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Shyvana Build Guide by Coyoteofwid

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Coyoteofwid

Shyvana The Half-Dragon Lady

Coyoteofwid Last updated on October 13, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Berzerk - Doing most of the writing
Zippo33 - Helping with the actual build ( he did 50%)
Coyoteofwid - Helping with the actual build (i did 50%)

All of us did a bit of everything but we had our main parts

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Champion Spotlight

Shyvana is a tanky-Dps champion who deals both physical and magical damage. Shyvana has no gap closer or CC aside from her ultimate. She brings VERY HIGH burst damage early and will scale into an unkillable raidboss monster late game. Shyvana does not use mana and instead uses a "rage" system starting at level 6 when she gets her ultimate. Her ultimate can only be used when she has a full rage bar and will morph her into a dragon gaining new effects on all her abilities (For the most part making them AoE.)

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Skills Spotlight

(Passive) Fury of the Dragonborn- Shyvana's melee attacks enhance her abilities. Twin Bite - Reduces the cooldown by 0.5 seconds. Burnout - Extends the duration by 1 second to a maximum of 6 seconds. Flame Breath - Deals 15% of the ability's damage to debuffed targets. Dragon's Descent - Attacks generate 2 Fury and Shyvana passively gains Fury over time while in human form.
Shyvana's passive is just a big mouthful to say auto attacking while using your abilities will give them bonuses. That is not to say this is not an AMAZING passive, it is just to say its made to look complex even though it is really simple once you read it all :P

Twin Bite- Shyvana strikes twice on her next attack. The second attack will deal 80 / 85 / 90 / 95 / 100 % of her attack damage as physical damage. Both attacks trigger On-Hit effects and Fury of the Dragonborn effects. Dragon Form: Twin Bite cleaves all units in front of Shyvana. Each unit hit will be dealt on-hit effects and grant Fury twice.
Shyvana's Q ability is a double hit. It deals her damage 2x and as far as skulking wards and other things to that degree that factor in you hits it counts as 2. This skill resets your auto-attack timer, so autoing before using this skill is recommended as it will allow you to quickly burst off a pretty good amount of damage.
The dragon version of this skill makes your next auto swing in.a cone in front of your for AoE damage. This is useful for clearing the wave quickly OR being a threat to a clustered enemy team in a fight.
Note: If you see the enemy top laner come to lane with a ward, go into the area where you think he will lay it. 1 auto-Q will KILL his ward while it is still visable.

Burnout- During the next 3 seconds, Shyvana will deal 25 / 40 / 55 / 70 / 85 (+0.2 per bonus attack damage) magic damage each second to nearby enemies and her movement speed will be greatly increased by 30 / 35 / 40 / 40 / 50 %. Shyvana's movement speed bonus itself will be reduced multiplicatively by 15% for every second that passes. Dragon Form: Shyvana now scorches the earth where she walks, leaving a trail of fire for 5 seconds that will continually deal magic damage to enemies that pass over it.
Shyvana's W ability is an AoE circle of fire dealing magic damage BASED OFF YOUR AD. This is an insane skill as the damage is high, you are free to do whatever you want while it is going, AND you will be dealing a source of damage a lot of top laners are not prepared to take (BOTH TYPES HUE). The dragon form of this scale essentially allows you to lay your fire in a singed style trail wherever you go while it is on. If you are being chased and are forced to ultimate away, use this skill and leave a trail of flame on the ground for some extra damage.

Flame Breath- Shyvana unleashes a fireball forward in a line that will hit the first enemy it hits, dealing 80 / 125 / 170 / 215 / 260 (+60% of ability power) magic damage to it and reducing their armor by 15% for 4 seconds. Dragon Form: Flame Breath engulfs all units in a cone in front of Shyvana.
Shyvana's E ability is a skillshot that deals magic damage (does not scale off AD sadly) and shreds the targets armor. This ability will really just be used for last hitting from a distance, poking the enemy for 10 damage, and the Armor debuff when you go to attack them. The dragon form makes this ability a skillshot cone that goes through targets applying the debuff to them all.

Dragon's Descent- Passive: Shyvana reinforces her scales, increasing her armor and magic resistance by 10 / 15 / 20. These defensive bonuses are doubled while in Dragon Form. Active: Shyvana transforms into a dragon and dashes to a target location. Enemies along her path take 200 / 300 / 400 (+70% of ability power) magic damage and are pushed toward her target location. Shyvana must have a full fury bar to use this spell. While in Dragon Form, Shyvana will lose 6 fury every second. Once her Fury bar is empty, she will return to her normal state.
Shyvana's R ability is her escape and light CC ability. It does a slight amount of magic damage (scaling off Ap :/) The ability is useful for chasing,escaping, and fighting. The ultimate also PASSIVELY gives you a nice chunk of armor and Mr which gets boosted even further once in dragon form. This passive itself allows Shyvana to be very tanky and hard to kill from 6 onwards. The ultimate keeps her safe from ganks as well as allows her to cancel channeled abilities of needed (It also makes you a badass dragon, what is not cool about that?

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18


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Playing AS/VS:

•If you are laning vs a champion with poor clearing capabilities (and you are blue team) you can quickly push the lane and take their golems denying their jungler and giving you extra gold and xp income.
•Tell your ally to pick a jungler with lockdown CC, as you can provide the damage.
•You innately bring no real CC to the table. The best way you can try and counter this is by building a Phage which will offer you the ability to lockdown targets with its slow effect.

•Remember Shyvana does BOTH physical and magic damage. Hybrid runes are advised when fighting her.
•Shyvana can gap close a much longer distance then you can Flash away. If you are low hp you may just want to bite the bullet and die to save your Flash.
•If you have any ranged poke it is advised you lower her with that before you even think of getting close.

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Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

greater mark of desolation: These marks really help out beginning to mid game for the extra damage. These are our first choice but there are other options to use on Shyvana

Greater Mark of Attack Speed: These will help Shyvana get her ultimate Dragon's Descent back faster. The more you attack the faster you get your abilities come back and the longer that they stay on. So who wouldnt want these marks on her?


Greater Seal of Armor: If your playing a solo top Shyvana then you have no other choice you need these runes. When you go as a solo top you'll most likely be facing an AD Bruiser. So to sustain in your lane longer yyou need armor. I wouldnt switch out these runes for anything else.


Greater Glyph of Magic Resist: These will help you in durability in any teamfight because of the fact that every team has at least one, maybe two, Ap Casters. Without magic resist they will eat you alive.

Greater Glyph of Attack Speed: Same as the marks, if you would rather have some exrra attack speed over magic resist you can get these


Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage: To get a little extra strength at the beginning of the game so you can scare off enemy champions and control your own lane better.

greater quintessence of desolation: If you got the attack speed marks then this is a MUST HAVE. Attack speed doesnt mean anything if you dont deal out any damage.

Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed: If you chose the armor penetration marks and you still feel as if you arent doing enough damage then you can grab these.

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mercurys treads: Everyt team has an AP Caster. The magic resist helps prevent that, but, every team also has loads of CC, these boots will help you try to counter that.

Ninja Tabi: If youre not really worried about their Ap and CC then you can get these. They highly decrease the amount of damage that the AD Carries will do to you.

Boots of Swiftness: I wouldnt reccommend these boots but in the jungle the will be helpful, but you would have to switch them out for another pair during mid game when team fights start breaking out.

Defensive Items

Frozen Mallet: This is an offensive and defensive item. The defensice is kind of obvious, it gives you 700 health. You might say the offence is that 20 damage. Well youre right, and wrong! The offence is that it has this amazing passive where it slows someone down everytime you attack them. This means you can chase without really chasing.

Warmog's Armor: This items only purpose is to give you a butt ton of health. End of story.

Guardian Angel: This item gives you armor and magic resist. But it comes with a little something different. An amazing passive that can bring you back to life. This will help your durability in team fights a lot.

Offensive Items

Wit's End: This gives you a good amount of attack speed with a little bit of magic resist. But the real reason we get this item is for its passive. It deals 42 magic damage per basic attack. Who doesnt want that?

Madred's Bloodrazor: You cant go wrong with this item. Its expensive but its well worth it. This item is the complete package, attack speed, damage, armor, and an amazing passive. Its passive deals 4% of the targets maximum helath per attack. You can take out tanks with this.

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Using Your Abilities

Shyvana's abilities are simple to use
Twin Bite (Q) Use this ability to harass your enemies and in team fights, or use it to farm while in dragon form
Burnout (W) Use this ability to farm early game, to catch up to fleeing enemies, or in dragon form play Shyvana like you would play Singed.
Flame Breath Use this ability to harass early game or farm while in dragon form.
Dragon's Descent Use this ability wisely it is Shyvana's only burst damage move, Use it to catch up to a fleeing enemy, or use it to keep enemies away from a dying ally.