your burst from and is maxed second. Use this on low enemies without using E because your E slows you down.

This is your bread and butter. It is a very good tool for chasing and escaping. Though let's not over look the damage. Throughout the entire game this ability will hit your targets fairly strong. Stay close to them and keep auto attacking to maximize the duration of this ability. Also use it to mentally psych out your opponent because when they see this baby go off they start running so that allows you to get a free E+Q combo in without them trying to attack you. This is how I take my enemies down, I scare them with W while catching up to them, auto attack and hit them with my E+ Q combo. Once low enough I pop this again and if nesesary I flash into them and finish them off letting my W tick on them.

Flame breath is what sets you up for your burst. Make sure to aim this carefully and not just throw it out widly because of it's short range. Hiting your enemy with this and Q will make them wish they never came in contact with you.

This ability makes you think she's Chuck Norris daughter. Okay maybe not that far but when you pop your ulti you choose a direction and distance to fly to and knock back your opponents. This can be used for escaping ganks and for chasing down enemies. Though that's not all. This ulti is has a timed duration that you can prolong by auto attacking enemies. All of Shyvana's abilities gain an additional buff when she is in her dragon form. Key things to remember while in dragon form is that your Q now becomes a cleave and hits all enemies in front of her and her W leaves a trail of fire behind her. Use this to seperate the enemy team and to lay down extra damage where enemies are clumped up.

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Skill Sequence

At level 1 you want to pick up Burnout, level 2 Twin Bite, level 3 Burnout, level 4 Flame Breath, and max out Burnout first. I will explain why in the skills/tips section.

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Cloth & Health Potions: Start off with cloth armor and 5 health pots.

Wriggle's Lantern: This item is the key component to jungling which will allow you to jungle faster and gives you a free ward! It is an absolute must have. Later on in the game you can sell this item for something else since you're jungling early game and pushing mid to late game.

[Mercury's Treads size=42]I pick up Mercs bcause it gives you tenacity and that's very important for your survival in teamfights.. how can you kill someone while feared.. stupid fiddle >:O

Frozen Mallet: Okay so getting this item early game after your wriggels and boots will make you tanky enough to start going rambo on people. This item works really nicely on Shyvana because a perma slow with her W synergies really well. It also set's you up for the Atma's

Atma's Impaler: The item you will be getting your damage from.. together with the frozen mallet it will give you all of the attack damage that you need to take enemies down. Plus the armor makes you even more tanky. This is a must have on her.

Last but not least the Guardian Angel: The armor and magic resist you get on it will be the icing on the cake. You're now a Godly killing machine. This item has saved my arse so many times I can't count it on my fingers. I initiate teamfights and get crazy aoe dmg in but i'm focused down to killed. As soon as I get up my team i finishing off the team fight assuming we won and I pop W and chase down anyone on low health. With this final item you're seriously avoided.

Around this time the game is over and most times you will not make it this far so I just threw this in for you to get more dmg from your atma's while making you tankier and harder to kill. It feels nice with her W and alot of people prefer this item as a core item on her.

Additional Items *Don't build the same every game*

Other boots to consider are Ninja tabi for the AD heavy team.

Banshee's veil can be replaced with the Guardian Angel if you're going against a really bursty team or if they have alot of ap.

Ghostblade: I would reccomend this instead of the Wriggles Lantern incase you get so screwed over on your jungling where you just have to lane. build brut then Tforce and finish the Ghostblade.

Guinsos Rageblade: This can also be subbed out for the Wriggles if you're forced to lane.

*Reserved for comments*

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Creeping / Jungling

This guide is intended for you to jungle and if you're not content with that then I suggest you look up another guide on the website for lanning Shyvana. Now that, that's out of the way we're up to the good part ^_^. So you're in the jungle right but where do you start?

Gank Top/Bot lane

When you start at wolves you want to activate burnout and pop a health pot. After you kill wolves move on to wraiths quickly and smite the big one, quickly take Twin Bite while activating burnout and follow up with a Q. The wraiths should drop really quickly.

Fom there Pop a health pot and look at top/bot lane whichever you're closest to. At this given moment if executed properly you will be level 2 while they're still level 1. This gives you a huge advantage. You will either get first blood or make them burn 1-2 summoner abilities to escape.

If you got first blood then good for you :D now you want to either stay in that lane to cover if your teamate is low to soak up xp or just get 3 creep kills and head to blue buff.

At level 3 make your way over to blue. Whoever is mid or closest to blue and needs it make sure you give it to them because it will be invaluable for them to sustain in their lanes.

At level 6-7 make sure you go and pick up dragon. Ward around it to secure the kill.

From here you should be in control of the game by monitoring lanes and continuously ganking. Take red if you don't need to gank and if you're low just b back to base and pick up items. *Whenever you go back pick up some health pots until level 8* Health pots are very important because it allows you to recover from ganks and continue to jungle without having to b all of the time. Carry about 2-3 health pots on you until level 8.

Make sure you also pick up wards for dragon, blue, and red. these are of great help to your team because map control can easily change the tide of the game.

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Unique Skills/Tips

Your W is your bread and butter for farming. When you're clearing a lane just pop your w and keep auto attacking. It will last an entire creep wave at level 3! Spam your Q + E. While jungling your W will have about 80% uptime which is almost insane!

Okay so you can turn into a dragon... so what? Knowing how to use your ultimate is vital to your success in teamfights/escaping/and picking up runners. Your R can be used as a escape or to chase someone down. Keep in mind it will allow you to fly over most walls so use it wisely. *Don't ulti over the small walls lke at red where the enemy can simply catch up to you by walking around*

While in dragon form you want to W and move behind your target to allow them to take aoe damage from your W and hit them with your E + Q. Assuming that you're fed or doing well your damage output will be very nice and you can practically take down anyone!

One thing for sure is that you stay confident and relaxed. It may take time to learn this champ but once you get the hang of her the only thing you will be hearing is LEGENDARY!!

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So why choose Shyvana and this build? She can offer alot to the team by jungling, sustainability and great damage output in team fights which makes her a crowned jewl. Remember to keep calm when playing, ward, and monitor lanes. Other than that I believe you're on the right tracks to success!

Thank you all for reading my guide, remember this is my very first LoL guide so let me know what you think in the comments. I'm open to criticism and suggestions to change things in the build. This is my build and you don't have to follow it word for word so don't be afraid to experiment and let me know how it goes!