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Shyvana Build Guide by Jeffdonatic

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jeffdonatic

Shyvana - The Mad Dragon

Jeffdonatic Last updated on August 19, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi my name is Jeff and this is my first build guide on mobafire so i hope you like it,


Where to start?, Shyvana is a all rounder she is great at jungling an amazing clear time thanks to her Burnout and an amazing DPS hero thanks to her Twin Bite choosing a role is a tough decision and can only be chosen through playing with her, i grew to like playing Mid/Top, Mid gets a bit of getting used to given the fact she is melee but as soon as you get Wit's End You will be laughing , literaly

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The Runes are pretty simple and explain themselves pretty much

Greater Mark of Attack Speed Need i explain this? Attack speed is essential with Shyvana as her passive involves basic attacks, more basic attacks = more power

Greater Seal of Armor Helps out at the beginning of the game wether your jungling or farming creeps, Generaly overall a good rune in my opinion

Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction As Shyvana has no mana the only problem with her is cooldown, this will help you pop more of those twin bites into a smaller time slot thus making sure yi cant escape from you

Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed Further increases your Attack Speed, Same as Marks

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Weapon Expertise This is a great mastery and the build up to it gives you lots of litter bonuses like Alacrity Giving you that extra Attack Speed

As some may know Shyvana Can take quite a beating before giving in you can dragon into a group of 2 get the double kill and still have the health to return to your lane so thats why the defense tree is essential and can further increase your capabilities albeit only slightly but all these add up

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Now the items this took me a while to put together but after playing many a game i came to this conclusion:

Beginning Of The Game
You Want to start of the
These coupled with your Burnout will make you hard to catch and easier for you to switch lane and catch a gank if your feeling lucky

Vision A good item to have at the beginning of the game helps spot unwanted gankers and further incease your map awareness

7-10 Minute Mark
If you have farmed enough you should either get one of these at this point
Mercury's Threads Great item with the tenacity bonus, only get this if there is 3 or more Magic focused enemies e.g Cho'Gath Veigar Annie
Get this if the enemy Magic heroes are none existant or are not getting fed enough to provide a big threat this helps out alot in the early games against heroes such as Master Yi Olaf Blitzcrank

10-20 Minute Mark:
You should be getting your best item around now which is.......
Where to start this item is amazing on shyvana providing 42 damage for every hit, you should have around 1.3 attack speed at this point so with this item you go for a hit then tap Q continue with a W by then your Basic's should of Lowered your Q so you pop it again and what do you know? That pesky annie is no longer harassing you

20-30 Minute mark:
Another great item provides a massive chunk of health for you to play around with along with a 20 damage bonus to your Combo and ultimately a very needed cc with this item you will be ganking galore as Shyvana has no natural CC so this is a required item

30+ Minute mark:
At this point you can make a decision either get
Phantom Dancers Or Malady
Phantom dancers will bring your speed right up and your Attack speed a great item and giving you a 30% crit chance which could help if you go for this item i suggest getting 2 and if the game last long enough 3,
However if you go for the Malady This is another story, Malady stacks with Wit's End Rather nicely giving you extra magic resist for every hit - which you will be giving out in the dozen and a bit of extra Damage for each hit a generaly good item for Shyvana,

After this go for a Stinger Giving you some extra Attack speed and a nice bit Of CR After this if it isnt finished upgrade your Stinger Into Nashor's Tooth Which will give you a bit of extra power on your "e" And a bit more CR and AS,

In personal preference i go for the Phantoms in 5v5 And Malady in 3v3 however you can do what you like ;p

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Skill Sequence

Skill Sequence is rather straight forward, Max your Burnout First closely followed by Twin Bite And your Dragon's Descent And finaly Flame Breath

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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells i choose
A great Spell argueabaly the best in game at the moment gives you the escape if things go pear shaped

Very good for Shyvana as you dont have a CC and in early games before you get Frozen Mallet This is a great gap closer and can mean the difference between getting over ambitious and tower diving to your death.

Some Bad Spells
Dont Bother with this as the extra damage vs the pros of Exhaust isnt worth it

If you chose this why are you using Shyvana

Possible other
Shyvana is vulnerable to CC only get this if you cant use the Flash

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In conclusion Shyvana can be a monster if played well here i have a Screenshot from a game that i rather liked :

Ill be uploading the video soon

Hope you liked my guide depending on the rating from this i might do more