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Vayne Build Guide by hi im misho

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author hi im misho

Simple guide to vayne

hi im misho Last updated on March 29, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Vayne with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Sivir Can be kited dodge her Q with your Q her spellshield is kinda useles against you.
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About me.

Hello guys, My name is Michael im from Bulgaria i started playing lol about a year ago and i think i have some knowledge i can share with you about playing Vayne.

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Pros and cons

-Great dueler
-Strong late game
-Hyper carry
-Looks very cool

-Relatively small range (550)
-Weak laning phase
-If u are behind its hard to catch up

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Summoner spells

The best summoners spells for vayne are Flash and Heal . It is just the best choice u can go Barrier but Heal is just better because of the extra movement speed it gives you and your support.

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You should always start vayne with dorans blade pot and warding trinket.. Always.On your first back u should have money for atleast a cutlass if u have some extra boots u can consider buying boots of speed or just save money for your blade of the ruined king.Your first big item is Blade of the ruined king it gives you a huge power spike and dueling potential.The active is awesome gives you movement speed and slows enemies it is very usefull for escaping ganks etc.Boots of speed are essential for every AD carry.The attack speed item depends on your playstyle i usually go Yoummu's because it gives 20% movement speed the 30 Ad 20 armor pen and 10% cdr and 15% crit are very good and it lets u kill caster minions with only 2 hits.Statikk shiv is good when your team lacks waveclear.Pd is when you want the 35% crit and the 50% attack speed its the better late game item from those 3 but my choice is yoummu's because its very effective with the Ult+yoummu's combo. Buy last whisper if their team is stacking armor if not buy infinity.After that buy the item u havent bought.For defensive item go for banshee's if they have or GA if u need the extra life or if their team has a lot of CC buy Mercurial Scimitar you can consider buying your defensive item before LW and IE because there is no point in having a lot of damage items if u cant live long enought to deal the damage itself.

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Skill order

Always start Vayne on Q for the extra mobility on level 1.Take E on level 2 in case they gank you.Currently in 5.6 level 2 jarvan ganks are very famous.Take W on level 3 Now you can decide wheter to max Q or W. Im not saying that maxing Q first is the right way to play vayne its just better in my opinion.because early game enemies are not that tanky and the cd of q on level 5 is only 2 seconds if u have yoummu's its 1.8 so maxing Q first helps u farm easier its an AA reset if u use it correctly and if u tumble next to a wall towards the wall it cancels the animation even faster so i suggest maxing Q first.

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The masteries are pretty standart for an ADC. Nothing to explain.

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For runes i run 3xAS quints 9xAD marks 5x Flat Hp seals 4xArmor Seasls and 9xMR glyphs the 40 hp early game is very good in my opinion

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Early game

In the early game from levels 1-3 you should try to farm as much as possible.If you are forced to farm under turret range dont be afraid to use E 20 gold is 20 gold.wait for the turret to hit the melee minions twice to last hit them and the range minions once if u dont have the damage to kill them your support can hit them once then the turret and u can execute them.
A cool trick on how to freeze the lane is to tank for 2 seconds the very first wave and then hide in the bush and from then start last hitting in this way your minions focus all the 3 melee minions while all the enemy minions focus 1 melee of yours at a time. In this way u can deny the enemy adc 2 cs which are essential on hitting level 2 before them.

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MId game

In this stage of the game you should have your blade of the ruined king and you should start fighting with people.You can group with your team or push bottom with your support.Afther BOTRK vayne is a dueling monster.

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Late game

When u get to late game you are going to teamfight a lot so my advice is to stay back and focus whoever is closer to you no matter if he is a tank or a carry stay safe and do damage cause u are gonna do more damage to the tank than any other teammate of yours.

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Synergy on lane

For me good supports for vayne are they can protect you which is what you need from a support when playing vayne
Bad supports are because they cant protect you from a 12/0 leaping towards you

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All in all

All in all vayne is a very good ADC that i wouldnt reccomend you to play in soloq unless u are highly skilled with because you need a lot of peeling and good possitioning.The only way to learn vayne is not by following guides by heart its by playing the champion and learning its limits.Just like boxbox with Riven he has so many games with her that he knows exactly how much damage he is going to do with every spell aa and etc. My advice is to keep practicing and never giving up. Thats from me guys good luck on the field of justice...[/i][/b][/color]