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Shyvana Build Guide by lycan137

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League of Legends Build Guide Author lycan137

Shyvana- The BOOM Dragon

lycan137 Last updated on November 8, 2011
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Introduction to the destruction

hello and welcome to my first guide.

Shyvana is an awesome champ and I figured I could try my hand out at writing guide with such a great champ.

This is the BOOM dragon guide because once you go dragon you should be BOOMing around destroying the competition

my focus with shyvana is being able to hand out the punishment and take punishment from other champs while waiting for the gank from another champ or holding onto position while your team comes in for the big hit.

She has great armour and attack and her skills when paired right can decimate a champion or be an asset in team fight making one or more champs back off.

so here we go for the BOOM dragon

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Pros / Cons

- can lane and jungle depending on what you want
- great skills
- has good armor and attack
-fury system means more ult uses than standard champs
- she can turn into a freaking DRAGON

-ult is dependant on fury, so if surpressed a lot means slow regen
- small auto attack range
- all dragon skills focus on the front so if enemy gets behind it can mean disaster

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greater mark of desolation- I picked this since it give penetration and help makes your blows come even harder each time you hit,

Greater Seal of Attack Speed- attack speed, something fairly important for shyvana since she works off of the fury system and every attack she lands it hits for 2 fury. Once she hits 100 you can use her ult. so being able to hit often is key for ult.

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist- the magic resist from these should help with survivability especially with spell casters or more ranged style fighters who will have the advantage over you at the beginning before you go dragon on them.

greater quintessence of desolation- more armor pen to keep getting those big hits.

other things to consider would be to add more health based runes or runes that buff attack speed to help hit faster and get your fury to feed the dragon

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I chose the attack and defense routes because of the nature of the

she is a attacker and can soak damage quite well. so building to these strengths is the key to making Shyvana count as a key champion.

I'm still not sure what else to write here just since this is my first guide but as I figure it out I'll write more in here.

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ok, time to tackle the items which are the key to kicking *** and taking names.

Doran's Blade- great first item for shyvana, give health, bonus attack, and a tiny bit of life steal that can be key for surviving last second in early fights

after that your going to want to save up and go right for your Berserker's Greaves or buy health pots to keep yourself active in lane while saving up for the boots. These will be your initial attack speed boost beyond runes

Vampiric Scepter your life steal is here with this item, you going to want this at your late early game, going into mid game around lvl five if you can. this gives you your key life steal and allows you sustainability in lane when you get hit one too many times but can't leave lane to recall.

the scepter leads into your The Bloodthirster

The Bloodthirster this is your im gonna go BOOM on you. this is your first big item and gives you a big damage boost and excellent life steal. this item will keep you in lane and help you end other champions

Trinity Force this is your other big item. it gives you an all around boost and has good stats for the price. I recommend going Phage first since its more health and attack damage then the Sheen before going all in for this item.

Atma's Impaler armor, survivability, and pure win. this will give you more meat on your bones to take more hits and keeps you on the go so you can smash some more foes.

Warmog's Armor this is you last item at least in my build. this gives you just loads of health and great health regeneration. you just keep going and going and going with this item and is the key to late game to keep your champion up and the others down wondering where you keep getting all the health.

situational items

banshees veil this one is hit and miss since if you need it, has good health and mana buffs with that block one enemy champ skill. can be a good addition but only if you want/need it.

Sunfire Cape this I recommend if your feeling really squishy and want some extra armor and if your jungling. combine this with burnout and it just keeps pouring out the damage to minion waves or jungling neutral monsters.

Wit's End just not a big fan of this but does have the advantage of ridiculous attack speed boost and some magic resist on the side. Not worth it for shyvana IMO

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Skill Sequence

time for the break down of shyvanas skills.

I recommend taking Burnout first and then maxing it first. This is a great tool for all situations. Laning, jungling, or getting into fights or even escaping. it boosts movement speed and is a radius damage spell that affects all enemies in the vortex. As a dragon your skill still does your swirling vortex but also leaves a burning trail behind you damaging enemies who fall into it.

Twin Bite is next. it is a good opening move on an enemy champ after starting the fight off with Burnout. the next attack deals for two attacks one a set base damage and the other a % of your AD. Which is why we build some strong AD with this guide. in your dragon form this does a burst of damage infront of you rather than just against a single opponent.

finally your last normal skill is Flame Breath. this is a skill shot that fire in a line and damages the first enemy it hits. this can be an ok spell but is easily dodged or misfired into a minion and is wasted. but if it hits, it lowers enemy armor against your attacks. it does more when your in dragon form and fires as a cone of damage and still lowers enemy armor against your attacks.

now for the fun one, the big reason to play shyvana Dragon's Descent which turns your into a dragon and shoots you in a strait line, knocking enemies back in the direction you fly and damages them; this has many fun uses. you can use this as a second flash to go over walls to gank or to escape chasing enemies. you can also use it to push enemies into your turret if you can sneak up from behind. also just knocking your enemies away from a team fight or fleeing team mate allowing you to divide and conquer or let your teammate escape and deny your opponents that last kill. This also raises your armor as a passive when in human form. Level this skill when you can

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Summoner Spells

I recommend these two spells when you go up to bat for a game

Flash flash is a good escape and chase tool. use to it in combination with Burnout to chase down a champ or to escape with a sliver of health left.

Exhaust ok some people have been knocking this as a do not go to for shyvana but I disagree. this is an opener for Flame Breath since this will lower enemy armor even more and slow them down. allowing for a fast chase with Burnout and then beat them out with Twin Bite and auto attacks. also doing this allows your team mates get an advantaged attack off on the enemy as well.

other spell I recommend is Ignite. It does well for early first blood and kills then much later in late game when enemy champs have spell vamp and health regen it cuts that down to size allowing you to nab the kills or assist in the kill.

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so this concludes my first build.

I hope it helps you find good kills with Shyvana

this is my first guide and I will try to keep updating and improving it as time goes on.

constructive criticism is welcome as is tips and tools or sending in pictures of your conquests with the BOOM dragon build

thank you and leave a vote and comment